TPO Roofing

TPO Roof

Professional Installation is Critical

An increasingly popular single ply roofing material is TPO. For commercial building owners who value durability and reflectivity, TPO becomes an intriguing option. What makes it especially appealing is its relative low cost in comparison to other single ply roofing materials. TPO is an acronym for; Thermoplastic Polyolefin, which in spite of its name, is actually a form of rubber. Several variables often determine the success of TPO roofing membranes. They are:

  • Installation: The quality of installation
  • Manufacturer: The reputation of the manufacturer supplying the material
  • Upkeep: How regularly the roof is maintained throughout its lifespan

Because TPO is such a cheap material, the range of its quality often varies widely. One manufacturer might supply an incredibly resilient form of TPO, while the next might leave your building prone to major damages. For this reason, choosing the right roofing company is especially important if you choose thermoplastic polyolefin. For TPO roofing installation in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX, call Walker Commercial Roofing at 817-484-5411.

Why Choose TPO Roofing?

Contractor Works on Roof After Client Chooses TPO

PVC is Similar But More Expensive

Its incredible cost efficiency makes TPO a worthwhile gamble for many building owners. When properly installed, and supplied by a reputable manufacturer, TPO roofing provides all of the benefits of EPDM, for a fraction of the price. There’s certainly a risk when investing in TPO from an unknown source, as its range of quality greatly varies, but opting for this material from a reputable company should provide the following advantages:

  • Cost: The price of TPO is considerably lower than other rubber materials
  • Durability: A quality TPO roof can resist inclement weather and heat waves
  • Energy Efficiency: Its white color reflects heat and saves HVAC units from stress

Make no mistake, if TPO was as expensive as PVC or EPDM, it would not hold as much value as it does. Consumers must understand going in, that TPO is a value investment. In other words, its low cost makes it valuable relative to its benefits. All things being equal, you might opt for a different singly ply membrane, like EPDM or PVC, but that’s not how it works. As a transparent roofing company, we educate our clients to make the best decisions.

Superior TPO Roofing Installation

TPO Roof InstallationThe contractors at Walker Commercial Roofing have extensive experience installing TPO roofs. This is very critical because a successful installation goes a long way towards maximizing the material’s value. Aside from installation, we also offer services for repair, restoration, and replacement. No roofing job is too large or too small for the team at Walker Commercial Roofing. We pride ourselves on performance and customer service, both of which are set at the highest possible standard.

Choosing a commercial roof is a major decision. An investment of this magnitude calls for research and comparison. With so many options available to building owners, narrowing your choices can be overwhelming. As a company that values customer services, we can help you through the decision making process, without making the decision for you. We’ll provide you with all of the necessary information, and let you make the final determination. Call 817-484-5411 for TPO roofing in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX.