Tricking Google: Fact or Fiction

How Smart is Google?

Tricking Google, Fact or fictionFor years, people have employed tricks to gain the favor of Google and wind up on the first page of their search results. And often today, many shoddy SEO companies still employ these same tricks. So the question remains, how smart is Google? Can you still use trickery to reach the top of the search page? 

The simple answer is: Google is VERY smart and no you cannot. Google has grown wise so to speak. They have implemented filters and algorithm updates that catch these tricks. And the real downside to using tricks to get to the top? Your site could wind up being penalized severely or even banned from search results.

Examples of the Old Tricks

So if tricking Google is no longer a viable option, then you need to know what Google is looking out for. The following are all examples of old tricks that once helped you climb to the top, but now will land you on Google’s do not show list.

Dual Sites

Dual sitesOnce upon a time, people set up multiple sites for the same company to garner more web traffic. Sometimes a company would even put up a “fake” company site with their real company’s phone number. This is now considered a Google violation. You should only have one website for one business. They have the ability to search now and find out if you have multiple websites that share the same company information (i.e. name, address, phone number and more). They even go so far as to look at the information you used to register your domain name.

Keyword Density

Dead end signThis trick was one of the most used tricks of the past. Keyword density or keyword stuffing refers to the overuse of words you wanted to be found for. For example, reusing the phrase Dallas roofing company again and again throughout a small body of text can be keyword stuffing. Google checks your keyword density now and no longer rewards keyword stuffing. You definitely can reuse phrases and words if they make sense and fit the content. But when your content is no longer well-written, but is simply a holding place for keyword stuffing, Google will mark this against you. They see sites¬†like this as a “dead end” (i.e. they won’t lead a user to more quality content and answers, just a landing page stuffed with meaningless words).

White Hat SEO

Google brings justice to searchingThe opposite of using trickery and gimmicks to get a website to the top is something referred to as “White Hat SEO.” This version of SEO employs proper SEO tactics. It follows the rules Google has laid out. And it will be rewarded for years to come. Someone who employs this version of SEO doesn’t have to worry every time Google ups their game. Instead, they can rest assured knowing Google will catch the “bad guys” and leave them alone.

So remember, Google is smart, very smart. You will not find ways to outsmart them through SEO tricks. Instead, embrace the guidelines they have laid out. After all, Google put these rules in place to help the internet become more user driven. Their goal is make sure a person searching finds the best source available. Since your company is quality and deserves to be on top, these rules are really in your favor. They will keep spammers from taking your spot and will ensure you get the calls you deserve.

Feel free to contact us anytime if you need help properly optimizing your company’s website. Remember, we always avoid tricking Google and employ only quality SEO methods.