Inner Site Links and Inbound links

Follow the rules when it comes you your linking efforts. It seems like the majority of SEO Companies out there partake in linking activities that is directly against the Google Webmaster Rules.

Follow the rules, keep it natural and they will come. – Nolen Walker

The wrong way to provide inbound links from other sites / sources:

  1. Don’t pay someone in a developing Nation to slam in hundreds of phony links per month.
  2. Don’t have false inbound links coming from a bunch of directories, forums and websites that are nothing but commandeered link pools.
  3. Don’t try to fake out the search engines when it comes to your linking efforts.

The right way to provide inbound links;

  1. Do establish a full web presence.
  2. Do try to get links from any industry associations.
  3. Do make legitimate link backs where available like; Google Places, Plus, Yahoo Maps, YouTube, Yellow Pages etc…

Link Quality Matters

chain-291162_640Google, Yahoo and Bing can tell when your links are coming in from a bunch of IP’s located in a different Country. Google knows what percentages of clicks are coming in from the USA and which are from other Countries. Too much activity from another County can look fishy to the web spam team. Over the past few years, Google and the search engines have become very good at hunting out and punishing people utilizing link-farm schemes.

It is far better to have just a few great quality links than to have a bunch of paid links or ads. Not only do they not work, but they can actually hurt your site.

We study and incorporate all of Google’s guidelines in to our SEO strategy, which you can read more about on our page – Imagine HGR’s are watching you!

Recently the search engines have begun to reduce the rankings of websites that partake in linking strategies that are against the rules. – Nolen Walker

Inner site linking: Hrefs / Anchor Links

Hrefs or Anchor Links are links inside the web pages that point to another page in the site. Again, as with everything else, make these legitimate. You don’t want to bake up an anchor link on the page just so you can highlight the words similar to the page you are one for more keyword relevance.

anchor-297206_640Anchor links can be anything that you think the reader may want to link to from that page and jump to the other page to pick up some more great content about the related subject matter.

Hrefs / Anchor links can be in the body content or it can be under the body after a heading like, “Related Items” or anywhere on the page.

These types of inner site links are there to help the reader navigate logically through the site and not there for SEO purposes. A site that reads well should naturally have some of these and one or two somewhere in or around the body content is natural. If you don’t have any ever then it is just lazy and sloppy page coding.

So, in summation, there are rules to SEO and yes the good person will win but not the lazy person. We know that this gets a bit philosophical, but it is the way it must be taught and it is the way we teach our staff because it is the way the Google taught us.

The search engines give some rules and a lot of suggestions and loose guidelines. They do this to keep things unique and natural. If there were extreme rules and rigid guidelines then the results would ironically be baked up like they don’t want and all the content would read the same and all the experiences online would be similar.

It really is logical when you think about what the search engines want. They want it done properly. The best web page for the search will win.

We provide these services in a very ethical way. So, give us a call. Our monthly ongoing services of linking services are superb and very affordable.