SEO or PPC- Which is Best for Your Attorney Marketing?

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When it comes to digital marketing, you are faced with two main choices- SEO and PPC. SEO uses organic techniques to raise your firm’s ranking in search engines. By using these methods, your firm appears in more standard, local, and mobile searches. PPC is a paid marketing method that presents your ad during relevant searches and charges by the click. Both of thee marketing strategies have proven results that are higher than any other marketing tactic. But, which is right for our law firm? Will PPC or SEO make the bigger difference in traffic and conversions? Consider these pros and cons before finalizing your campaign strategy to maximize its effectiveness.


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Among the many advantages of SEO, maybe the most notable is that it is inherently free. While you may pay a fee for professional management, SEO in itself is free of charge. In fact, it’s simply a way of better communicating with Google to produce higher rankings in search engine results. SEO marketing is also completely trackable and adjustable. With many traditional marketing tactics, it can be difficult to accurately assess effectiveness. SEO analytics provide accurate, easy to interpret metrics that help to identify the effectiveness of each aspect of your campaign.


Although SEO is known as a top marketing strategy, maximum results take time. Google must index your information before it can appear in SERPs. New websites can take up to a year to fully optimize, showing few results in the meantime. SEO is also an ever-changing method of marketing. This tactic depends on the search patterns of the general public, which change daily. In order to be effective, your SEO efforts must be continuously evaluated and revised.

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While SEO efforts take time, the effects of PPC are immediate. Once you begin your campaign, your ads appear in relevant search results. These ads are also easily trackable with accurate analytics tools and trackers. With fully customizable budgets, audiences, and ad types, these campaigns provide an outstanding return. Don’t like the progress of a particular campaign? Change it or cancel it altogether with revision, start/stop, and budget revision abilities throughout the campaign.


PPC campaigns offer law firms incredible benefits at an affordable cost. However, they can become quite expensive very quickly if not monitored or capped properly. Because PPC ads are so customizable, they must be created, monitored, and adjusted on a regular basis to be effective. These types of campaigns also require thorough research on audience, competition, and more to ensure maximum results. Because PPC ads can fluctuate so greatly, a professional marketer is recommended to get your ad seen through correct keywords, placement, and more.

All in all, SEO and PPC are both top advertising choices for any law firm. They each offer measurable analytics, adjustable details, and affordability. In fact, when used in unison, no other style of advertising can come close to producing better results. The Nolen Walker team of advertising experts can create both PPC and SEO plans for your law firm that get real results you can see. We work with you to establish a plan the works for your law firm and deliver lawyer SEO and PPC advertising that boosts your website traffic, conversion rate, and marketing ROI. Call our professionals at to get started on your digital attorney PPC or SEO marketing plan today.