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How to Learn SEO Writing in 2022 (for Blogging + Web Content)

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Business owners and entrepreneurs that learn SEO writing have a significant advantage over competitors. Although writing is a skill, ranking content on Google is the most intriguing component for businesses.

SEO writing is the backbone of modern digital marketing. Sure, SEO entails a lot of technical aspects that don’t have much to do with writing; but without the written (or typed) word, SEO would be adrift in the vast sea of marketing tactics.

SEO writing is not the kind of writing you learned in school. So how do you, as a business owner, an aspiring SEO consultant, or just someone who wants to write good on-page content, learn the skill of SEO writing?

There is no simple answer to that question, but Nolen Walker Academy outlines how to learn SEO writing in the following post. 

Misconceptions About SEO Writing

Many people think of SEO writing and automatically conjure up images of a writer hard at work behind the screen of a computer, working on a blog. However, while blog content is a big part of SEO writing, it is not the end-all-be-all. Another huge part of SEO writing is on-page web content writing. 

On-page web content writing can encompass anything from a product description to an “About Us” page. And while there is a decent amount of crossover between the two types in terms of rules and general guidelines, they are still very distinct. Allow us to explain:

Blog Writing

Blog writing will typically focus on one topic and revolve around a particular keyword or phrase. In addition, blog writing will require the writer to be thorough in description and exhibit knowledge and authority on a subject. 

The overarching idea behind blog writing is to provide the reader with a how-to guide, a countdown or “best of” list, or answer a frequently asked question. 

SEO Blog Writing Blurb Explaining How Blogs Differ From Web Content

Web Content Writing

Web content writing is a little different than blog writing. For example, on-page content may entail writing a company bio, service page, or product page. In addition, it will usually include writing about a specific type of service and industry.

Additionally, depending on the client’s business or desires, on-page content may be much more sales-oriented, whereas blog content is more focused on education or entertainment. In general, on-page content is less dependent on one’s ability to write creatively. 

Web Content Writing Blurb Explaining How Web Content Differs From Blogs

SEO Writing Fundamentals

It’s essential to distinguish between web content writing and blog writing. However, you should also be aware that there are some fundamental requirements that you will usually need to meet for both:

SEO Services Graphic

Keyword Usage

If you are doing SEO right, you are centering the topics of your blog content and your on-page content around a specific keyword. The reason for this is that keywords help search engines rank blog content and on-page web content for relevant search queries.

Linking Opportunities

They never teach you to leave room for linking opportunities in your writing at school. But you have to create either internal or external (usually both) linking opportunities in your SEO writing, whether you are writing a blog or on-page content. 

In other words, link placement is not arbitrary and must fit seamlessly within the written content. As a result, you must “write in” opportunities for natural linking.


Most people prefer not to read massive walls of text – especially when shopping, researching, looking for local businesses and services, or simply just casually web-browsing. That’s why formatting is so important if you want to learn SEO writing. 

Breaking up complex concepts into easily readable doses is vital to your value as an SEO writer. Bullet and numbered lists are great, but you also know when and how to break up ideas not to disturb the flow of the content as a whole. 

SEO Writing Do’s and Don’ts

There’s a thin line between right and wrong that can be very hard to toe in SEO writing. So let’s take a look at a few key concepts and how to use them the right and wrong way:

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Do: Your research. Like any writing, SEO writing entails a lot of research that starts with keywords. 

Don’t: Overstuff keywords. Just because your research yielded a long list of keywords doesn’t mean you should use them all on the same page, nor should you overuse the same keyword. 


Do: Make sure that your content is easily digestible. Use lists, small paragraphs, and relatively simple language.

Don’t: Write essays. Just because your vocabulary is immense doesn’t mean Shakespearian-level prose will fly in SEO writing. Also, remember that the reading level of the average US citizen is between 7th and 8th grade

Market Research

Do: Take a look at what is ranking highest among your competitors or those of your clients. Doing so will give you a good idea of what topics to focus on and topics trending among consumers. 

Don’t: Plagiarize. We cannot emphasize this one enough. Even if the topic you’re writing on has been covered extensively, you cannot plagiarize anyone else’s writing. Google will penalize your site if it detects stolen content. You even have to be careful about plagiarizing your own content as duplicate content will not rank. It may be challenging to come up with fresh content, especially when you find yourself writing about the same topics frequently, but this is the challenge of the SEO writer and what separates the good ones from the great ones. 

What’s the Best Way to Learn SEO Writing in 2022?

We won’t sugarcoat it: it always helps to have some background in writing if you want to get into SEO writing. It helps, but it’s not essential. We have seen it work best by studying under a mentor – someone who has extensive experience with SEO writing specifically. 

Not everyone knows someone like that personally, though another good alternative is to take a copywriting course at a local community college or University. While copywriting isn’t the same as SEO writing, a lesson in copywriting will teach you the fundamentals that make for good SEO content. 

Unfortunately, learning SEO writing rarely appears in standardized courses. It is a relatively new school of writing. By far, the best way we’ve seen it work is by learning from an SEO and marketing course. 

Specialized, online SEO courses are the best way to learn because they offer a focused curriculum that teaches the unique nuances of SEO writing. If you want to learn SEO writing from a team with over 15 years in the industry, join Nolen Walker Academy

How Long Does it Take to Learn SEO in 2022? (w/Top Shortcut)

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If you’re reading this post, you probably wonder how long it takes to learn SEO. Unfortunately, the answer to this question, like many others, is; it depends.

There are countless free SEO resources online, including guides from reputable platforms like MOZ, Search Engine Land, and even Google.

The main problem is that Google hides its algorithm from the public and privately makes changes 6 times per day. As a result, SEO is somewhat of a guessing game where guides can become obsolete in 24 hours.

Despite the constant changes, there are elements of SEO that don’t change. These elements are known as evergreen components. These kinds of SEO tactics worked 5 years ago, and they will work 5 years from now.

Learning these evergreen SEO tactics can take anywhere from 90 days to 10 years. It all depends on where you access your information and the credibility of the data presented. 

SEO Learning Curve by Levels

When individuals set out to learn SEO, they may have different goals in mind. For example, someone may only want to learn basic SEO tasks since that’s all they are asked to provide for their current employer.

On the other hand, entrepreneurs may want to learn in-depth SEO processes to start their own digital marketing agency one day. But, unfortunately, these people are going to have to endure a much more grueling education.

Infographic for SEO Learning Levels

Basic SEO Tasks

Learning basic SEO tasks like updating meta descriptions can take less than 10 minutes. Similar lessons like title tag optimization and keyword placement can be learned in as little as 4 weeks.

Practical SEO Knowledge

Acquiring enough knowledge to comfortably work on a client’s SEO campaign generally takes 4-6 months. Of course, you can expedite this process by investing in course materials like Nolen Walker Academy, LLC.

SEO Expertise

Becoming a genuine SEO expert typically takes 3-5 years of learning and performing SEO. One of the main factors clients look for is experience which you can only obtain through years of working on campaigns.

SEO Mastery

An SEO master exists in the 95 percentile of all SEO professionals. Most SEO masters have performed high-level SEO campaigns for at least 8 years, and most have more than a decade in the SEO industry.

What Can Affect the Time it Takes to Learn SEO?

There are a lot of variables to the equation. Some people take years just to learn the basics of SEO. On the other hand, we have seen some people become SEO wizards in as little as 3 years. 

It all depends on a combination of factors that include:

Graphic Showing Mentorship Pro Tip

Technical Acumen

Technically savvy individuals, particularly those with engineering or high-tech backgrounds, will grasp SEO much faster than someone lacking those qualities. Thus, computer literacy is another aspect of technical understanding.

Free Time

People with time on their hands will learn SEO faster than those working full-time jobs or raising 5 kids, for example. Time is the currency of education, so those with enough of it can learn SEO much faster.

Marketing Experience

An understanding of marketing can expedite the SEO learning process. For example, people with degrees in marketing will understand the basic principles of SEO. While they will have to learn technical tasks, the rest will come easier.


The most effective way to skip the line, so to speak, is to find an SEO mentor who has already gone through the trials and tribulations. Learning from an industry veteran can save you years of learning and put you on the fast track to success.

