Acrylic Roof Coatings

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Acrylic is a Fairly Priced Coating

For a roof coating that defends your structure from the elements while adding aesthetic appeal in the process, choose acrylic roof coatings from Walker Commercial Roofing. The substance is paint-like in that it can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed onto a roofing surface, but its diameter is much thicker than actual paint. Acrylic coatings are white in color, providing resistance to harmful UV rays that are attracted to darker surfaces. Acrylic coatings offer the following benefits:

  • Competitive Price
  • Durability
  • Ease of Application
  • Seamlessness

Walker Commercial Roofing specializes in commercial roof coatings, as they are an affordable alternative to roof replacements, which can be quite expensive. Coatings are environmentally friendly, as they prevent the waste of tear offs. Their most appealing feature however, is their ability to resist UV rays from the sun. This feature prevents an occurrence known as “heat transfer” in which an overheated roof transfers into its building’s interior, overworking AC units as a result. Call 817-484-5411 for acrylic roof coatings in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX.

Quality Roof Protection

Roofers Provide Quality Roof Protection

Coatings Stop Heat Transfer

The object of a commercial roof coating is to extend the structure’s lifespan. If your roof is showing signs of wear and tear, but it lacks any significant structural damage, coatings become an ideal solution. The substances’ seamlessness allows it to reach crevices and protrusions that would otherwise be impossible to cover. Extending your roof’s lifespan has considerable financial ramifications — but they are all good. Coatings can protect your roof from:

  • Expansion / Contraction
  • Heat Transfer
  • Moisture Infiltration
  • Roof Degradation

An additional bonus to the prevention of heat transfer is its impact on energy efficiency. Because of its resistance to harmful UV rays, the interior of your building is less susceptible to overheating. As a result, your AC unit is less stressed, and does not emit as much energy. Proper application of acrylic coatings should manifest themselves directly in your energy bills which should drop noticeably after your first coating. The ease in which coatings are applied prevents disruption of business operations.

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Coated RooftopWalker Commercial Roofing values performance above all, but customer service is something we invest massive resources in. While the final result is what property owners will ultimately judge our service by, we believe that positive customer relationships make the process simpler for everyone involved. Restoring your commercial roof is not a basic decision, but rather one that requires analysis and comparison. We equip clients with the information to make the best decision.

If damage sustained to your roof is too great for a coating, we can review other options and help decide the best alternative. If your roof’s lifespan is nearing its projected end, that’s evidence that replacement is becoming more inevitable. While it’s an occurrence that every property owner dreads, it is one that will eventually come nonetheless. Acrylic coatings are a great option for roofs without structural damage. Call 817-484-5411 for acrylic roof coatings in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX.