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Orthodontic SEO: The Premium (2022) Guide for Orthodontists

Orthodontist SEO

What is Orthodontic SEO?

Orthodontic SEO is a method of optimizing your orthodontist practice to show up on Google search results for relevant keyword phrases. SEO stands for search engine optimization and applies to both your company website (if you have one) and your Google My Business listing. The more keyword terms you show up for, the more inquiries you can get from prospective patients.

SEO Keywords for Orthodontists

Some high-volume keywords for orthodontists include:

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  • medicaid point system for braces
  • smile direct club cost
  • how much are braces for kids
  • does medicaid pay for braces in texas
  • invisalign specialist near me
  • orthodontist meaning
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  • braces cost

Orthodontist SEO Basics

Orthodontic SEO is needed to draw in new patients for those orthodontist offices. Those search keywords related to orthodontist SEO can be heavily competed over, and properly optimizing your website means getting your office at the top of those search engine rankings.

This also means a ton of potentially organic traffic that can draw more eyeballs to your website and, by proxy, your orthodontist office.

Still, there are definitely challenges when it comes to orthodontist SEO that many local orthodontists deal with on the regular. There is also a fine line between a general dentist and an orthodontist that some people don’t understand, and creating separation is essential.

Online vs. Word of Mouth in 2022

Word of mouth is still a huge part of any business; it has just changed in presentation. Instead of physically talking to someone, word of mouth is now done online. This is through referrals that let potential customers know whether or not they can trust a certain orthodontist or not.

There are times, though, when certain dental services are being done by a general dentist, even though an orthodontist has the specialized training needed in that particular area. This means that the referrals are not necessarily passed from dentists to orthodontists.

Having a strong orthodontist SEO game and a strong content strategy means that your services are clearer than ever. This helps get more referrals for your practice, which leads to more business patients. That is how money is made.

Creating The Best User Experience

This doesn’t just go for the services provided in an orthodontist’s office. It also means that your digital marketing and orthodontist SEO strategy has the same synergized goal that Google has when it comes to providing results.

The latter aims to provide the most relevant, interesting results possible to its users, and by optimizing your website, you can provide those things to the search engine. This can be done through relevant, useful content and proper optimization throughout.

The website presence that you present is your opportunity to help inform those potential patients why it is they should choose an orthodontist over a general dentist, especially for things like tooth alignment. It is also your chance that you have to show why your practice should be the first choice over other similar practices in your given area.

The most important first step in providing the best experience is ensuring that users can find you. Name, address, and phone number are essential aspects of orthodontist SEO, and it is imperative that your information is plastered all over the website.

User experience is all about convenience and ease of use. Never make the user have to look for things or take any more additional steps than they need to. When you make things as easy as they can be, your users will appreciate the ease of use here and return to your website repeatedly.

Optimizing for Specific Services

There is an understanding that orthodontic patients differ from general dental patients. This means that instead of being seen for things like cleanings, an orthodontist is seen for braes and correcting alignment.

Since general dentists have a different relationship with their patients, it also means different SEO strategies to succeed. Having a successful orthodontist practice means targeting and reaching as many patients as possible.

Optimize your website to illustrate all of your services to make it clear to your audience what you do. Combined with proper orthodontist SEO, this can help get the leads you need to keep a business going and help to convert those leads into paying clients.

This should be the central focus of digital marketing, and orthodontist SEO helps that digital marketing effort without breaking the bank. That makes SEO an effective marketing tool for businesses of all types and sizes.

Performing Keyword Research

No SEO campaign can begin without identifying proper keywords (we showed you some of the best ones at the top of this post). This is done through thorough keyword research. Knowing what relevant orthodontic terms are necessary to target is the place to begin for search optimization.

This also helps to adjust your website to target the best possible searches in your industry. Ranking well in those keywords, the ones that people are actually looking for,  can help keep your business at the top of the search rankings and in the eyes of your audience. And that translates into dollars.

The biggest thing is to avoid meaningless keyword wins. Your orthodontist SEO should target keywords with a heavy search volume to get some of that audience. Your orthodontist site won’t win all those viewers, but even a fraction can go a long way towards boosting the number of leads you generate and converting them into real dollars.

Much like a small alignment can make a huge difference in the smile and bite of a patient, subtle changes to your orthodontist SEO can have a huge impact on your website, which can have a huge impact in terms of online visibility and on your bottom line.

Orthodontic SEO Strategy

Several orthodontist SEO features must be addressed to optimize your website properly. One of those is internal linking. This is where those links point from one page to another across the web.

Backlinks for Orthodontists

Having a solid backlink catalog means improving your authority across the web. That means having other, reputable sources that point back to your website. This can be done through partnership linking agreements but mostly through solid content.

Website Content for Orthodontists

Speaking of content, site content is one of the most important elements of orthodontist SEO that there is. Any web page online needs to have content, and it needs to be written well. Google will punish a website with poorly written content, complete with mistakes along the way.

Quality content can be added through web pages or through a blog on your website. Best of all, the content doesn’t have to be written. Good content can encompass infographics and videos that can grab the user’s attention without having to inundate them with a wall of text.

Quality content is what can draw a consistent, organic audience to your website regularly. Maybe they aren’t looking to use your service right now, but with consistent, informative, authoritative content, you can turn those users towards your services over time.

Orthodontist Website Speed

Of course, none of that matters if site speed is not optimal. Several studies have shown that if a website doesn’t load in just a few seconds, visitors will abandon it and move on. So if your website is not loading within 2-3 seconds at most, your user experience will be limited and can damage your site’s reputation.

Not only that, but Google’s rankings also consider site speed. So if you do not have a fast-loading page, that can hurt your site’s rankings. Take the time to optimize images on your site, making them as small as possible, using advanced cache configuration, and any other methods to keep your website running as fast as possible.

Mobile Optimization

Maybe the most important aspect of orthodontist SEO and SEO, in general, these days is optimizing for mobile. More and more users are beginning their searches on a mobile device, and many users are visiting those businesses on the same day.

If your website is not optimized for mobile, you could be missing out on a huge chunk of the audience. Arguably, you need to optimize your website to meet mobile standards first and foremost. Having a solid mobile base means that you can draw in the most traffic possible through ease of use.

UX Optimization

Your overall user experience is a huge way to draw in more patients to your orthodontist practice. Making certain that your website meets all orthodontist SEO criteria means that your business will have more referrals and more conversions.

These create the perfect situation for any orthodontist to increase their patient list and bring more money into their practice.

Learn Orthodontic SEO Strategy from Nolen Walker Academy

Learn a proven SEO blueprint from Nolen Walker Academy, LLC. We provide SEO training for orthodontists so you can improve your online rankings manually. Stop paying for subpar orthodontist SEO services and learn to master Google rankings on your own terms.

As with any local business out there, presenting your orthodontist website in the best way possible is imperative. That means having the best orthodontist SEO game plan that you can have to keep your site at the top of the search rankings.

Quality orthodontist SEO can increase the value of a typical orthodontic office. This is especially true in areas where there aren’t many orthodontists practicing, as it can become possible to dominate the keywords for that location.

This is huge because when a parent looks for someone to straighten their child’s teeth or they need a cleaning, they can Google your business in short order and bring in more business than ever before for your orthodontist office.