The #1 Shortcut for Learning SEO Faster

Mentorship is the best way to learn SEO fast. You can enroll in Nolen Walker Academy LLC to get your digital mentorship program. With NWAcademy, LLC, you will skip over years of mistakes and learn real-time agency practices.

Nolen Walker Academy provides a complete blueprint from an active digital marketing agency with hundreds of clients. Let’s be realistic; you cant’ find courses like this anywhere else. No other SEO membership platform has 200+ SEO clients that pay their monthly fee on time.

At Nolen Walker Academy, LLC, the 90-day challenge is a lifestyle. We challenge our members to become DMA pros in 90 days and help them start putting their skills to work. In addition, members can earn 40% commissions on affiliate sales. 

FAQ’s about Learning SEO

SEO is an industry filled with questions. Perform a search on Google, and you will see a box that says People Also Ask. At its core, search engines produce answers to questions. On that note, let’s answer some of yours.

Is Learning SEO Worth It?

Learning SEO is a worthwhile skill for just about anyone. However, business owners and entrepreneurs should be primarily concerned with their SEO knowledge. Not having it typically reflects a poorly managed online presence.

SEO is also a beneficial skill for people looking to change careers. The SEO industry is growing, and people can acquire an in-demand skill to gain employment from marketing agencies and businesses looking for in-house marketing specialists.

Finally, SEO is a long-term skill that increases the value of its education. With more people using the internet each day, SEO isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Some claim SEO is dead, but they mean it in a different context. Learning SEO can only help your career and business in 2022.

How Hard is SEO?

SEO basics are easy to learn and implement. More advanced SEO strategies do require more education, but the experience is the best teacher. Depending on your SEO goals, the industry is complex or straightforward.

For example, a massive brand looking to expand its online presence will find SEO easy. Why? Because people already know about their brand and seek it out online. Only Google needs is fundamental SEO to help you rank.

On the other hand, starting an SEO campaign for an unknown business can be highly challenging. With these campaigns, you may need to deploy cutting-edge strategies only known to top SEO experts.

How to Create an SEO Roadmap in 2022 (w/Updated Tips)

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An SEO roadmap can help anyone navigate the digital marketing landscape in 2022. While most businesses now acknowledge their need for search engine optimization, their paths to achieve their goals range from one extreme to another.

The primary downside of SEO is that Google hides its algorithm from the public. As a result, speculation, supposition, and misinformation infiltrate public discourse. You’ve probably seen it in pitches from SEO agencies.

Business owners would benefit from an SEO roadmap based on data. Think about it, most business decisions come down to carefully processed data, so why should digital marketing be different?

In the following post, Nolen Walker outlines the SEO roadmap for success in 2022.

What is an SEO Roadmap?

An SEO roadmap is a reference document that guides users through a defined SEO process. Roadmaps allow users to efficiently execute SEO tasks for campaigns at scale. 

SEO Roadmap Infographic

How is an SEO Roadmap Different from an SEO Strategy?

Roadmaps contrast strategies in that they outline global SEO processes at scale rather than custom plans for a specific campaign. On the other hand, an SEO strategy deals with customized tactics that vary from one project to another. 

Implementing an SEO strategy is not possible without a roadmap, as the roadmap serves as the foundation for your SEO campaigns. Furthermore, it’s not possible to design a system without first having an SEO roadmap.

Setting SEO Goals

To form a good SEO roadmap, you must first think about what you want to gain from SEO. This will be key to determining what SEO services you need and how much of the job you can reasonably do in-house.

Benchmarking is an integral part of any business analysis. Start by setting goals for traffic, budget, and conversions to target your roadmap for success.

Here are a few benchmarks you need to consider when shaping your SEO goals:

SEO Traffic Goals

SEO is all about driving traffic to your website, social media outlets, landing pages, and other online content. So what’s a realistic traffic goal for your first month? What bout your second and third months?

If your website already generates substantial traffic, ask yourself how much you can expect to raise it in the first month. Not all companies can handle more traffic. For example, how many new leads can you take on?

SEO Budget Goals

Suppose you are planning to outsource your SEO strategy to an agency. In that case, the price can run the gamut from reasonably cheap to very expensive. So first, determine how much you want to spend on SEO in 2022.

