Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a journey, not a destination or a one-time project.

Picture of an open roadAll websites should start with:

  • Properly written content: unique, some technical aspect and worthy of a good read
  • Typical elements of the site: blog, mobile version, links to external items of importance
  • Coding: proper set up of basic Internet Marketing elements – title tag, description tag, keyword tag, H1’s, H2’s, alt tags, bolds, italics, inner site links etc…
  • XML sitemap: this is a sitemap specially coded for the ease of search engines to find all of your pages
  • Great looking design: up to date, relevant pictures, nice feel

A horse race is a good analogy to help you understand proper Internet Marketing from the perspective of Google, Yahoo and Bing. – Nolen Walker

Picture of a man riding a horseWe build a thoroughbred race horse. The torso of the horse is full of a lot of great pages of properly written content. Your Internet marketing team is the jockey / manager that runs the horse around the track. And, the legs of the horse are the monthly moving elements to the site that help the site pass up your competition for keyword rankings.

Attention needs to be paid to some common external website items as well.

  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, etc… We provide the initial setup and monthly maintenance for Facebook and Twitter on most new clients.
  • Set up of mapping: we setup Google Places and Yahoo maps so that you organically show up under certain keywords for the local maps when clients search for your services in your market.
  • Set up of analytics: this is code that is put on every single page of the site to track how many clicks you are getting.
  • Google site verification: this is code that is placed in the Meta tags or FTP of the site so that you can let Google know about the website.
  • Google webmaster account: this is an account set up with Google for trust, transparency and notification via Google of any important communication needed with the site.

As you can see, there are many basic external website elements that should be set up for proper SEO / Internet marketing purposes. There are many external items especially in social media that you can participate in but you should ones that have become common and that relate to your business.

Our Internet marketing services start with a properly built website / web presence and continue with proper ongoing monthly work. – Nolen Walker

Now it’s time to run the legs of the horse.

Now that your thoroughbred race horse has been built, you must run it, feed it and tend to it properly on a monthly basis. As your jockey / manager / web geeks, we work on all of our client’s sites on a monthly ongoing basis. That is part of our continued SEO marketing services that every client receives.

Monthly work – the Jockey / Manager runs the horse that was built to win the race:

  • Write a unique page of great content about your services.
  • Write a unique blog of great information about your services.
  • Tend to a few points of Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Make an onsite change or two to the site as needed.
  • Monthly work can be scaled up or down and changed to fit each individual client. Some clients require weekly or even daily work depending on the effort needed.

This may not sound like a lot but it is. When you consider the value of a great unique page of content along with a unique blog entry that is two pages of content added each and every month. Every properly written page has the potential to optimize for dozens of keywords related to your services in your market. But, this monthly work does more than that.

Imagine you are Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Picture of a problem and solution analysisWhen contemplating your Internet Marketing efforts it is important to put yourself in the shoes of Google. Why would Google pick a horse on the track that is small, slow, never gets worked on and has no manager / direction?

A poorly designed site typically doesn’t have many pages and the content is written poorly. Yahoo, Bing and Google want Internet Marketing done properly and by the rules. If you care about your website and business then it is only natural to work on it regularly for actual things in the site and a few external things as well such as social media.

Google, Yahoo and Bing have a choice

Google wants their search engine to look the best. Therefore they only want to show the best websites and content related to their searchers keyword. – Nolen Walker

This is very logical when broken down like this. It is true that most web Companies do a poor job of Internet marketing but we certainly do not. When this is done properly you will rightfully rank high in keyword searches through a very logical set or procedures done by the Google rules.

We coined a term that we like to use in the office: GRFs. That stands for Google Rules Followers. It’s how we run our business, and it’s the best way to get long term results.

Yahoo, Bing or Google has a customer. That customer is the person that comes to their site to search a keyword for free on their Search Engine. Google wants to show that customer the very best site for number 1 related to their search and number 2 best and so on for the Top 10 best webpages on the front pages of searches related to their keyword.

Google, Bing and Yahoo are going to pick those Top 10 based on a great website that is worked on regularly in a myriad of ways.

The website that has great unique content and is worked on regularly for things ought to be worked on will rank high for dozens of keywords in the top 10 of Google, Yahoo and Bing. – Nolen Walker

At Nolen Walker we employ logic, hard work, ethics and Internet marketing by the rules of Google, Yahoo and Bing. The result is a web presence that brings in more clicks, calls and sales. Talk to us about the SEO marketing services we have available.

The Nolen Walker Team looks forward to being of service to you.