7 SEO Tactics You Can’t Afford to Miss

When it comes to online marketing, nothing gets results like great search engine optimization. Google and other search engines use your lawyer SEO techniques to index your website’s information and present it on relevant SERPs. There are multiple techniques that go into an effective comprehensive[Read the Full Article]

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5 Ideas for Better Attorney Blogging

For lawyers, blogging is a tricky subject. The law clearly outlines and what attorneys are allowed to do on public posts, and these actions are heavily monitored. Because lawyers are prohibited from giving legal advice on public forums, the subject matter can seem limited and[Read the Full Article]

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Does Word Count Matter in SEO?

Because SEO is a reactive industry its “principles” are based largely on confirmation bias and groupthink. Sure, Google gives us some guidelines to follow and occasionally releases a public statement but for the most part, SEO is a guessing game. Somewhere along the line the[Read the Full Article]

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One Simple Trick To Get More Google Reviews

What you are about to learn could change the course of your online marketing presence. It’s one simple trick to get more Google Reviews for your small business. Some might call it a hack but it’s perfectly legitimate and white-hat. That’s why it’s so valuable[Read the Full Article]

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Can YouTube Videos Improve SEO?

For SEO experts, the saying ‘content is king” normally references text and images, but videos are actually the most engaging form of content available on the web. In fact, users watch over a billion hours of YouTube video per day. So it stands to reason[Read the Full Article]

Why Don’t I Show up on Google Maps?

Everyone is trying to get into the top 3 Google Maps rankings, and for good reason. Listings within the local 3 pack appear directly on SERPs for relevant keywords, making them as good as a number one organic result, if not better. When businesses are[Read the Full Article]

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How To Get More Google Reviews (Podcast)

As a top digital marketing company, Add Positions is asked one question more frequently than any other. “How can I get more Google Reviews?” Our services are tailored to small businesses, so you can imagine why prospective clients would ask this highly relevant question. One[Read the Full Article]

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