Jewelry Store SEO Factors for 2021

SEO for Jewelry Stores

It’s a new year, and if you are a jewelry store owner, it’s time to think about revamping your SEO strategy. For online and brick and mortar jewelry store owners alike, it’s essential to keep up with the ever-changing SEO trends to stay competitive in the rankings. 

Of course, this can be a full-time job, what with the frequent algorithm changes that major search engines roll out every year. But it’s our job to keep our finger on the pulse of ranking factor changes and marketing trends. 

Quite frankly, it’s our job to keep you informed. So in today’s post, we will be sifting through the SEO practices of yesteryear to let you know which SEO practices you should adopt/maintain in the new year and which ones you can scrap.

1) Local SEO for Jewelry Stores

Yes, absolutely. Firstly, local SEO for jewelry stores is vital because the jewelry sales business is still very much local business – and that’s not changing any time soon. Have you ever heard of someone driving across state lines to buy an engagement ring? Probably not. 

But that’s not a 2021 exclusive fact. What is exclusive to this year is that 72% of consumers who perform a search for local businesses will visit one of the companies they find within 5 miles of their location. That means that the people in your area are looking to stay local when buying jewelry. So local jewelry store SEO is still vastly crucial in 2021. 

Make sure that you keep your Google My Business listing up to date. Include new pictures, any new service hours, and perhaps most importantly, any COVID safety precautions you may be taking. That’s an important one because, unfortunately, COVID is still very much a thing in 2021. And people will hold off on visiting your store if they perceive your business as unsafe. 

Also, make sure that you are implementing longtail keywords on your website and landing pages. Longtail keywords should include a specific service and an exact geographic location. For example, “ring fitters in Tampa.” Having multiple landing pages for various services is also a good SEO practice for jewelers. 

2) Voice Search Optimization

SEO practices also shift with technology. Voice recognition technology has come a long way over the past decade, and now more than ever, people are using their voices to conduct online searches. An Impressive 41% of adults report using the voice search feature on their mobile devices at least once a day. 

But voice searches work the same way standard searches do, right? Not necessarily. The dynamic shifts some, and it has less to do with how search engines index sites and more to do with how users are interacting with search engines – namely, the words they are using to search. So you should optimize your jewelry store’s website for this growing voice search trend. 

People are talking to their phones rather than typing on them to conduct searches. As a result, the phrases they are using to search are becoming a lot more conversational. For example, instead of typing “ring fitting near me,” people are verbally asking their mobile devices, “where can I get a ring fitting?” Because speaking is more painless than typing for most people, they aren’t leaving out articles or intentionally shortening their search phrases. 

This shift in search phrases also has to do with how these voice search features show how users are encouraged to use them. Developers want users to speak to their devices as though they were talking to another human. As a result, search keywords are becoming longer and more conversational. So, SEO for jewelry stores in 2021 also needs to include more extended, more conversational keywords. 

3) On-Site SEO for Jewelers

Keeping up with your on-site content will be vastly influential in 2021. For example, images are a biggie. Posting new photos on your site or GMB profile is essential, but you also must remember to include rich tags to make sure they get indexed by search engines. As we move from the holiday season to the new year, many shop owners are swapping out their Christmas photos for new pictures but forgetting to include descriptive tags. But all your new images need tags relevant for 2021.

4) Content Writing & Marketing

Search engines are placing a much higher emphasis on quality content in 2021 than ever before. And while many of you already know the importance of a content marketing strategy and have implemented one, you have to make sure that your plan is up to snuff in the new year. Your content has to provide value to your visitors. Google only prioritizes well-written, human-oriented content.

Any sites that use duplicate content, poorly written content, keyword cramming, or content that has otherwise been written more for web crawlers than humans will get penalized and lose rankings.

The emergence of voice searches influences Google’s strategy. Developers are trying to humanize the search experience and make it, so their web crawlers are indexing content written by humans. 

Invest in a Jewelry Store SEO Service

Again, keeping up with all the latest algorithm changes and shifts in marketing dynamics can be a full-time job. Luckily, that is precisely our occupation. Here at Nolen Walker, we are your SEO partners. We not only provide you the services you need to dominate the rankings, but we also keep you abreast of all the marketing trends you need to know about as they emerge. 

SEO for jewelry stores is just the beginning. We provide every service you will need to optimize your website, social media and earn more leads. Modernize your SEO strategy with our help.