New Client Complete Web Presence

When we get a new client, we like to hit the ground running. Each new client gets a full suite of great services. A stand alone website is a big part of a good online optimization service, but having a true presence goes far beyond that. As we build each custom site, we’re also developing a whole new web presence for our clients, which ties in to a complete optimization service.

Included in a Full Web Presence

All website designs should start with:

  • Properly written content; unique, some technical aspect and worthy of a good read
  • There should be an internal Blog that is properly setup
  • There should be responsive design for smart phones and tablets etc…
  • Proper coding; set up of basic Internet Marketing elements – title tag, description tag, keyword tag, H1’s, H2’s, alt tags, bolds, italics, inner site links etc…
  • XML sitemap; this is a sitemap specially coded for the ease of search engines to find all of your pages
  • Great looking design; up to date, relevant pictures, nice feel
  • And lots of other little details…

Google isn’t going to rank a site that isn’t built with care and attention. Each page on your site should contain valuable information about the kinds of services you offer. When you’re able to wrap all that good information up in a great modern looking design, you’re well on your way to having a great web presence and rankings.

If a new client isn’t set up with a variety of both onsite (your web pages) and offsite (your web presence) components they simply will not achieve the results that they are looking for. A properly set-up client is a happy client, and a happy client is a long-term customer. – Nolen Walker

Setting Up A Web Presence

  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, etc… We provide the initial setup and monthly maintenance for Facebook and Twitter on most new clients. Although, we can always alter the mix up depending on what is best for each client.
  • Set up of mapping: we setup Google Places and Yahoo maps – local search results are becoming a big part of search engines, so we make sure you show up organically when people search for your services in the area.
  • Set up of Google analytics: this is code that is put on every single page of the site to track how many clicks you are getting.
  • Google site verification: this is code that is placed in the Meta tags or FTP of the site so that you can let Google know about the website.
  • Google webmaster account: this is an account set up with through Google, and increases the level of trust your site has with the search engine. Google values  transparency and you gain trust when they see that your site has nothing to hide. (Black hat tactics.)
  • There are a great number of things that go in to creating a great reputation online. The above is how we set-up most of our new clients, and it’s a big part of optimization.

Remember, the initial set-up is the foundation that you build your online optimization efforts upon. After that, it’s the monthly ongoing efforts and maintaining of your web presence that brings the keywords into their rightful rankings.

Most Web Companies build their online optimization on sand. We start with a rock solid foundation based upon great content and a full web presence. Then, we continue the race with proper ongoing monthly work right here in the USA. – Nolen Walker

Get Involved – Make the Website Yours

You can be as involved, or hands off, as you wish, but the end result is always the same. Each client receives a properly built, unique website and web presence that reflects your business and your services. When we put a site online, it optimizes for dozens of keywords. That’s going to bring action to your website and increase your visibility to potential clients.

We build some of the best website designs and web presences available anywhere. We’re always thinking of our clients, and we strive to make our fees extremely affordable for any small or local business. We typically work with businesses that are owner / operated with just 1 person to 7 or 8 employees. As such, our pricing is very reasonable. Please give us a call today, and we will give you a quick, no nonsense estimate.

Be sure to ask if you qualify for our $0 down special, only the first month service payment to get started. After that, we are month-to-month with no long-term agreement.