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Tree trimming businesses know the best way to generate consistent leads is to get found online. Google is the #1 search engine in the world and it is the platform on which most consumers reach local companies. Traditional forms of promotion have been replaced by digital marketing including social media, Google advertising, and search visibility. As a local tree service you should understand the basics of what you need to be successful in 2021:

Custom Tree Service Website

Search engine optimization (SEO) starts with a custom website design. Many businesses mistake SEO to mean only on-page SEO but the process is actually a lot more comprehensive than a single component. For websites to be properly indexed in the first place they must have a site architecture that is crawlable and indexable. Next, they must load quickly both on mobile and desktop. Modern sites are also expected to have schema markup which helps search engines interpret data. These baseline requirements set the foundation for everything that comes next.

Tree Trimming Website Example

Google My Business

Many of your online leads will come from business listings, specifically your Google My Business page. When someone in your area searches for tree trimming near me Google displays the top 3 businesses in the area on what is referred to as the Local Map Pack. These Maps listings are pulled from your Google My Business listing and will vary based on the location of the searcher. Optimizing your GMB page is crucial to maximizing leads in 2021. Your listing will also link to your company website.

Tree Trimmer Near Me Map Pack

Keyword Research

Choosing the right keywords can define your level of online success. Using keyword research tools like Ubersuggest, MOZ and SEMRush, the highest opportunity keywords should be identified and targeted. The location of your business will partially dictate which keywords have the highest volume and highest level of competition. Finding the right balance between the two can be a challenge especially in a relatively specialized market like tree services. Still, with the right marketing knowledge, the best keywords will be found.

Ubersuggest Tree Trimming Services

Source: Ubersuggest

High Quality Content

No tree service website will succeed in 2021 without pages full of high-quality content. Google has become more intelligent in the past decade and can now decipher keyword-stuffed jargon from engaging and valuable writing. What this means is that every page published on your website should provide value to the user which in your case will be a target consumer. Ask yourself questions like; are they being informed? Are they finding what they came here to see? These will guide you through the content creation process.

URL Structure

Keywords should fit nicely into content but also into a website’s URL structure. Creating a URL hierarchy is one crucial part of SEO that is overlooked. Your website should be broken down into categories based on the different types of services you offer. The URLs should reflect these categories by having the keywords within their permalink, AKA URL slug. The permalink should match both the target keyword and be appropriately represented in the content. Google expects to see this uniformity throughout all of your pages.

Tree Trimming SEO Services

Nolen Walker is the top tree trimmer SEO company in the nation. We have clients on board who dominate their local cities on Google Maps as well as organic search. Our formula reflects the steps listed above which is to say as a customer of ours you will receive your very own custom website, optimized for search and written by high-quality content editors. Your Google My Business listing will be claimed, optimized, and maximized for leads. Your URL structure will be pre-designed and implemented within the context of a well-researched SEO strategy. Our services are month to month and require no long-term commitment on your part.

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