You have to come to a concrete number on your monthly SEO budget for at least the first few months. Then, if you see the results you want and are ready to kick things into a higher gear, you can adjust your budget later. 

SEO Conversions

Depending on your business type, you may have different conversion measurements. For example, an e-commerce business can easily measure conversions through user tracking. However, service-based companies must take additional steps.

Google Tag Manager can help you identify when website visitors call your phone number or submit a contact form. Then, work in Google Analytics to monitor conversions based on your specific business model.

Prioritizing SEO Goals

Determine which of your SEO goals is most important to deploy the most resources towards its implementation. For example, are you looking to increase traffic in the first month? If so, designate a specific increase as your top priority.

Secondary priorities remain crucial to properly craft your SEO roadmap, for example, after completing tasks that will assist conversion increases, move on to your following highest priority items, like increasing conversions.

Identify Quick Fixes

In most cases, you can identify quick SEO fixes for your website or overall SEO presence. Therefore, your SEO roadmap should include these quick and easy fixes for yourself or your team to carry out before the real work begins. 

These easy fixes can consist of:

Dead Links

Dead links are an instant rankings killer, and fixing or replacing them is a breeze. To make things even easier and faster for you, try using a broken link finder tool. Google dislikes 404 errors almost as much as visitors.

Claiming your Business

Claiming your Google Business Profile is something you can do right now. An optimized GBP allows businesses to appear in the Local Map 3-Pack on Google Search. Therefore, GBP optimization is one of the quickest fixes.

Meta Descriptions

Optimizing meta descriptions, headings, and page descriptions is an easy way to improve search indexing. While the tasks may seem tedious, they make a significant difference at scale. 

Optimizing means ensuring that keywords are included in these descriptions. You should also ensure that relevant keywords are included in the alt text and image captions throughout your website.

How to Become SEO Certified in 2021 (w/Updated List)

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In 2021, everyone is talking about SEO. Search Engine Optimization has become a significant focus for business owners and marketing agencies alike because it drives actual results. So it’s only natural for people to be curious about how to become SEO certified. 

You may want to optimize your website for more traffic, or you might want to start a little business helping people with their SEO. In either case, you may be at a crossroads. So, where does one begin with learning SEO?

It’s still a relatively new concept, so there aren’t accredited degrees you can get in SEO. However, you may wonder what it means to become SEO certified and how to become SEO certified in the first place. 

In the following post, we will answer all of these questions and share some of the best online certification courses currently available. Of course, you can always get started with Nolen Walker Academy to be your SEO certification journey with lessons from industry experts in the agency niche. For now, though, let’s begin by answering some basic SEO certification questions. 

What Does it Mean to Become SEO Certified?

Does it mean getting some fancy diploma that you can frame and hang in your office? While nothing stops you from doing so, it won’t exactly carry the same weight or prestige as a legit diploma from an accredited school. 

All it means to become SEO certified is that you took an online course, studied the materials, took a test, and passed it. SEO certification varies depending on what program you sign up for, and there is no universal regulation or accreditation system for the certification. 

Private companies offer certifications and can vary in length, subject material, price, and curriculum. Some may not even have exams at the end. 

So what can you do with an SEO certification? While an SEO certification may open many career opportunity doors for you, it will at minimum give you a solid foundation of SEO knowledge that you can then apply for yourself and your clients. 

The good thing about modern SEO certification programs is that many come from experts in the field. Thus, a certification program will teach you how to apply SEO to the actual (or digital if you want to be technical) world and use the methods effectively. 

So while getting an SEO certification won’t win you a cap and gown, it will provide you with something more valuable: practical knowledge of a skill-set that is in very high demand right now. So now here are some of the best SEO certification programs available today:

Sample SEO Certification With Fake Name

List of Top Certification Programs

HubSpot Academy

The nice thing about HubSpot Academy is that they segment their topics very neatly. So if you are a complete newb at SEO, this would be a great option because HubSpot Academy won’t overwhelm you with a bloated single course. 

Instead, the constituent parts of SEO are broken down into different course batteries so you can take them at your own pace. HubSpot does an excellent job of dissecting SEO so that you can focus on it in a segmented manner.

For instance, they have separate certification courses for inbound marketing, content marketing, and web design. The only downside with HubSpot Academy is that they don’t have a specific SEO course. So while it would be great for someone with little to no SEO knowledge, it might not be a great benefit for someone who is intermediate with SEO.

In a Nutshell:

  • The courses are free
  • Breaks down digital marketing tactics into segmented courses
  • Great for anyone just starting with SEO

Moz SEO Essentials Certificate

The Moz SEO, Essential Certificate program is another online course that would be great for SEO neophytes. Over six instructor-led hours, you will learn SEO basics, like keyword research and link building. 

The Moz SEO Essentials Certificate program is a 6-part course. Each of the six parts focuses on a single area of basic SEO to be too overwhelming for beginners. There are also five exams to go through to get your certificate. 

The good thing about the Moz SEO Essentials Certificate program is that you can learn SEO basics rather quickly. Some people complete the course in a day. The not-so-good news is that it doesn’t cover any advanced topics like SEO auditing or optimal site architecture. It’s also not free. The course will cost you almost $600. 

In a Nutshell:

  • Another good course for SEO beginners
  • Instructor-guided courses
  • You can learn the basics of SEO relatively quickly

Google Digital Garage

Who better to learn SEO than the people behind the search engine that gets used more than any other search engine in the world? So when most people are talking about Search Engine Optimization, they are specifically talking about Google Search Engine Optimization. 

So what else makes the Google Digital Garage a good choice for SEO certification? First, they don’t just focus on SEO but also on the periphery subjects that affect SEO. For instance, in the Google Digital Garage, you can learn about things like User Experience (UX), content marketing, and even Pay Per Click Advertising. 

Overall this is a fantastic course because it goes through the basics and the technical aspects of SEO. During the course, you will learn skills that you can apply to yourself or your clients. The best part about all of it is that the course is free!

In a Nutshell:

  • It covers indirect SEO topics that you will eventually need to know
  • Great for SEO beginners and intermediates
  • It’s free

Nolen Walker Academy

For students looking to learn from top industry experts, NWA provides the most extensive training available. With applicable SEO techniques from agency professionals who use them every day, the knowledge obtained from these over-the-shoulder courses is unmatched by other platforms.

In addition, NWA expands beyond technical SEO concepts and delves into the process of creating a million-dollar marketing agency. Having SEO skills is imperative, and the course teaches you every craft imaginable, but applying these skills as a business model gets messy for many aspiring SEO professionals. NWA simplifies the process for consumption.

NWA also provides non-course material that keeps students engaged and helps motivate them to apply their education. For example, members gain access to hundreds of exclusive videos, podcasts, and real-time sales calls from Nolen Walker himself. It’s not often that the top agency owner in the United States shares such restricted information. However, NWA presents a blueprint for anyone looking to make a living in SEO.

In a Nutshell:

  • It covers every SEO craft along with agency sales, and operation
  • Provides exclusive non-course material to keep students engaged
  • Offers a reputable certification to students who pass challenging exams

The Good and Bad of SEO Certification

There are two sides to every coin – SEO certification courses are no exception. There are pros and cons to putting the time (and possibly money) into getting certified.

First, the good stuff:

  • You get to learn SEO in a structured manner instead of piece together knowledge from blogs and forum posts. 
  • Many online SEO certification programs come from SEO experts who have excelled in the field.
  • You learn skills that you can apply for yourself and your clients.

Now the not-so-good:

  • These types of certifications do not come from accredited institutions, so while they might provide a boost to your resume, don’t expect them to land you any jobs in and of themselves.
  • A certification only means that you took a course and passed exams. Real-world SEO skills will require practice and experience that a certificate cannot replicate.

The Bottom Line for SEO Certifications in 2021

With more businesses transitioning to the online world, the demand for skilled SEO work is higher than ever before. In addition, more people are looking to work remotely, which SEO allows for more than other types of jobs. Still, learning SEO from free blog posts and forums doesn’t translate to advanced knowledge and can limit job opportunities and performance.

Achieving a certification from a structured course can give aspiring SEO’s the confidence they need to improve their client’s performance and advance their career. The great thing about certificates is downloading the PDF and attaching it to your resume or promotional materials for your business. If nothing else, earning a certificate will boost confidence and help aspiring SEO pros find their niche and apply proven methods for success.

