The Value of Frequent Updates

Information seemingly surges throughout the internet on a constant basis, and while it can feel like info-overload, it’s simply a reality of our modern online climate. While some of that data and content are effectively noise, the outcome of this incredible abundance is that Frequent Updates to Your Site Matter for SEOuseful websites–such as home service sites–are ranked according to how often they maintain relevant, current copy to stay in the mix. Why is this important?

If customers looking to make a major investment such as roofing or HVAC systems visit a website that has been thrown online and hasn’t been touched in half a decade, it will show, and they’ll move on. That consumer will likely not only visit the websites of potential service professionals, but also check on reviews, social media presence, and anything else available before even making a phone call. Some industries require far less of a research cycle prior to a sale taking place, but regardless, the online marketing climate is highly competitive across the board.

How to Stand Out From the Crowd

If this reality is all too painful for your business, and you’re feeling the pressure to improve your web presence so you can gain more business and keep your phone ringing, you simply must acknowledge the importance of frequent updates to your site and social media accounts. Not only do customers look for current, relevant interactions to demonstrate validity for your company, but search engines want to see this activity as well. If you’re not updating your site, no matter how slick it is and how long you’ve been in business, eventually a competitor will lap you in the rankings, simply because they made on-going updates and you didn’t.

No Time for Frequent Updates? Call Us!

If the idea of managing frequent updates to your website seems like one more task on your overwhelming to-do list, then don’t waste another moment before calling us at 866.356.8198! Not only do we create quality, effective web design to optimize for your specific industry in your service area, but we also provide monthly services to continue to boost your ranking and keep you at the top of the search result list. Executing an effective internet marketing strategy isn’t a one-time event, so let us handle the day-to-day tasks so you can keep answering those calls!