SEO Brand Marketing (Podcast)

What is SEO Brand Marketing

SEO brand marketing is the process of branding your business through search engine optimization. When properly executed, SEO branding appeals to both Google and its users. Google entities like Google My Business and Google Maps, along with consistent NAP information throughout your website and other business directories, helps build your online brand. Components of your SEO brand include:

  • Google My Business
  • Google Maps
  • NAP Citations
  • Official Website

Forget About Traditional “Branding”

Unless you are Nike, Coca Cola, or some other massive national institution, you need not worry about branding in its traditional sense. The idea that you want to evoke a family friendly website or something of that nature is not tangible. Google grades your online presence based on verifiable metrics, not some idea or perception of your company. So as a local business, forget about traditional branding for now, and focus on your Google brand, which is what will bring you clicks to your website, and help you make money. Traditional branding concepts include:

  • Aesthetics
  • Ethos
  • Persona
  • Style

Sure, Michael Jordan starring in a Nike commercial gave it great persona, but a local business website doesn’t need to reach that scale of people. Furthermore, Nike commercials aired on national television and whoever was watching was going to see it. With local SEO, users have much more control over what they see. Furthermore, outlets that forced consumers into visualizing brands have become mostly obsolete. Consumers have cut cords and ditched radio stations for podcasts. Google is now your #1 branding platform, and the concept of brand has evolved because of it.

Elements of Your Google Brand

Google sees your brand as a series of web entities and monitors the consistency of activity on each of them. When someone does a branded search for your business on Google (a query of your exact company name), the produced SERP should be filled with information about your company. It should appear in the knowledge panel, the first organic result, and on Google Maps. Other organic results should include social media pages. In summery, elements of your Google brand include:

  • Google Maps
  • Knowledge Panel
  • Organic Results
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

One thing Google affiliation does for your brand is build trust. Whether it’s a Maps listing, Knowledge Panel, or an enhanced SERP result, the idea of Google promoting your business is powerful. But not just because of the existential concepts we discussed previously (aesthetics, ethics, etc.) but more so for visibility alone. On Google, your brand is as appealing as your ranking, and that’s how you should think about it moving forward.

Digital Brand Platforms

Use Digital Platforms Like Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter To Execute SEO Branding for Businesses

Other Forms of Branding

There’s some old school brand tactics that still make sense for local businesses. Let’s take truck wraps for example. If you are a plumber, roofer, HVAC contractor, arborist, or any kind’ve contractor, it’s not obsolete to invest in a car wrap. Business cards are also valuable, especially if they have links to your review platforms. The same is true of company logo’s, which in our case, we both design and enhance on behalf of our clients, thanks to our A+ graphic design team. In summary, other forms of branding include:

  • Business Card Prints
  • Logo¬†Design
  • Logo Enhancement
  • Truck Wrap Design

The idea is that some forms of on-the-ground branding are still applicable in today’s digital age. But keep in mind, each of them will still incorporate modern concepts. Business cards should have links to leave Google and Facebook reviews of your company. Logos should be designed and optimized for web use. Truck wraps should have not only your logo and NAP information, but a link to your company website, so that interested people can see you and your services in a digital format and make a decision then.

Scaling Your Brand

Once you reach success through the means discussed in this post, a transition to traditional branding is not out of the question. Keep in mind though that as a local business, you aren’t competing with Nike and Coca Cola, but are competing with lesser known entities. in today’s market the best way to become more well known is through Google search. Once you build consistent traffic, you can begin to implement certain ideas about how you want your brand to be perceived, in a more traditional sense. It can include:

  • Ethics
  • Morals
  • Philosophies

So what are your business ethics? Do you want to be perceived as the mom & pop shop down the street, or someone who sells higher end products? What are your morals? Do you strive to portray a family-friendly business, or do you simply not care about having any kind of class or perception? What is your philosophy? Do you want to help consumers find solutions, or do you want to squeeze the last dollars out of hard working Americans? These are all questions you have to ask and answer when scaling your brand. And we can help.

SEO Brand Marketing Company

If you need help branding yourself for Google, Add Positions can help. As a digital marketing company that has worked with countless small businesses and helped them achieve the ultimate success through Google organic search. We know what Google looks for when grading you business and “brand.” They want to see a high quality custom website along with several branded web properties like Google My Business, Facebook, and Instagram, to name a few. The combine impact of signals from each platform is modern branding in its purest form.

Most companies will sell you some kind of brand package that is not to be trusted. The reality of branding is outlined in this blog post, podcast, and corresponding video. Don’t be fooled by slick talking marketing experts who are propagating delusions of grandeur. Choosing a marketing agency can be stressful. The best advice is to go with a group that you feel comfortable with. When in doubt, side with marketers who are transparent and willing to tell the whole truth about what it takes to succeed online in 2019 and beyond. Call¬† to for brand SEO services.