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At Nolen Walker, we believe in providing not only a great web design, but also a full web presence. That means a site that is tended to and maintained on a monthly basis. Nowadays, it simply isn’t enough to hire just any Joe Schmo with an organic SEO company. Search Engine Optimization has become a complex service that requires knowledge and a subtle touch. When it’s time to create your site, other developers may simply make it and forget it. That is not the kind of web strategy that will get you the keyword ranking and optimization you’re looking for. We, however, provide a full host of services including: proper web design and coding, maps and smartphone setup, responsive web design for mobile devices, setup of an internal blog, social media integration and more, which all constitute a full web presence. Whether you are looking to dominate a local market or take over a national web presence, we are the organic SEO company to turn to!

We set up our client’s web presence properly and then work on the site and social media regularly. This type of Search Engine Optimization effort produces a dominant website with dozens of keywords that rank highly in their market, and it’s done by the rules. – Nolen Walker

SEO Essentials

Keyword Ranking and Organic SEO Essentials:

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  • Start off on the right foot with a well-built website that has proper and fundamental SEO strategies employed
  • Have a great looking web design that is properly coded, including NAP schema coding
  • Lots of uniquely written and engaging content about your service so that your keywords optimize organically and appear high in the rankings
  • Modern additions that a website today needs, such as an internal blog, responsive web design for multiple platforms (i.e. smartphones, tablets etc.), proper mapping setup and more

When you initially build a website that contains dozens of unique and well-written pages, full of highly optimized content that is also properly designed and coded, the site will appear in the search engines for dozens or even hundreds of keyword phrases. Proper organic SEO means more than having just any old company write the website and throw it up on the web. Great content is the foundation for superior Internet Marketing, performed in accordance with the rules set by the search engines (such as Google).

In addition to starting with great content, there are dozens of other things our organic SEO company does. We take our time to make sure that we speak with each client so that we are able to write authoritative pages of content about the specific kinds services they offer. We then make sure to fully research each topic. This allows us to write pages that contain useful and relevant information for the users that are searching, and it’s not just full of fluff, written with only optimization in mind.

We also set up web pages into a format that is easily readable, and we always pay special attention to basic tools of organic SEO such as: meta tags, alt tags, H1’s, H2’s, H3’s, inner site linking and more, just to name a few.

A Proper Presence

Elements of a Proper Web Presence:

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We stress “proper” because it is extremely vital to any organic SEO service to include not only the initial launch efforts, but also ongoing maintenance. You can never just “set and forget” SEO. To achieve great results, it takes work. Everything we do is by the rules. We create engaging, unique content while simultaneously delivering a myriad of necessary SEO techniques each month so that your keywords legitimately rank well in the searches and drive traffic to your site.

A term we like to throw around is “GRFs,” and that stands for “Google rule followers.” It’s a sort of motto we like to live up to, and what it means is that we do the job right. A lot of websites will take ranking hits when Google updates their algorithm, but we build sites that are squeaky clean and 100% white hat. That makes them much more future-proof than a site that tries to utilize awkward or artificial means of increasing their search rankings.

We include all of the following in our proper web presence:

  • Set up and tend to popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter
  • Management of other Social Media as desired
  • Possible links to Industry Associations you are affiliated with
  • Analytics Code put on every page of the site so that you can track your clicks to the site
  • Blog regularly with interesting, unique posts relevant to your services, including optimization of each post and links to associated subject matter on your site
  • Set up Google+ accounts, Yahoo and Bing maps, etc.
  • Write a new web page or two every month to add to the great unique content already on your site. This way, your site continues to grow and becomes even more of an authority on your subject matter.
  • Make changes within the site to content as needed so that it all stays updated and relevant
  • Last but definitely not least, work on the site regularly in a myriad of other ways to retain a proper web presence

By The Book

We play by the Rules

Picture of a merge signMuch of our SEO philosophy comes straight from Google itself. They don’t give you a step-by-step process, but they do offer guidelines for successful strategies. We always take those guidelines into consideration when we build sites.

We follow the Google Rules! First and foremost, we are ethical, and we provide services in a manner congruent to what the search engines have reasonably asked for. Google, Yahoo and Bing want a site that looks and functions great  via proper web design with proper coding, with lots of unique content about the product or service that you offer. They also want that content to be informed, well-written, and not contrived solely for the purpose of ranking keywords. In other words, something that people would actually want to read!

