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What is SEO

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the promotion of any business, individual or product through digital technology (most commonly the internet). Digital Marketing services include SEO, PPC, Web Design, Social Media, Landing Page Optimization, Schema Markup, Content Marketing, URL Structuring, and much more. The process can utilize various resources including apps, software, content platforms, and search engines. Effective digital marketing campaigns can heavily influence the success of a business, or other entity.

BrandREVU Check In
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  • Get More Reviews - Collect Reviews Easily with BrandREVU

  • GEO Location Check-ins - Let Your Clients Know Where You've Been!

  • Email & Text Clients - Easy Google, Yelp and Facebook Review Access

  • Post Job Pics - Your Service Pages Get Automatic Photo Posting for Better Organic Rankings

  • Manage Your Online Reputation - Have Your Reviews Working for Your Company and Be Proactive

  • Map Pins - Geo Coding Allows You to Display Your Jobs on Your Website

  • Higher Map & Organic Rankings - All with v

  • Google Responds - Appeal to Google with Regular Geo Locations, Photos, and Reviews

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Digital Marketing Company - Nolen Walker

  • Lead GenerationAcquiring customer leads through online channels, usually via phone call
  • Search VisibilityIncreased exposure on search results either through organic or paid advertising
  • Website TrafficAttracting more unique visitors to their website which should lead to more sales

At Nolen Walker, our digital marketing services work cohesively to bring clients a robust online presence. By combining innovation with research and testing, our clients typically see improvement in lead generation, search visibility, and website traffic. As a service that covers the full spectrum of internet marketing, we provide each customer with a digital identity that can serve as the anchor to their marketing strategy. Every successful online marketing campaign includes content marketing, custom website design, link building, social media marketing and search engine optimization. Nolen Walker provides each in abundance, all of which are included in our service plans. As a company that works with a variety of industries, we tailor-fit our services to meet the needs of each individual company.

Small Business SEO Services

Our company works with small businesses throughout a variety of industries. In today’s competitive landscape every company can benefit from online promotion. The absence of a digital identity can limit a businesses’ revenue potential and hinder their ability to create meaningful growth. Many companies find it intimidating to tackle digital marketing on their own and feel they lack the resources to compete with larger brands and conglomerates. Nolen Walker is the antidote to this conundrum as our services are tailored specifically to small business owners. We utilize well-researched data to implement techniques that have been proven to work over time. Additionally, we closely follow the latest marketing trends to adapt to the fluid landscape.

We help small businesses with these digital marketing strategies

  • BrandingEstablish a consensus identity that consumers can recognize and recall
  • Citation BuildingImmerse your business in local citations like Google My Business and Yelp
  • Keyword TargetingResearch and target keywords with buyer intent and opportunity


  • Content WriterContent Marketing Well written copy is a pillar of any content marketing strategy, and its subsequent marketing is equally as important. A
  • Working on SEO StrategyLead Generation The ultimate goal of every online promotional campaign is to generate leads for your business. A
  • AdWords PPCPPC Management SEO is not something that works overnight but Pay Per Click ads help supplement traffic in the meantime. A
  • Local Mapping SEOReputation Management Consumers won’t proceed with your service before they’ve checked your reviews online. A
  • Social Media TrafficSocial Media Marketing Facebook and Instagram are some of the most powerful marketing tools on the web. A
  • Design WorkWebsite Design The anchor of every sustainable internet marketing strategy is a custom website tailored for your needs. A


  • Electrician Fixes Wall PlugElectricians Getting electrician leads can be challenging, especially without proper search engine optimization. S
  • Fence InstallationFence Installers Homeowners need fences to protect their privacy and give their pets more freedom. S
  • Home Security CamerasHome Security Companies Major brands have dominated the local markets for home security services, but they don’t have to. S
  • HVAC ContractorHVAC Contractors Heating and cooling contractors can enjoy great improvements with professional optimization. S
  • LandscapingLandscapers To generate quality leads online, your landscaping website must be fully optimized. S
  • Moving Company Parked TruckMoving Companies Ever wonder why some movers get more leads with a worse service? SEO is your answer. S
  • Outdoor LightingOutdoor Lighting Specialists Homeowners love the outdoor luxury provided by outdoor lighting, and usually find services online. S
  • Painting SuppliesPainters Word of mouth is no longer a plausible avenue towards consistent leads for painters. S
  • Pizza ChefPizza Parlors There’s plenty of opportunity for pizza parlors to dominate local search results. S
  • Plumbing SuppliesPlumbers Several marketing firms claim to be experts in plumber internet marketing but few follow through. S
  • Outdoor PoolPool Companies Whether your pool company deals more with construction or cleaning, online visibility will help. S
  • Roofing Contractor on RoofRoofers Because the roofing industry is somewhat seasonal, it can be difficult to maintain revenue. S
  • Tree TrimmerTree Trimming Companies Homeowners often require the professional expertise of tree trimmers, but can’t find them online. S
  • Car WrapVehicle Wrap Companies Car wraps are popular across all parts of the country, and help contractors market their services. S
  • Water Damage RestorationWater Restoration Companies Water induced damages can happen at almost any time, either from nature or mechanical issues. S
  • Logo Design

    Some marketers have argued that Google now favors major brands over small businesses. Our research shows that this is only true when it is warranted. Local companies that have a strong online presence can still rank on the top of organic search results, but only if the ranking is earned through the proper courses of action. Because local optimization often lacks proper implementation, larger companies secure the top ranking by default, not simply because their favored by Google but because their content, SEO, web design are all superior. Of course, money helps refine each of those qualities, but they are attainable even with a limited budget. Nolen Walker provides internet marketing solutions to small business owners and empowers them to compete with nationally funded brands.

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The Nolen Walker Advantage

Internet Marketing

An internet presence is a representation of your business and in today’s marketing landscape is often the separator between success and failure. Regardless of which industry you work in, consumers will be looking for places to find your services online. If not to buy products themselves, it will be to verify the reputation of your business and gain trust in the authenticity of your company. Nolen Walker ensures your services are well established throughout all corners of the web, and that your reputation is both monitored and regulated. With more than a decade of experience working on SEO and website design we provide an excellent chance at success for every business owner. Because we put our clients first, each plan is customized to fit your company’s specific needs. This includes everything from payment plans to range of services.

  • Payment PlansChoose between fixed monthly payments, pay per lead, and more
  • LocationsExpand your service area as widely or as narrowly as you desire
  • ServicesMix and match services that best suit your business goals, and ignore the rest
  • Web PagesChoose many or a select few pages for your website


Finding affordable SEO services is not as simple as it should be. While many digital marketing firms exist throughout the country, too few of them exhibit best practices on behalf of their clients. For example, many of our customers are coming from previous experiences with subpar marketers. Their website was designed using stock templates in some cases, and in others, they were ranking for keywords that were free from “buyer intent.” In other words, the traffic migrating to their domain was empty in that it could never be converted into an actual lead. Nolen Walker implements a cohesive online marketing campaign so that the customer’s ultimate goal is reached.

Expert knowledge of SEO + solid work ethic + great business integrity (i.e. giving the client what they paid for) = very successful websites and very happy long term clients. Photo of Nolen Walker

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