5 (Important) Factors to Consider for Chicago SEO Training

Blog Cover for Chicago SEO Training With Chicago Skyline

Chicago SEO training is something Nolen Walker Academy can help with.

I’m Nolen Walker, one of the top SEO agency owners in the United States.

There are fewer cities in the United States that are more bustling and business-centric than Chicago is. 

Whether you own a large or small business or are simply interested in Chicago SEO training, we can help.

As a business owner, understanding the subtle nuances of SEO can give you the edge over your competitors. Training for an active digital marketing agency is the best way to acquire usable skills.

Whatever your situation is, it pays to be choosey when considering Chicago SEO training. 

Here at Nolen Walker, we live and breathe SEO. We know what goes into solid SEO training. If you’d like to join our SEO academy, please feel free to enroll today.

Meanwhile, here are 5 factors to consider for SEO training in Chicago:

1) Local Success

If you are considering Chicago SEO training, it definitely helps to ask about local success. Any training program should have a proven track record of helping businesses and individual clients in the Chicago area. 

One of the most challenging things about SEO is that there are many factors. Local SEO is just one of the factors. Therefore, any training program you undergo should have a strong emphasis on local SEO. 

They should also point to companies in the Chicago area that they have helped in the past. Such success stories should include increased conversions, increased site traffic, and improved rankings over time. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Unfortunately, there are a lot of sham SEO gurus out there trying to make a quick buck. The best way for you to tell if Chicago SEO training is on the up-and-up is by looking at the track record of the program or trainer. 

2) Recent Success

Another major challenge that SEO represents is its ever-changing nature. Search engines constantly update their algorithms, so what may have helped someone rank high last year may not necessarily work in 2022. 

So if you are interested in Chicago SEO training, be sure that the program you are considering can point to recent successes. 

A good SEO training program is up to date on the latest SEO practices. For example, SEO is not static — it is constantly changing. And while the fundamentals are critical, the subtle nuances often make a difference.

Be sure to ask to see proof of recent success, and don’t be afraid to ask how the program intends to teach SEO in light of its constant changes. 

3) Beware of Lofty Guarantees

One tell-tale sign that an SEO training program is not legit is if they make unrealistic promises. The simple fact is that there are no guarantees in SEO, and Google’s algorithm is purposely hidden from the public. 

Even if you do everything right, your website may not rank well. Multiple unknown ranking factors constitute luck more than anything. As a result, the best-ranking websites are getting lucky to some degree.

When an SEO training program promises to teach you how to rank high in just a week or a month, you can feel confident they are scammers. In addition, if they fail to mention factors outside your control, don’t sign up.

In reality, improving your search engine rankings could take a year or more. While specific tweaks can indeed produce a quick boost in rankings, such gains are typically moderate. 

You need to give it at least a few months to get your business or your client’s business to achieve position zero. Again, in most cases, it can take up to a year or more, but there are many factors at play:

  • Level of competition in the particular industry
  • The individual goals of the business or client
  • The current state of the business/client’s SEO
  • Resources and budget

4) Your Personal Goals

When choosing a Chicago SEO training program, it’s crucial to consider your personal goals. For example, are you a business owner who wants to gain an edge over the competition? 

Are you hoping to open up your own SEO agency and make it your career? But, on the other hand, do you simply want to know some SEO basics out of a casual interest?

It helps to know the answer to these questions and be aware that there are all kinds of SEO training programs that cater to the needs of people with different aspirations. Naturally, the loftier your goals, the more training you will need. 

On the other hand, you can pick up SEO basics in just a couple of months. Your level of training will ultimately depend on your goals, so consider them carefully before making a choice.

5) Cost

The price for SEO training can range depending on the trainer’s success, expertise, and experience and the curriculum, resources, and materials they provide. Also, some courses are more like schools or communities, with monthly memberships.

In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $8,500 for SEO Chicago SEO training. Another important factor affecting cost is the length of the program. For instance, can you graduate in 90 days?

Typically the more you invest in SEO training, the more ROI you will attain down the road. However, this is not always true. Many people who buy courses fail to even start their first lesson, let alone finish it.