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We Are a DFW Roofing Company

Walker Commercial Roofing is your number one source for all things roofing. We provide both commercial and residential roofing services to property owners in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX. From residential roof repair, to commercial roof replacement, there’s no aspect of the industry in which we lack expertise. With a team of contractors diversely skilled in every aspect of roof repairs, roof replacements, and roofing restorations, it’s no wonder why our customers turn to us for every one of their roofing needs. Aside from working on residential homes, our team of roofers works on buildings from a wide range of industries, including agriculture, business, and healthcare, among others. Materials used during service are Conklin approved, as evidenced by our standing as a Conklin Independent Distributor. We focus on the following:

  • Repair
  • Replacement
  • Restoration

The above services are applicable to both residential homes, as well as commercial buildings. Many companies will urge clients to replace their roof before exhausting repair and restoration options thoroughly. We do just the opposite. We only resort to replacement when all other options are eliminated. Roofing problems can be expensive, and that is especially the case when replacement is required. Homeowners and building owners have their share of expenses, and can seldom afford the price of chronic roofing problems. For this reason, if a roof does need replacement, it is imperative that the service is performed with precision and care, and prevents the new roofing system from suffering from premature failure. If repair or restoration can correct the problem, it must be determined that the results are long-lasting, and that is not a temporary or “band-aid” solution. Call 817-484-5411 for a professional roofer in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX.

Commercial Roofer

Commercial Roofer in Dallas - Fort Worth

Flat Roofs Need Repairs

Building owners throughout Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX are no stranger to roofing problems. After all, the hot TX sun beams UV rays on the systems’ surfaces. This exposure to sunlight begins to wear on the material and degradation ensues promptly. Aside from sunlight degradation, roofing systems are also exposed to a variety of other weather inclemencies including hail, rainfall, and tornadic wind. Some materials are expected to hold up better to the elements, while others are more vulnerable to damage. In many cases, a commercial roof coating can add a protective layer to a commercial roofing system while also repairing its existing ailments. Depending on the industry to which you belong, the method of roofing service might vary. For instance, hospital roofs require concessions to account for the ongoing care of patients, 24/7. Business buildings on the other hand, might have off-hours in which performing heavy-duty roofing services is much more plausible and much less disruptive. Types of commercial roofs we service include:

Ask any knowledgeable roofing expert and they will echo the same sentiment. Services are only as effective as the contractors performing them and the materials used to do so. At Walker Commercial Roofing, we have both bases covered, and then some. We use premium grade roofing materials from Conklin, and have the most skilled contractors in the entire Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX area. When commercial building proprietors require roof services, their first phone call should be to Walker Commercial Roofing. We value our client relationships and go above and beyond for each and every one of them. We are generally considered the best roofing company in DFW, an opinion our customers will corroborate enthusiastically. So what makes us so different? It’s simple. We aren’t in it for the money. We focus on affordable solutions to roof system defects rather than jumping towards the most expensive service. While some cases require replacement as a last resort, we often find that repair and restoration is the most ideal option.

Residential Roofer

Residential Roofer in Arlington TX

Homeowners Rely on Roofing

As a homeowner, your roof protects you and your family from the many elements of mother nature. As long-time residents of Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX can attest to, the area is not immune from tornadoes, golf ball sized hail, and thundershowers. Because of the propensity for high winds, trees can fall right on top of a roof system, and cause you scrambling for shelter. While we hope your case is not that severe, we are adept at handling residential roof storm damage and everything that accompanies it. Aside from storm damage, we also handle more mild residential roof repairs and replacements. From asphalt shingle to tile roofing, we have you covered, both literally and figuratively. Our services extend even further as well. Our roof service provides premium roofing systems, including impact resistant shingles, and slate roofing. As the owner of home in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX, the possibilities are extensive. Unlike commercial buildings, residential houses allow for more diverse options, and can empower the owner to select a system that reflects their own style and decor. Some of our primary residential roofing options include:

Within the roofing systems referenced above, there are more detailed components that our company also services. For instance, soffit and fascia repair is one of our most frequently utilized services, and homeowners often notice problems within that area before giving us a call. Some of you might also wonder what exactly premium roofing refers to. Well the term is rather broad and can include everything from impact resistant shingles to slate roofing. Whenever a residential house owner requires services of any kind, they want to make sure the contractor is both qualified and trustworthy, which happen to be two of the primary characteristics of Walker Commercial Roofing. Because of the magnitude of repairs, replacements, and even restorations, it’s critical that services are performed with attention to detail, and unrivaled precision. What’s at stake extends far beyond a simple repair or replacement. Your roof not only protects your family and valuables, but it also plays a very important role in your home’s resale value, something that almost every resident considers at some point during their lifetime. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Commercial Roofing

  • Commercial Roofer ArlingtonCommercial Roofer A reliable roofing contractor in Houston, TX is invaluable and can address all of your roofing needs. We perform every kind of commercial roofing service you can think of, including acrylic roof coatings.
  • Commercial Coatings DallasCommercial Roof Coatings Walker Commercial Roofing specializes in commercial roof coatings which are both affordable and resilient. Coatings not only repair roofing problems like leaks and tears, but add an extra layer of protection going forward.
  • Commercial Restoration DFWRoof Restoration Most property owners hope to avoid roof replacement at all costs, and restoration is an affordable alternative. Restoration can refer to coatings, repairs, and full surface powerwashes like those offered by Walker Commercial Roofing.

Residential Roofing

  • Residential Roofer Fort WorthResidential Roofer Homes in Dallas – Fort Worth – Arlington are exposed to the elements, and Walker Roofing Company can help. We ensure your home’s roofing system remains in excellent shape to protect its occupants.
  • Residential Roof Repair DFWRoof Repair Missing or curled asphalt shingles? Chipped tile? These are all symptoms that require repair. Walker Roofing Company repairs residential roofs throughout the DFW Metroplex.
  • Residential Roof Replacement DallasRoof Replacement Homeowners with aging roofs might need a replacement in the near future, and we can help. Our team provides professional roof replacement for residential homes in Dallas – Fort Worth – Arlington, TX!

Roof Repair in DFW

Roof Repair in DFW

We Repair DFW Roof Systems

Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX covers an expansive radius, and property owners throughout are often looking for high quality professional roofing companies within their general area. As a company that serves Tarrant County, and the entire DFW Metroplex, we are able to accommodate these proprietors at their best convenience. One of our most sought after services is roofing repair. After all, repair is cheaper than replacement, and is often needed for less severe problems, which of course occur more frequently. Whether it’s blunt force trauma from flying debris from a wind storm, or simply a problem with your system’s fascia, we have the roofers to handle the job. Keep in mind that our services cover both residential and commercial properties, and we accommodate homeowners and businesses throughout the entire DFW Metroplex. Every system has a projected lifespan, and the further along yours is to reaching its conclusion, the less effective repairs become. Understanding the severity of your issue requires a full roof inspection from an impartial mediator. We provide roof inspections throughout Tarrant County. Signs that repair is the most ideal option, include:

  • Gutter Buildup
  • Increased Energy Bills
  • Surface Abrasions
  • Water Damage / Stains

Sometimes signs of a repair are rather obvious, like finding a stain on the ceiling of your home or building. Others are less obvious, and become apparent only after you see a massive spike in your energy bill. In cases like these, we often deploy infrared leak scans to determine the source of the roof’s damage, and whether or not it is properly insulated. Sometimes repairs stem from events that occur, such as tornadoes, or fallen trees. Other times, it is simply an accumulation of wear and tear that has finally caught up to the system. The best way to prevent repairs, is to schedule regular maintenance on your roofing system, especially with materials that are most prone to damage. The best offense in these cases, is a great defense. Preemptively addressing minor roof problems prevents them from becoming major, both in expense, and magnitude. Because issues are often cited through the opinions of roofing contractors and, or inspectors, it’s crucial that they can be trusted. We choose to develop excellent relationships with clients to establish that trust and address defects promptly.

Roof Replacement

Fort Worth Roof Replacement

Aging Can Prompt Replacements

The last resort for building and homeowners alike is roof replacement. Once choosing replacement, you are at a point of no return. Walker Commercial Roofing believes replacement is a final resort after all other options are exhausted. Why? Because replacement costs much more than repair and restoration. Still, there are cases in which it becomes the only viable option, and once arriving at that diagnosis, the only thing within your control is choosing the best roofer in DFW. Once replacement becomes a given, the objective is to prevent premature roofing failure with your next system. To do so, you must assure that replacement is performed by a professional who has documented references and proof of success. Proprietors cannot afford a botched replacement. Aside from it costing more than other services, it also produces landfill waste. If improperly executed, replacements can end up costing double or triple its initial price. Factors that determine replacement include:

  • Age: The current age of the roof, relative to its projected lifespan
  • Damage: The extent of damages sustained by the system as presently constituted
  • Material: The material that composes the existing roofing system

If you’ve been instructed to replace your roof, don’t do so until you receive a second opinion, ideally via roof inspection from Walker Commercial Roofing. As a business that values affordability, we will look for other options before concluding that replacement is absolutely necessary. If that is in fact the conclusion at which we arrive, we will ensure that your next roof doesn’t suffer a similar fate, at least for a very long time. We work with our clients to find the best roofing solutions, and present a variety of options of which home and building owners can choose. Some prefer the durability and style of metal roofs, while others prefer the more traditional shingle roofing system. Of all the roofing companies in Dallas, TX, Walker Commercial Roofing is among the most trusted and professional. We work on homes and buildings in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX and the surrounding area, and look forward to being your choice for a precisely executed roofing replacement.

DFW Roofing Contractor

DFW Roofing Contractor

Our Team is Diversely Skilled

Walker Commercial Roofing replaces, repairs, and restores roofs on residential homes and commercial buildings throughout Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX and the surrounding Metroplex. We utilize a wide variety of roofing materials, including modified bitumen, metal, shingles, and tiles. We work on properties of all sizes, whether they be large or small houses, or massive agricultural buildings. Our super-team consists of specialists in both residential and commercial roofing disciplines, with the best of the best from both categories employed by our company. With experienced roofers on-staff, we are prepared to handle jobs of all variations. It also helps that we are a Conklin Independent Distributor, which provides us access to premium grade roofing materials which will be deployed on your roofing projects. Some of Walker Commercial Roofing’s best characteristics include:

  • Affordability
  • Selection
  • Transparency

There’s no question that trust plays a major role in the company-client relationship. For us in particular, transparency serves as the foundation of that partnership. We are 100% forthcoming in each of our inspections and the ensuing services. Instead of pushing clients towards the most expensive options, we choose to exhaust the most affordable ones first and foremost. After careful examination, through which we keep clients updated on the progress, we conclude which options are viable, and which aren’t. From there we empower the customer to make the decision that best aligns with their budget and preferences. While we can advise each client of their options, and which one we believe is most ideal in their scenario, we never mandate a particular service against the better judgement of the client. Call 817-484-5411 to speak with a roofing contractor in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX.