EPDM Roofing Installation

EPDM Roofing Installation

We Install & Repair EPDM Roofing

Commercial property owners are somewhat limited in their roofing options. Because most industrial buildings have flat or low slope roofs, their choices are condensed to a few universally accepted solutions. One of the most popular, mostly for its price, is EPDM roofing, otherwise known as “rubber roofing.” Rubber roofs are particularly cheap, and while they may not look attractive, they hold their own with durability and weather resistance. Walker Commercial Roofing offers the following EPDM roofing services:

  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Replacement
  • Restoration

Our contractors have documented experience installing rubber roofs on commercial properties. While it is considered one of the easiest roofing materials to install, investing in a licensed contractor is still the most fiscally responsible option. The vast majority of EPDM roof failures can be traced directly to poor or “botched” installations. The pros at Walker Commercial Roofing would never put you in such predicament. Call 817-484-5411 for EPDM roofing in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX.

The Perks of An EPDM Roof


EPDM Roofs Are Climate Friendly

Anyone who believes money is not a factor is fooling themselves. When running a commercial property, having a sustainable and affordable roof is desirable. While owners don’t want to compromise quality and durability, they would prefer cost-efficiency with all things being equal. The good news is that EPDM roofs have various advantages that extend beyond their price point. Some of the main benefits to rubber roofs are:

  • Climate Friendliness: Repels moisture, and adapts accordingly to the climate
  • Ease of Installation: Considered the easiest roofing type to install (cuts labor costs)
  • Energy Efficiency: Reflective and insulative, lowering energy bills
  • Sustainability: Can survive up to 30 years with precise installation

When evaluating the prices of roofing options, conventional wisdom states that comprise will be necessary to get the most affordable solutions. The advantages listed above detail how an incredibly cost effective material can provide many of the advantages of other commercial roofing options. As a transparent company, we like to demonstrate that every material comes with flaws. EPDM roofs are visually displeasing, and are also susceptible to punctures. Property owners must decide how much they value appearance, versus how much they value cost and performance.

Ensuring Precise EPDM Roofing Installation

Roof Prepped For InstallationIf installation is properly executed, limited maintenance will be required to keep a rubber roof at peak performance. Many office buildings use EPDM roofing because of its incredible cost efficiency as well as its performance. Our company is experienced installing rubber roofs on offices and other industrial properties. As a company that values transparency and customer service, we don’t push our clients in one direction or another. We provide information and let customers make the final call.

Investing in roofing materials is a big decision. Since your choice will have a lasting impact, it’s important to take the decision seriously, and to consider its long-term implications. Our contractors are among the best in the business, and will facilitate the best possible decision for your company. Regardless of what you end up choosing, you can rest assured that the price will be fair, and the installation will be precise. Call 817-484-5411 for EPDM roofing in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX.