Content Management

We Regularly Add New Content

Each website we make starts out with dozens of pages of beefy, optimized content. But SEO doesn’t stop there. Once the site is up and running, you must continue to add web pages and content in a variety of sources to grow your authority and gain more keywords. This is all part of the ongoing content management we provide for our clients at no extra cost to them.

Write engaging and unique content regularly, make it a good read and follow the Search Engine’s rules. – Nolen Walker

Life After Launch: Beneficial SEO

Setting up a proper website and online presence is just half the battle. It is vitally important to maintain your site by continuing to add new and unique content about your services. This is done in a variety of ways.

New pages are a great way to add new content to your site, but they’re far from the only way, and to achieve optimum SEO health, we like at create content in a variety of ways.
Each customer is different but our typical monthly work schedule for most clients includes:

  • Adding a web page of content each month (if there are pages left to add about your services)
  • Adding a unique blog post on the internal blog inside your site each month
  • Updating your Facebook, Twitter or other Social media
  • An onsite change or two to Content as needed to keep it updated

Content is the backbone of a great web presence and monthly ongoing additions of unique content. – Nolen Walker

We Care About Content

Remember, we work with small businesses who want to dominate in their local market for keyword terms related to their services.

All content needs to be written for a great read, it needs to be unique and it needs to be properly coded for SEO purposes. Proper content management is single handedly one of the number one ways to stand out from the crowd.

We provide proper webpage SEO and continual proper addition of content for a complete web presence that gets the phone to ring.

Give us a call, we provide great services and great rates. For most business types, we provide a $0 setup. You only pay the first month of service to get all the benefits of a dedicated SEO team, so it’s easy to get started. Our service is month to month with no long term commitment, and we have over a 90% retention rate because we get results. Boost your business with Nolen Walker.