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5 Factors NYC Dentists Should Consider for Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services for Dentists NYC

There’s fierce competition in the NYC dental market. Your patients have many choices when they need a dentist, so how can you gain an edge over the other practices in the city? The best way is to invest in local SEO. 

Search Engine Optimization is still one of the most potent digital marketing tools because it can significantly increase online exposure – if appropriately done, you will get exposure for your practice online. 

Local SEO is a specialized niche of SEO. As the name implies, it targets patients specifically in your vicinity. For example, NYC dental practices should focus on local SEO because you will be treating patients from Massachusetts or traveling to Connecticut. 

Therefore, a more focused approach to SEO would yield the highest ROI. Nolen Walker will talk about some of the most critical local SEO services for dentists in NYC in the following post. 

1) Google My Business

The first thing you have to consider is your Google My Business page. You do have a Google My Business Page for your practice, don’t you? If not, you can start one for free here. In addition, Google My Business allows you to reach your local market more effectively because GMB listings appear in most local map pack results.

Remember that SEO is all about ranking as high as possible on a relevant search. So a GMB listing becomes vitally important because the local map pack appears in 30% of all search engine result first pages. The first page is where you want to be. Hardly anyone clicks through to the second page of search results.

Plus, GMB allows you to specify your area of operation. Your patients can also leave reviews that will appear on your GMB page and help you earn more patients. The best part is that it’s free and effortless to set up. Just remember to fill your profile out as thoroughly as possible. It doesn’t have to happen overnight, but over time, remember to add high-quality photos, accurate descriptions of your practice and services, and other information that may attract a new patient. 

2) Think Mobile

It’s time to start optimizing your website for mobile web browsers. Why? Because last year, mobile browsing accounted for 55% of worldwide web traffic. In short, more people than ever before are using their phones, tablets, and smart devices to help them find local businesses and services – that includes dentists. 

There are a few ways you can optimize your site for mobile users. Voice searches are becoming more prevalent as voice recognition continues to improve. So one thing you can do to optimize for mobile is incorporate longer, more conversational keywords into your copy. You probably already know how important keywords are if you read this, but the terrain is shifting. People use terse keywords when they type search because it’s faster and easier. Now with mobile searches, people are using more extended, more conversational phrases to perform searches. Whereas someone might type in “local dentist NYC” for a traditional search, they might say “where’s a good dentist in NYC?” for a voice search. 

Another easy thing you can do to optimize for mobile is to compress all your images. People won’t wait around for a slow mobile site to load. They will move on to the following search result, and that you lose patients. So make sure your image files are as small as possible and compressed. 

3) Link Building

Link building can be complex, but it’s an important ranking factor. It’s one of the things Google prioritizes the most when deciding which websites to display on a relevant search. Links are essential for both your own website and for other sites. For your website, you have to set up internal links. Internal links are links that lead to other pages on your site. In short, every page of your website has to have a link that leads to another. Google doesn’t like pages that lead to nowhere. 

That’s the easy part. The not-so-easy part is getting off-site links. Off-site links, or backlinks, are links on other people’s sites that lead to yours. Pretty much everyone struggles with this, so here are some tips:

  • Review Sites: Review sites are low-hanging fruit for backlinks. Be present on as many relevant review websites like Yelp as possible. Reviews are also very important for local SEO anyway.
  • Competitor Backlink Research: Seeing where other dentists in your area get their backlinks can be beneficial. There are competitor backlink analysis tools that you can use to get this information. Seeing where competitors get links may give you some ideas on getting similar backlinks for your own practice.
  • Local Directories: Reaching out to local chambers of commerce and medical organizations is another way you could get some backlinks. 
  • Blogger Outreach: Reach out to others in the dental industry and propose a guest blog placement.

4) Keyword Usage

We touched on dental keywords a bit earlier, and we’re still not going to regurgitate those basics here. You should already know how important keywords are. However, few people understand how to utilize keywords properly. 

You must avoid keyword cramming, like adding keywords that don’t fit or sound natural to increase the keyword density. Instead, use keywords naturally, even if it means using them less frequently. 

Secondly, use your keywords in your page descriptions, meta titles, and meta descriptions. The meta titles, page descriptions, and meta descriptions Google uses to find relevant information for their users. Therefore, using keywords strategically in these descriptions and titles is an excellent way to attract your site’s attention for the keywords you are targeting. 

For local SEO, longtail keywords are vital. Local longtail keywords incorporate the name of the target area, whether it’s a city, town, or county. For instance, “dental office in NYC.” Wherever possible, use longtail keywords in the copy of your website. 

5) Keep an Eye Out

Of course, none of these tips will mean anything unless you can track their success. So be sure to keep an eye on the results of your local SEO endeavors by monitoring three key performance markers:

  • Keyword Rankings: This refers to how high you are ranking in Google for specific keywords. 
  • Site Traffic: Your site traffic (how many unique visitors you get) should increase after implementing these local SEO strategies. 
  • Conversions: Of course, the bottom line is how many new patients you are getting in your office. 

Bonus Tip: Hire Professional SEO Services for Dentists

Manually implementing these strategies can save you money, but it can cost you time and performance, which leads to a net loss. The top New York City dentists invest in professional dental SEO services. Hiring an experienced agency can save you time and increase your online presence. However, not all agencies are going to provide value to your company. It is vital to research a company’s reputation by checking their Google My Business reviews and setting up a preliminary consultation.

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How Long is 1,000 Words for a Blog Post?

1000 Words

Marketing your business (whether it be large or small) is no easy task. Whether you place the onus on yourself or a dedicated marketing team, it can be hard to determine which tactics work and which ones aren’t. 

One thing you probably know for sure if you’ve taken any part of your company’s marketing into your own hands is that content marketing is essential. Whether you run a flower shop, a home remodeling business, an interior design firm, or a criminal defense attorney, you probably already know that people would instead learn about your business through a blog post than an advertisement. 

But even this is neophyte-level information. You know enough to have a blog for your business to draw traffic and create leads. But how long should your posts be? Also, why is your current blog not pulling in the traffic like it should or suffering a recent dip in traffic? Again, the problem could be the length of your posts.

In the following post, we will be talking about blog post length and how it may be affecting your readership. 

Blog Length has Shifted

If you look at the history of blogging, you will notice a trend: most company blogs are getting longer. In 2015, blogs that were 500 words or fewer were massively popular. Then blogs started to get longer and longer. The reason for this is that people started realizing that you can’t get a lot of information on a subject in just 500 words. 

As SEO trends and algorithms shifted, so too did the average blog post length. For a time, 1000 words were the golden standard for blog lengths. In 2021 however, that standard has also shifted. Most experts believe that the ideal blog length is no longer 1000 words but 1000+ words.  

However, nothing in digital marketing is ever that simple. For example, the ideal blog length depends on many things.

Different Situations Call for Different Lengths

One study found that blog posts that took an average of 7 minutes to read captivated audiences the most. So how many words would it take to produce a 7-minute read? It depends.

That’s because not everyone reads at the same speed. For example, the average American can read at a pace of 200-250 words per minute. So let’s assume that the average reading speed of your audience is 200 words per minute. 

To hit that magical 7-minute read marker, you would need a blog post that was 1,400 words long – well above the 100-word mark. Not everyone will read at that pace, though. Some will read slower, and some will read faster. Here are some other things complicating the equation:

  • Subject Matter: People read technical information at a much slower speed than 200 words per minute. If your blog content is very highly technically involved, it may be a better idea to parse it out into a series of shorter blogs. 
  • Topics: Most experts agree that blog topics like “how-to’s” deserve more verbiage. Since the blog is supposed to be teaching the reader how to do something in detail, “how-to’s” and other instructional blogs can reach up to 2,000+ words. 
  • Conciseness: Can the post adequately discuss in fewer than 1000 words? Many marketing experts agree that if you can cover a topic justly in 500 words, do so by all means. 

There is no universally right length for your blog post. Still, you probably have questions about what 1000 words and other lengths look like and how long they will take your visitors to read. For that, we refer you to our next section.

Home Security SEO Through Keyword Localization

What Does 1000 Words Look Like?

Many people are concerned with what 1000 words looks like to readers because they don’t want to scare them away with what appears to be a novel. Visually, 1000 words looks to be about 2 and 1/3 pages single-spaced. If you are double spacing, it gets bumped up to about four pages visually. The average person will also take between 1.7 and 3.5 minutes to read a 1000 word blog post. 

1000 Word Post

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What Does 1200 Words Look Like?

Again, you can’t cover every topic in 1000 words. If you are looking to bump the length up slightly, 1200 words is not much more than 1000 words visually. In most cases, it will look like two and 2/3rds pages long, single-spaced. If you are double spacing, it will take up about five and 1/3rd pages. 

It won’t take very much longer for the average reader to get through either. For example, readers can tackle one thousand two hundred words in about 2 to 4 and a quarter minutes. 

1200 Word Post

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What Does 1800 Words Look Like?

Now you’re getting into max attention span territory. However, if you are trying to get into detail about a topic, it must be done. Besides, anyone trying to find out “how to” do something is probably game for a lengthy read and all the details they can handle. 

1800 words will take up about four pages single-spaced and, you guessed it, eight pages double-spaced. Oddly enough, though, it should only take the average reader between 3 and 5 minutes to read 1800 words – so long as the subject matter isn’t profoundly technical. 

1800 Word Post

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Strike the Right Balance

In the end, blogging is all about striking the right balance between being informative and creating easily digested content. The line can be delicate and challenging to toe. Here at Nolen Walker, we provide professional content marketing services for every industry and niche. Our pros will create unique content and blogs at the perfect length for your specific situation. Get started today.

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25 Dental SEO Keywords (Updated for 2021)

For SEO to work, dentists must identify the top keywords to target. Using tools like MOZ, SEMRush & Ubersuggest can be time consuming especially when you have a clinic to run. That’s why Nolen Walker has decided to select the top 25 keywords for dental SEO. This article will list each keyword along with its estimated search volume. But before we start listing the terms you should first understand what makes a keyword valuable… because it’s more than just sheer volume. In fact, sometimes volume in of itself is not enough. Attracting the wrong kind of traffic can actually be a detriment to your website’s health. After all, Google values user intent overall… and folks entering your website with zero interest in your services will be disappointed by the match. Google can take note of this by recording their on-site behavior such as bounce rate, dwell time, etc. Your goal is to bring in prospects who have a chance to convert to a client.

Dental SEO Keywords Article Cover

Commercial Intent Keywords

Sometimes called buyer intent terms, commercial intent keywords are the most valuable in the dental industry. When potential dental patients perform a search query they will use a specific type of language. On the contrary, those who are simply looking for information, DIY help, or quick facts will be inquiring in a different manner. That’s not to say that you can never target terms that don’t possess commercial intent but if you do make sure they are restricted to blog posts that serve a different function for your website’s success in 2021. Let’s take a look at some examples of commercial intent keyword terms for dentists and dental clinics:

Dentist Near Me 550,000

Pediatric Dentist Near Me 33,100

Emergency Dentist 22,200

Dentist Near Me SEMRush Volume

General Keywords

Some terms are more general and therefore may imply commercial intent without explicitly stating it. In the prior examples, phrases like “near me” and terms like “emergency” are clear indicators of the searcher’s intent to spend money. General terms are not as obvious in this manner. Accordingly, they often have even higher search volumes because they encompass a wide range of potential intents. The query pediatric dentist for example… absent of the “near me” qualifier is going to have an extremely high volume but far less relevance for your website. After all many of those searchers will be looking at other aspects of pediatric dentistry including career paths, education, salaries, and more. Let’s take a look at more general keyword terms:

Dentist 673,000

Root Canal 135,000

Pediatric Dentist 110,000

Pediatric Dentist MOZ Volume

Informational Keywords

While general terms are a must-have throughout your site because of their extensive reach, other terms will be ones to clearly avoid. These types of words are often informational in nature and the corresponding queries are entered by someone who has demonstrated a clear lack of buyers intent. Qualifiers like who, what, where, when, and how are often dead giveaways of an informational search query. That’s not to say that everyone seeking information is never going to become a client but it does show that they are not yet on the portion of the buyer’s journey that will help your business succeed. Some websites choose to target these individuals anyways.. Hoping they can convert them through a funneling process. This is ok in certain pockets of your site… like blogging, but should not be relied upon as a primary strategy. Examples of these terms include:

Dental Implants Cost 40,500

How To Whiten Teeth 33,100

Root Canal Pain 14,800

Root Canal Pain UberSuggest Overview

Keyword List

Dentist Near Me 550,000

Dentist 673,000

Root Canal 135,000

Pediatric Dentist 110,000

Dental Implants 90,500

Affordable Dentures 90,500

Dentist Office Near Me 49,500

Dentures 49,500

Pediatric Dentist Near Me 33,100

Dental Crown 27,100

DDS Near Me 27,100

Tooth Extraction 27,100

Emergency Dentist 22,200

Teeth Cleaning 18,100

Dentist Office 14,800

Dental Care 9,900

Dental Sealants 5,400

Emergency Toothache Relief 3,600

Tooth Extraction Near Me 2,400

Dentist Near Me No Insurance 1,900

Teeth Cleaning Near Me 1,300

Tooth Restoration 1,000

Tooth Fillings Near Me 90

Chipped Tooth Repair Near Me 20

Gingivectomy Augmentation 10

Optimizing for “Near Me”

A lot of the top keywords have near me within them which can be confusing to businesses new to SEO. You shouldn’t actually optimize your website with near me but instead replace that with your city and state. So if the keyword you’re targeting is dentist office near me, and you are located in Seattle, WA, it would be optimized as dentist office Seattle, WA or dentist office in Seattle, WA. Google doesn’t count the in which makes either variation of the phrase optimal. Local SEO is a major factor for dental professionals. Not only do you want to appear on traditional organic results but also within the local map pack which displays the top 3 Google My Business listings based on the searcher’s current location and search query.

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Jewelry Store SEO Factors for 2021

SEO for Jewelry Stores

It’s a new year, and if you are a jewelry store owner, it’s time to think about revamping your SEO strategy. For online and brick and mortar jewelry store owners alike, it’s essential to keep up with the ever-changing SEO trends to stay competitive in the rankings. 

Of course, this can be a full-time job, what with the frequent algorithm changes that major search engines roll out every year. But it’s our job to keep our finger on the pulse of ranking factor changes and marketing trends. 

Quite frankly, it’s our job to keep you informed. So in today’s post, we will be sifting through the SEO practices of yesteryear to let you know which SEO practices you should adopt/maintain in the new year and which ones you can scrap.

1) Local SEO for Jewelry Stores

Yes, absolutely. Firstly, local SEO for jewelry stores is vital because the jewelry sales business is still very much local business – and that’s not changing any time soon. Have you ever heard of someone driving across state lines to buy an engagement ring? Probably not. 

But that’s not a 2021 exclusive fact. What is exclusive to this year is that 72% of consumers who perform a search for local businesses will visit one of the companies they find within 5 miles of their location. That means that the people in your area are looking to stay local when buying jewelry. So local jewelry store SEO is still vastly crucial in 2021. 

Make sure that you keep your Google My Business listing up to date. Include new pictures, any new service hours, and perhaps most importantly, any COVID safety precautions you may be taking. That’s an important one because, unfortunately, COVID is still very much a thing in 2021. And people will hold off on visiting your store if they perceive your business as unsafe. 

Also, make sure that you are implementing longtail keywords on your website and landing pages. Longtail keywords should include a specific service and an exact geographic location. For example, “ring fitters in Tampa.” Having multiple landing pages for various services is also a good SEO practice for jewelers. 

2) Voice Search Optimization

SEO practices also shift with technology. Voice recognition technology has come a long way over the past decade, and now more than ever, people are using their voices to conduct online searches. An Impressive 41% of adults report using the voice search feature on their mobile devices at least once a day. 

But voice searches work the same way standard searches do, right? Not necessarily. The dynamic shifts some, and it has less to do with how search engines index sites and more to do with how users are interacting with search engines – namely, the words they are using to search. So you should optimize your jewelry store’s website for this growing voice search trend. 

People are talking to their phones rather than typing on them to conduct searches. As a result, the phrases they are using to search are becoming a lot more conversational. For example, instead of typing “ring fitting near me,” people are verbally asking their mobile devices, “where can I get a ring fitting?” Because speaking is more painless than typing for most people, they aren’t leaving out articles or intentionally shortening their search phrases. 

This shift in search phrases also has to do with how these voice search features show how users are encouraged to use them. Developers want users to speak to their devices as though they were talking to another human. As a result, search keywords are becoming longer and more conversational. So, SEO for jewelry stores in 2021 also needs to include more extended, more conversational keywords. 

3) On-Site SEO for Jewelers

Keeping up with your on-site content will be vastly influential in 2021. For example, images are a biggie. Posting new photos on your site or GMB profile is essential, but you also must remember to include rich tags to make sure they get indexed by search engines. As we move from the holiday season to the new year, many shop owners are swapping out their Christmas photos for new pictures but forgetting to include descriptive tags. But all your new images need tags relevant for 2021.

4) Content Writing & Marketing

Search engines are placing a much higher emphasis on quality content in 2021 than ever before. And while many of you already know the importance of a content marketing strategy and have implemented one, you have to make sure that your plan is up to snuff in the new year. Your content has to provide value to your visitors. Google only prioritizes well-written, human-oriented content.

Any sites that use duplicate content, poorly written content, keyword cramming, or content that has otherwise been written more for web crawlers than humans will get penalized and lose rankings.

The emergence of voice searches influences Google’s strategy. Developers are trying to humanize the search experience and make it, so their web crawlers are indexing content written by humans. 

Invest in a Jewelry Store SEO Service

Again, keeping up with all the latest algorithm changes and shifts in marketing dynamics can be a full-time job. Luckily, that is precisely our occupation. Here at Nolen Walker, we are your SEO partners. We not only provide you the services you need to dominate the rankings, but we also keep you abreast of all the marketing trends you need to know about as they emerge. 

SEO for jewelry stores is just the beginning. We provide every service you will need to optimize your website, social media and earn more leads. Modernize your SEO strategy with our help.

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Irrigation SEO: The Guide

Irrigation SEO (Blog Cover)

Calling all landscapers: are you doing things the old-fashioned way? There’s nothing wrong with word of mouth referrals, local newspaper ads, and truck wraps, but there is so much more opportunity out there. 

It would help if you were complimenting your grassroots marketing campaigns with SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO allows your business to be seen by more people who use search engines to find local businesses and services. 

And the numbers don’t lie. At least one market study has revealed that 4 in every five people use a search engine to find local businesses and home services. And the great thing about SEO is that you can use it to boost sales for specific services or specialties.

For landscapers, irrigation SEO can be instrumental in particular. Everyone needs irrigation services at one point or another, so will your company be the one they hire when the time comes? Find out how to boost your irrigation SEO rankings in the following guide we’ve composed just for landscapers. 

Emphasize Local SEO

Your landscaping business may be many things. But at the end of the day, it is at its core a local business. You most likely run a very personal, face-to-face business that caters to the residents’ and business owners’ needs. 

People in your town probably know you and your crew on a first-name basis. So your foray into SEO should have a very local bent. Start by registering your business with Google My Business. GMB will help you break into the local three map pack and let people know that you offer their area services. 

You are also going to want to register on Houzz and Angie’s List in your area. Both of these sites offer excellent opportunities to customize your profile based on the areas that you service. And they are specifically for home service contractors like you. 

On the more technical side, you should utilize schema markup on your company’s website as well. Local schema markup will make it easier for search engines to index your site based on searches with local intent. 

For example, if someone searches “irrigation landscapers near me,” local schema markup will signal to search engines that you do offer irrigation services in the area of the person that performed that search (if you are actually in that area, of course).

Emphasize Content

These days, people get their information through blog content, videos, and social media posts (for better or worse). Information about local services and businesses show up on each vertical. So let’s say someone wants to know the benefits of installing a new sprinkler system for their garden. 

They might search what we in the industry call a “research intention” search. In other words, they may not be ready to spend money on new sprinklers just yet, but they want to know more about them. 

On the other hand, we have buyer intent searches representing people conducting a search engine query to find a product to buy or a business to work with/hire. An example of a buying intent search may be “affordable landscapers near me.”

But whether a person is ready to buy or wants more info, you should have content available on your website, on YouTube, or on your social media pages prepared to inform or convert them. 

Create blogs that answer common questions about irrigation, upload videos that help people maintain their yards, and post stories to Facebook and Instagram that have anything to do with landscaping. 

Emphasize Reviews

These days, online reviews are an essential commodity for any business. People rely on online reviews as much as they do word of mouth referrals. So be sure your company is listed with Yelp, the Better Business Bureau, and other public review websites, so people have the opportunity to tell other consumers about your business. 

Be sure you and your staff are requesting reviews. And make it easy for them to leave reviews. Consider having QR codes printed on your business cards that lead to a review page. Include a link in any emails you send out that also leads to your review pages. 

Just the Beginning

Of course, there is a lot more to SEO than what’s listed here. Still, this would be a good start whether you already have an SEO strategy in place or not. And for irrigation SEO ranking dominance, be sure to contact us here at Nolen Walker. We can help your landscaping business earn new customers through tried and true digital marketing strategies, so get in touch with our team today.

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Plumber SEO: Everything Plumbing Companies Need in 2021

Plumber SEO

What is Plumber SEO?

Plumber SEO is the practice of optimizing web assets to rank on Google search. Ultimately, the goal of SEO is to generate qualified plumbing leads within your service area. Compared to other marketing tactics like paid advertising and email blasts, SEO provides the best ROI by almost any measure. 

Plumber SEO in 2021

Very shortly, we are going to be rounding the corner of a challenging and unprecedented year. 2020 brought unheard-of challenges to many industries, and businesses had to find ways to adapt. The home service industry is one such industry. 

As a plumber operating in 2020, you probably had to implement new safety policies to keep your head above water in these trying times and hang on to customers. The good thing for plumbers is that plumbing is an essential service. 

People can’t simply sit idly by while their kitchen sinks spew like Old Faithful. But it has still been tough. And if you operate a small plumbing business, you probably felt the squeeze of 2020 pretty strongly. 

That’s because the plumbing space is already plenty competitive. Whether you are in a large or small market, you are probably competing with at least a handful of contractors offering similar services to the same clientele. 

So how do you stand out in rugged terrain? The answer is plumber SEO. In 2020, SEO showed that it was still a relevant form of digital marketing. Because in 2020, search engines were still the go-to for online consumers, with 68% of them beginning their purchasing journey on a search engine. 

The bottom line is that as long as search engines are still relevant, search engine optimization (SEO) will always be appropriate. And the simple truth is that less than 1% of searchers will even venture onto the second page of a search engine results page when looking for goods and services. 

In 2021, you will still need to show up near the top of the first page to have any hope of success. So to start the new year off on the right foot and give your business the best chance to do better than it did in 2020, take a look at these plumber SEO tips.

Mobile SEO for Plumbers

A relevant plumber SEO tip for the new year is making sure that voice search commands can index your site. That’s because voice searches were prevalent in 2020, and they project to become more common in the coming year. As of now, 40% of all adults use the voice feature on their smartphone, smart speaker, virtual assistant device, or mobile device to search for things online at least once a day. 

So how do you make sure that your plumbing website is showing up on these voice searches? For starters, you have to make your keywords more conversational. That’s because people don’t talk the way they type. They tend to include more words when conducting a voice search because speaking is more manageable than typing. Voice searches are more conversational, so the keywords in your on-page content should reflect this shift. 

And since most voice searches occur on a mobile device, you also have to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly site means fast loading times, easily navigable menus, and compressed image files. 

Mobile SEO for Plumbing

SEO-Targeted Blogs for Plumbing

If you haven’t already included a blog on your plumbing website, drop everything now, and start one. Content marketing was one of the highest priorities of top marketers across the country in 2020. Why? Because it is convenient. People are trending away from advertisements as sources for information about a business, product, or service. Instead, they are looking to blog content that is fun, engaging, informative, or all of the above. 

A recent study showed that 70% of surveyed consumers report that they would instead get information about a business, product, or service by reading a blog or other form of non-ad content than a traditional ad. Blogging can be compelling if you are a plumber because everyone is looking for answers to their plumbing problems. Your blog content should focus on answering these questions. 

Think about the most common questions you have heard from your customers in your time as a plumber. Form these questions into informative and insightful blogs that people will want to read. It’s important not to avoid being too sales-oriented in your blog content. That’s not what it’s for, and doing so can drive away potential leads. 

Plumbing Blog Post

Track Success (Or Failure) With Google Analytics

Measurement is something we often recommend to plumbing contractors who may be handling their SEO campaign on their own or operating on a shoestring marketing budget. Google Analytics is free to use (for the basic version) but more importantly, its user friendly. If you have never run any site data analytics before, this is a great place to start. Google Analytics can show you how much traffic your site is getting, how much time people are spending on your site, and even suggest ways to make it more visible. 