Additionally, they want a website to include those extra things that high quality websites tend to have, like a responsive web design (for mobile devices) and an internal blog that is updated frequently. By doing all that and working on the site regularly, the search engines grow to trust your site. This will lead them to choosing it from among all the other options when people search for your services.

When you think about it, these really are reasonable things to ask of someone who is actually looking to provide a good service. In Google’s eyes, a site that is well maintained and cared for tends to lead to services that are reliable and worth ranking in the results.

Remember the sign at many establishments, “No shoes, no shirt, no service”? Google, Yahoo and Bing reserve the right not to show your site if you don’t comply with their requests and especially if you violate rules. Think about search engine optimization from their perspective: they have a job to do, and that job is to show the best web pages that relate to the keywords the viewer has searched for. So, the very best pages of content get shown first, second best second, and so on. Why would they show a website that lacks content, isn’t optimized for search and is never tended to? To Google, that’s the sign of a bad business.

To be an effective SEO company, we’re always keeping an eye out for changes in how Google and the other engines detect and sort data, and we react accordingly. The nimble often have the advantage when it comes to SEO work.


Google, Yahoo and Bing have choices to make

Picture of a scaleWhenever someone searches online, the engines have a decision to make: which website best represents the keywords the user just typed in?

  • Do we show the small site with 5 pages that never gets worked on and has no external web presence or up-to-date features?
  • Or, do we show the large site that has lots of great pages of unique and properly written content, that has many up-to-date features and has a new blog post, new page of content, and new social media posts added regularly?

If your current SEO Company isn’t cutting it, and your website is ranking below your competitors, then you’re losing potential business. To achieve better rankings and grow your business, the search engines must view your site as an authority and something worth reading. A trusted site that is worked on regularly will dominate that category in your market for dozens of keywords. Your website will be showing up in the Top 10, Top 5 and Top 3 search results. You can’t get there by producing a poor website and then not tending to it.

It may sound simple, but to correctly perform the kind of SEO services that we do, it takes time, knowledge, and expertise, and that’s what you’re getting when we create your website. When done properly, a perfectly SEO’d page can be a source for lead generation.

Our Company provides our clients with expert organic SEO services plus a full web presence. It’s that kind of dedication and focused optimization that lands our clients the great rankings they’re looking for.

Always Learning

We Never Stop Learning

Picture of a stack of booksWe train our staff non-stop in the art of “proper” search engine optimization, content writing, marketing and full web presence set up. It’s this kind of dedication and effort that keeps your site performing well each and every month. SEO is changing constantly, and those who don’t put in the effort to continue to learn and improve their work will fall behind.  As a byproduct of our continual training, we provide many “How To” videos here on the site. Our videos go over how we go about properly setting up our client’s entire web presence. That’s the culture that Nolen Walker was founded on.

It is this environment of non-stop training that keeps us engaged with your site and always pushing to keep it dominant in your area.

We created our how to videos to be informative, and to help our clients get a better grasp of what we do here. But, as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and we’ve been building sites and web presences for years. The knowledge and experience we’ve gained is what has allowed us to confidently offer a service that we truly believe to be the best on the web. We have the staff, training, tenure and skills to execute a full web presence for you properly.

Many people may have arrived at Nolen Walker after being frustrated with the lack of support and results they received from some other organic SEO Company. Others may be here because of the exorbitant amount of money many other web firms charge for a proper website and monthly SEO work. Or some may just be looking to have their first web site built.

However you ended up here, you can trust that we go to work for our clients. Your satisfaction is our main objective, and we do what it takes to achieve it.

If you are looking for a fantastic deal for a proper website and proper ongoing Internet Marketing support, then please give us a call. Our videos touch on the basics of “How To,” but more importantly, they fully illustrate the fact that we have the skills and knowledge necessary to provide you with what you need to be successful online.

We are one of the most reasonably priced services you will find that provides proper organic SEO. We run our company based on the simple tenants of following the rules and doing the gritty, less glamorous aspects of web development work each and every month that no one else seems to want to do.

For most businesses, we currently offer a zero start-up special with no long term agreement. You are month-to-month and can cancel at any time. We have over a 90% customer retention rate due to the quality of our work and the results we get for our clients.

We work off of one premise: Produce an effective website and web presence and then work on the site regularly. We want our client’s site to be one of the most dominant websites in their area so that they can get new clients / sales. That’s it; simple, really. And if we do our job, then we keep a client for a lifetime.

If you are looking for the best search engine optimization company and want your keywords to rank high, just pick of up the phone and give our team a call at 866-356-8198. We have years of experience serving a wide variety of industries, so contact us today!