Logo Designs

Small Business Logo Design Services

One of the first things people will see when they visit your site is your logo. If you don’t already have one, we will provide a great looking logo design that incorporates perfectly with your website. A clean, professional-looking logo adds a lot of credibility to your site and business. We make sure our package includes everything that will contribute to the overall feel of your web presence.

The Nolen Walker team creates full-fledged web presences, not just websites. As such, we provide a stylized logo design free of charge if you don’t already have a professional logo. Our “stylized” logos include a design and the name of your company to help increase brand awareness to the visitors. A real, clean logo comes across much better than simply typing your company name at the top of the site.

In many cases our free logo is sufficient, but many clients like to work on their logo and Company image so we do offer a complete logo design service. Our expert logo design for small businesses comes with 5 samples and then unlimited initial changes to the one you pick until you are happy with it. If you have any changes you’d like us to make to your new logo, we’d be happy to make them prior to the website going live. After that, there is an additional charge for going in to the site and making changes to the logo.

The internet is getting ever more crowded with websites, and a logo is just one more thing you can add to help you stand out from the crowd. Our logo designs and websites go hand in hand, and give your business a professional, unified look.

Whether you have an existing logo that you’d like us to use, or if you’d like to have a new logo designed to go with your brand new website, a new logo may be just the edge you need help brand your small business locally. 

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