Knowing the basics of how your website performs is an essential step no matter what year it is, so it will still be necessary for plumber SEO in 2021. The dashboard is easy to navigate, and setting up your site on Google Analytics is easy. And, if you start to get the hang of it and feel like you are ready for a more robust analysis of your site, you can always upgrade to the premium version for a moderate fee. 

Google Analytics Screengrab

Target Consumers With Your Headlines

Google recently dropped some fresh advice for developers and content creators that correlate with new Google core updates. In the update, they emphasize the importance of concise and informative headlines and page titles. They advise developers and content creators to assess their existing content and ask whether their page titles are descriptive of the visitor’s needs and intent.

Google does not like misleading, sensational, or vague page titles and headlines. They have to be indicative of what the person will read and true to what the content contains. Now is an excellent time to look at your service pages and make sure that the headlines give an accurate description of the page’s content. 

So, for example, as a plumber, you may have a service page about drain cleaning. If the page title reads “Drain Cleaning Perfection,” the on-page content should focus on how your company achieves thorough drain cleaning results. And the on-page content of your “Drain Cleaning Perfection” page can briefly mention other services you offer; make sure you are not dedicating entire sections to any other service. 

Plumbing Headlines

Optimize Local Listings (NAP Citations, GMB, ETC)

Plumbing is very much a local business. And chances are you aren’t the only plumber in your town. Ensuring that the website for your plumbing business in Mesa, AZ, doesn’t get lost in the mix with plumbing sites from Tulsa, Mobile, Milwaukee, or other corners of the country you have nothing to do with is very important. 

To make sure that your website searches up for people who need a plumber in your area, you have to utilize local SEO tactics. Local optimization will also let search engines locate and pin your business and index them on location-oriented searches. 

The first place you should start with local SEO is Google My Business. Google My Business is imperative for ranking in the local three-pack. Making sure all location information reads correctly will help Google pull up your site. For example, having a GMB listing that makes it straightforward that you operate in and around Plano, TX will help Google pull index your site when someone searches for “plumbers in Plano.”

Plumbing Contractor Map Pack

Embed Structured Data for Google’s Sake

Structuring the data on your website rather than having pieces of information spread worldwide will make it easier for search engines to understand the content you are offering and index it to interested parties. Structured data also looks neater and can catch the eye of the searcher. When you have structured content that displays your company name, how long you’ve been in business, the type of business, and a brief description, search engines will rank it higher. That’s because it is more visually appealing and provides essential information in a neat and organized manner. 

Schema for Plumbers

Of course, you will have to familiarize yourself with Schema markup to code your structured data correctly, but it’s essential because Google places a priority on sites with structured data. 

Work With a Plumbing SEO Pro Like Nolen Walker

2020 was a rough year, but if you’re reading this, then you made it through. With everything that has gone on in 2020, it may be hard to devote the time it will take to implement all SEO strategies. But here at Nolen Walker, we have an all-inclusive solution for plumbers looking to dominate the rankings in 2021. 

The Nolen Walker advantage is that we provide all digital marketing services under one roof. From PPC ads to web design to content marketing and beyond, we will give your plumbing company the digital edge it needs. Contact us today, and let us tell you how we can help you dominate the rankings in 2021. 

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The Premium PPC Guide for Veterinarians and Vet Clinics

PPC for Vets

What is PPC for Vets?

PPC for vets is pay per click advertising that targets pet owners needing nearby vet clinics and help for their animals. Strategically placed Google Ads can help veterinarians attract valuable customers through online advertising. 

PPC’s Effectiveness for Veterinarians

While SEO and website design provide the most significant ROI for veterinarians, a PPC ad campaign can give pretty much any business a real shot in the arm. And even though this type of advertising has a broad reach, it still has to be tailored to the business’s individual needs. Targeting is where many business owners and marketers make mistakes with their PPC ad campaign and end up with a less than satisfying ROI (Return On Investment).

Low ROI is a particularly relevant pitfall for veterinarians and vet clinics. You have to realize that many PPC ad services are geared more towards selling products. These types of ads wouldn’t be of any use to you. Many PPC advertisers don’t take a custom approach to craft ads for their clients, either. Some of them even use cookie-cutter marketing platforms like BuilderAll so that they can churn out PPC ads quickly, with little to no regard for the ad’s effectiveness. 

As a veterinarian, you have to get your ads out to people who require your services. It would help if you got people through your doors. So in the following post, we will be providing you with a crash course guide to PPC for vets specifically. 

How do PPC Ads Work?

For the uninitiated, PPC stands for pay-per-click, and they work pretty much as the name suggests. You hire a company to create and run your ad on some online platform, and every time a consumer clicks on the ad, you pay a negotiated fee beforehand. 

What are the Benefits of PPC?

  • You can set a firm budget of how much you want to spend on them
  • Ads can target your demographic specifically
  • They can result in 50% more conversions than organic marketing
  • They can provide you with valuable market research through strategic traffic tracking
  • The results are almost instantaneous

What Options Do Vets Have?

As a veterinarian, it’s essential to know all of your PPC ad platform options because some will be better suited to your business than others. Here are the features that most PPC services will offer you:

  • Social Media PPC – Social media PPC can be very useful for one critical reason: most PPC ads that run on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are native ads. They appear in the user’s story feed, and they don’t look like ads at all. They look like social media posts, so the users tend to check them out for longer. Before they know it, they are aware of a brand or service they’d never heard of before. Maybe it is for this reason that native social media PPC ads garner 18% more purchase intent than other ad forms. 
  • Pay Per Call – Instead of sending people to a website, click-to-call ads automatically connect the user’s mobile device to a number of your choosing. The pros: click-to-call ads result in 4 times more conversions than website ads, they cater to mobile users (of which there is an ever-increasing amount) and fulfill the needs of pet owners in need of emergency care. The only con is that they are only accessible to people on mobile.
  • Search Engine Ads: This type of PPC ad appears when someone searches for a keyword that you choose beforehand. The pros: These ads show up at the top of a relevant SERP (Search Engine Results Page) even above organic results and target a specific geographical area. The cons: the keywords you want to rank your PPC ad for may be highly competitive and expensive.
  • PPC Display Ads: Display ads are the most generic types of PPC ads. And if you’re a veterinarian, you probably won’t be able to benefit much from them. Display ads can be virtually any image posted almost anywhere on a website, on a YouTube video, or a social media post. 
  • Remarketing PPC Ads: Now, these can be especially beneficial PPC for vets. Remarketing ads are a type of display ad – in the sense that they appear in the places that display ads do. But they are specifically targeted to people who have recently searched for certain things or visited certain websites. For example, let’s say someone does a Google search for “flea medication for dogs.” In a remarketing PPC ad campaign, your vet clinic’s ad can show up on subsequent sites that person visits because they qualify as a lead for your business based on their search activity. 


Another great benefit of PPC for vets is that you can target your ads in various ways. Targeting helps you narrow down your audience so that your ads only show up for people who are most likely to visit a vet (at least that’s the goal). Reducing impressions also helps you save money on wasted clicks from people who clicked accidentally (and you still have to pay) or people who don’t intend to pay for veterinary services. The types of targeting options you should know about are:

  • Geographic Targeting – If you operate a vet clinic, you are most certainly running a local business. Geographic targeting will display your PPC ad only to people within a certain radius of your office.
  • Website Targeting – People looking at hunting rifles online probably wouldn’t click on a veterinary ad. Website targeting will display your ad only on relevant websites.
  • Demographic – This type of targeting allows your ad to reach people of a certain age, socioeconomic bracket, gender, etc.

Marketing and PPC Ads Services From Nolen Walker

Here at Nolen Walker, we offer veterinarian marketing and PPC ad services specifically beneficial to vets. What types of ads are most helpful to vets? Social media, Google ads, and remarketing ads tend to generate the best results for vets specifically. Get more business with our help today.

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PPC For Handymen

Picture of Handyman Marketing ServicesMany contractors in the service industry wonder how to market a handyman business. One of the fastest and most efficient ways to do that is by using PPC, also known as Pay Per Click advertising. PPC consists of 4 primary steps:

  1. Step 1: Keyword Research
  2. Step 2: Keyword Bidding
  3. Step 3: Ad Creation/Design
  4. Step 4: Ad Budgeting

PPC ads appear above organic search results on Google SERPs. Although they are technically advertisements, they appear to viewers similar to a normal search result. In other words, you can bid on certain keywords in order to rank at the top of their respective search results page. For handyman PPC services, give us a call at 866-356-8198.

Choosing a Handyman Advertising Platform

PPC For HandymenThere are two main advertising services for traditional Pay Per Click campaigns. They just so happen to be run by the top 2 search engines in the world, respectively. I think you can guess what the first one is, the second is Bing. See below for the highlights of each platform:

Bing Ads

  • CPC: With less competition, the cost per click on Bing Ads is more affordable
  • Flexibility: Bing allows for more discretion regarding closed variants and exact match words
  • Syndication: Bing provides advertisers with the ability to opt in and out of search partners

Google AdWords

  • Analytics: The data compiled by AdWords is more valuable because of its scope
  • Visibility: More users means greater visibility for advertisements
  • Volume: Once again, more users means greater search volume for keywords

There are strengths and weaknesses to both platforms. Much of your decision should depend on your projected budget for advertising. If you are on a strict budget, opting for the more affordable Bing Ads is the best course of action. If you want to make a major splash and are willing to spend for it, AdWords is your go-to platform.

Handyman PPC vs SEO

Mouse Click IconPaid advertisements work quickly, but they shouldn’t preclude you from working on organic search optimization simultaneously. The brilliance of PPC is that it can work in conjunction with SEO. Remember, paid search generates traffic but it is unlikely to be converted with an optimal landing page. By optimizing your website, you can inspire visitors to complete a call to action once they reach your website.

When deciding on a handyman marketing service, look no further than Nolen Walker. Why? Because we have a proven track record working with service contractors just like yourself. If you need results based on tried and true formulas, we are the best option available. We don’t lock you into long-term contracts because we want to be accountable each month, and prove time and again that our services are well worth your investment. Call 866-356-8198 for handyman PPC marketing services.

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Concrete & Construction PPC

Contractor Doing Job For Lead Acquired From Concrete & Construction PPCPay Per Click or PPC advertising is an effective marketing technique for construction companies. The concept is to pay for advertising space on Google search engine results pages. You can select multiple keywords (the words users type into the search) for which results pages you want your advertisement to appear on. Some of the advantages of PPC are:

  • Audience Research: Measure how users interacted with your ad to improve future campaigns
  • Google Priority: Paid ads appear above organic results, making them the literal #1 Google ranking
  • Instant Visibility: Paid ads don’t earn rankings, they buy them, which puts them at the top immediately
  • Market Reach: Target demographics and locations for your ads

Don’t ignore search engine optimization while running a PPC campaign. While its true that paid ads will get you a top ranking immediately, it won’t matter if the users enter a poor website without proper SEO. Remember, clicking on your website is only the first step in the conversion. Call 866-356-8198 for concrete & construction PPC.

Choosing a PPC Platform

AdWords Phone Analytics TabletWhen we referenced paid ads above, we noted that Google was the search engine for which these ads will be ranking. Google AdWords is the most popular PPC platform in the world. It is where the majority of business run ad campaigns. With that said, there is a decent alternative to be aware of; Bing Ads. Let’s compare and contrast the two below:

Bing Ads

  • More Affordable
  • Less Users
  • More Ad Control
  • Less Competition

Google Adwords

  • More Users
  • Less Affordable
  • More Competition
  • Less Ad Control

Though Bing Ads has some pretty attractive features, advertisers cannot underestimate the popularity of Google. Almost everyone uses Google as their preferred search engine. So before you decide to invest in Bing Ads, think about the amount of traffic you will be missing out on from Google.

The #1 Concrete & Construction PPC Management Service

Mouse Being Clicked on PPC AdConcrete & Construction is a well respected industry but there is a lack of marketing services available to promote construction businesses. Luckily, Nolen Walker is ready to take on more clients. We specialize in service industry marketing and know exactly what it takes to develop a PPC campaign and manage its budget.

If you are a business owner looking for ideas on how to market your construction company, you should seriously consider PPC management from Nolen Walker. Pay Per Click ads will get you on the top of search engines quickly and generate valuable traffic to your website. The goal is to acquire customers fast. Call 866-356-8198 for concrete & construction PPC.

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Moving Company Social Media

Moving Service TruckMovers looking to expand their customer base should invest in social media marketing. Brand awareness is about more than just logo design, it’s about strategic marketing that creates visibility throughout all marketing channels. Social media is a valuable tool for local businesses. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Brand Recognition: The more places you show your logo, the better it will be retained by customers
  • Content Sharing: Social media is a great place to share blog posts and curate other relevant content
  • Low-Cost Channels: Social Media accounts like Facebook and Twitter offer free sign up
  • Search Optimization: Social media is considered a local ranking factor for Google searches

One of the most crucial parts of social media is premium lead-generating potential. With highly customizable platforms like Facebook Ads and Instagram Stories, it’s easier than ever to connect with your target market. If you have existing ad accounts, we will audit and optimize them for stronger results. If you have no current presence, we will create your accounts from scratch. Call 866-356-8198 for moving company social media marketing.

Facebook Business Pages For Moving Companies

User Looking at Mobile Device Social MediaFacebook is the most popular social media platform on the planet. They offer personal pages for family and friends, and also business pages. Moving companies will want to create a Facebook business page. The process is simple, but there are a few things you should prepare before you set up the page. They are:

  1. 1. Name of Page: Come up with your business page name — your brand name or a close resemblance
  2. 2. Business Blurb: A short description of your business and what it has to offer
  3. 3. Profile/Header Images: Prepare some high-quality images of your business to upload to your page
  4. 4. Call to Action. Facebook business pages have a space at the top for a call to action — something like a phone number to your office or a link to your website

After preparing these things you can publish your new page. At this point, you can start posting relevant material. A few things to consider are; promotions, discounts, giveaways, company photos, scheduled events, etc. You can quickly spread the word about your brand and official promotions by posting strategic ads. Facebook also provides Insights so you can track and measure how well your moving company’s social media content is engaging with other users.

Twitter Management For Movers

Mobile Twitter & Tablet Facebook Signifying Moving Company Social Media MarketingAside from Facebook, Twitter is the most popular social platform in the U.S. Twitter is known for its instantaneous spread of information. Moving companies can interact with their customer base using Twitter, and it is also a great place for promotion and content curation. Similar to Facebook, businesses can promote discounts, giveaways, and more via Twitter. You can also participate in #hashtags which allow you to join in on local, national, and even global conversations.

Generate Real Leads With Nolen Walker

If this all sounds foreign to you, you might be lacking the proper social media marketing services. Nolen Walker covers every aspect of your online advertising and uses each of them for the common goal of customer acquisition. Stop wasting marketing dollars on services with zero accountability and zero ROI. Call 866-356-8198 today for moving company social media advertising!

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