Online Reputation Management Services

NW Digital Marketing Manages Your Company’s Internet Reputation Using Various Tactics

Consumers won’t spend money on services they don’t trust, and a presence on search results alone is not enough to establish credibility. Because of the resources available to the average internet user, there’s checks and balances one can exercise to avoid dealing with shady businesses. Because SEO is an inter-connected methodology, a company’s reputation will at some point or another influence their ranking position. For this reason, small business owners must assure their online reputation is favorable and conducive to lead generation. Nolen Walker offers online reputation management services to an assortment of industries. Our services incorporate a variety of strategies to both establish and maintain our clients’ online standing as a reputable service. Nolen Walker reputation management services include:

  • Customer Reviews Widget For Website: A website plugin that encourages customers to leave reviews on Google and Facebook
  • Digital Brand Management: Regulation of your company’s identity throughout all corners of the web
  • Local Citations: Claiming and optimization of local citations which often double as reviews platforms
  • Online Reviews Management: The monitoring and response to reviews of your company on various platforms

Vigilance is at a premium when maintaining an online perception, but establishing one can be even more challenging. For companies that have never marketed themselves online, the hardest part can be gaining initial momentum. Nolen Walker creates that momentum on your behalf by listing you with the most trusted local citations like Google My Business, Yelp, and other niche-specific directories that will vary by industry. Aside from that, we include a customer reviews widget on your website so that customers don’t have to go through the trouble of finding your profile on Google or Facebook, and can leave the review on your main website. Aside from listing your business on local citations, we ensure its brand identity remains consistent throughout. Call 866-356-8198 for online reputation management services.

Brand Perception is Reality

Social Media Experts Evaluate Brand Perception

Brand Perception is Key To a Favorable Reputation

Consumers don’t choose the best services, they choose the ones they believe are the best. There’s subjectivity to an internet user’s actions and conclusions. Of course, the quality of a service should make creating a positive impression easier, but without illustrating its good qualities, they will remain unknown to the average consumer. Word of mouth used to travel within local communities, but that word of mouth has been extended and expedited with digital marketing. People trust Google and Facebook reviews, as well as platforms like Yelp, as much as they would their friendly neighbor. It’s more convenient to check their smartphones for your company’s reputation than to go off the recommendation of one or two people. To expand on that idea, the quality of reviews is surely important, but quantity matters as much, if not more. Nolen Walker focuses on the following when gauging and improving brand perception:

  • Association: The connection between your brand and favorable qualities (trust, authority, etc.)
  • Community: The establishment of your brand within its local and target communities
  • Visibility: The presence of your brand on notable platforms (Google, Facebook, etc.)

Creating a positive perception takes time and dedication. It is not something that will yield tangible results in a day or week. Making perception influencing habitual is the key to scaling a brand’s marketability. Nolen Walker incorporates branding into our daily tasks so that each of our clients grows at a rate conducive to lead generation and sales conversions. There are several subsets of branding that should be considered when refining its perception. One is visual, including website and logo design and the color schemes that coincide with it. Another is contextual, which is the development of a mission statement that can be published on all marketing materials. The final is intellectual, which poses questions like; what is the ethos of your company, what does it stand for? Etc. Nolen Walker helps answer those questions on your behalf.

Get Customer Reviews Easily

Creative Director of Reputation Management Company

Grow More Reviews

It’s challenging for small business owners to convince enough of their customers to leave reviews as is necessary for high rankings. The main reasons why people are hesitant to leave reviews, is because it is confusing and inconvenient. Many of these customers are not as tech savvy as one might hope, and simply don’t know how to properly locate a specific review profile, and then publish their own testimonial onto it. Nolen Walker makes this exceedingly simple with our customer reviews website plugin that is included with any of our marketing plans. With this widget, customers no longer have to search the web for your review profile, all they must do is navigate to your website and click on “review us.” But make no mistake, the reviews will appear on Google and / or Facebook, and not just your website alone! This is great news because Google and Facebook are the platforms that show up when people search for reviews online. Customer reviews should be:

  • Condensed: Distributed from a single source to top platforms like Google
  • Convenient: Is straightforward and user-friendly
  • Quick: Takes up very little time for the user

So how many reviews does a company need to improve search visibility? The answer is relative to competition. In other words, if your local competitors have 10 reviews, you’ll need 15 or more, while if they have 50, you’ll need to match or exceed that number. Google’s local 3-pack is one of the most popular local SERP features and has 3 slots for businesses, hence the “3-pack” moniker. Each listing has its 5 star rating listed underneath its result, and if your company’s rating is less than 4, some people will question its quality. Again, the star rating is relative to competition. If the 2 other listings have 2 star review, a 3.5 could be helpful. Conversely, if they have 5 star reviews, the 3.5 will look inferior. Our reviews widget helps keep your score higher by gathering information about what your company can improve upon in case a bad review is left. Learning more about your customers is always a positive, but to do so in the context of reviews management is even more beneficial.

Local Citations for SEO

Team Member Monitors Local Citations

Our Team Optimizes Local Citations

The Yellow Pages were once the best way to find a local service provider and its conceptual modern iteration is online business listings. Whether it’s Google My Business, Yelp, or directories that cover specific niches, these are important citations for your local business. Google determines rankings, at least partially, based on citation signals, as researched in MOZ’s Local Search Ranking Factors. Companies who have not been active online often wonder how and why they have citations listed on directories. The answer is data aggregation. Major data companies like Acxiom and Localeze gather business info from public records and then distribute that info to online directories. While this is noble in cause, it often leads to misinformation about a company. Whether it’s a duplicate listing, an old phone number, or a retired address, it can confuse consumers and discourage search engines frm trusting you. Citations should be:

  • Accurate: Display the most up-to-date contact info
  • Complete: Have every portion of the page filled out
  • Optimized: Refined for search engine visibility
  • Uniform: Have the same info on each listing

Becoming a client of Nolen Walker Digital Marketing means that your company receives all-inclusive citation management. We get your business listed where it is absent, and refined where it is inaccurate. We pay extra close attention to the main citation platforms that have the most influence on search and ultimately sales. These are Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, and Better Business Bureau. By ensuring your listings are both accurate and uniform, we encourage search engines like Google to register trust in your brand. This can lead to improved search rankings and eventually more leads. Nolen Walker includes citation management with our marketing plans, so that you won’t be paying extra for a service that is fundamentally inherent to SEO. Call 866-356-8198 for online reputation management services.