How to Get Maximum ROI From Your PPC Management Service

Pay per click campaigns offer incredible opportunities to supplement your organic search traffic. Not only do they provide fairly consistent returns (in the form of leads), they typically come with thorough reporting measures. Thanks to the very dedicated refinement of PPC management platforms, such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads, it’s easy to track and tune your paid search strategy.

With that being said, many businesses simply don’t have the time or expertise necessary to run their own pay per click efforts. That’s where digital marketing companies often step in with PPC management services. These companies vary wildly in their results. Some provide substantial returns for their clients, while others seem largely ineffective (or downright shady). Since PPC represents a significant investment – many contractors spend over ten thousand dollars a month on PPC alone – it makes sense to take steps to maximize your ROI.

Google Ads PPC Management

Google Ads is the Most Widely Used Platform for PPC Ads. Image Source: AdEspresso

Today, we’re going to cover three crucial steps in securing that maximum ROI:

  • Step #1: Create Accountability.
  • Step #2: Build Diversity.
  • Step #3: Review & Adapt.

Master these three steps, and you’ll be well on your way to stronger lead generation and greater revenues. Let’s get started!

Step #1: Create Accountability

Accountability serves as the foundation for any successful PPC management service, yet so many digital marketing companies seem to neglect this step. What does accountability look like in a pay per click strategy? Transparent reporting and billing. Before going anywhere near a paid search agency, businesses need to learn one time, money, and effort-saving rule:

Get your reports directly from Google, Facebook, or whoever runs your PPC ads!

Direct Billing

Direct Billing From Your Provider

Do not accept reporting through your PPC management company, or even a 3rd party service they recommend. It’s a common practice for PPC services to markup the cost per click of keywords, so they can pocket a larger portion of the budget provided to them. The only way to guarantee that your costing is accurate is to receive the report directly from the platform that runs the advertisements.

Monthly Contract

Choosing Month to Month

Another accountability-driving practice is month-to-month billing. While a company might be tempted to slack off in an annual contract, monthly services have powerful motivation to continually provide leads. If they don’t, you can simply switch to another PPC management company to run your campaigns!

No Bundles

Skip the Search Bundle

While closely tied to the direct billing suggestion we mentioned earlier, this particular guideline can also protect you from shady costing practices that so many PPC management companies seem to love. Specifically, digital marketers often use organic SEO/PPC bundles arranged in an annual contract. Instead of providing the portioned work and budget suggested in their itemized billing, these companies mostly neglect the other activities and invest almost all their funds into paid search ads.

With markups, this makes it very easy for PPC-focused companies to turn a high profit without providing a substantial return. If you want both SEO and PPC services, just make sure they’re billed separately!

Step #2: Build Diversity

In the finance sector, seasoned planners often recommend diversifying your investments by spreading across multiple industries and nationalities. This lowers risk and allows you to explore numerous markets. When it comes to PPC campaigns, diversity also plays a key role in finding the best bang for your buck!

Most contractors only have experience with Google Ads. While that platform certainly enjoys an earned reputation for consistency and customization, there are plenty of other sources to choose from. Facebook Ads, for instance, also provides substantial tinkering and testing capabilities for your advertising campaigns. You can even use your most popular content marketing resources and turn them into ads!

Facebook's PPC Management Ad Center

Facebook Offers Extensive User Data and Simplified PPC Management for Your Team. Image Source: Facebook Business

Seasoned PPC experts can easily run campaigns in multiple platforms, generating high-quality leads for your business. They also experiment with multiple types of paid advertising, including retargeting ads. Retargeted ads identify visitors leaving your website (or an opponent’s) and delivers an ad specifically targeted to their recent experience. These ingenious marketing devices usually enjoy a higher conversion rate than your standard Google Ad.

What sort of diversity does your PPC management company incorporate into their strategy? If they take a hardline “Google Ads or nothing” stance, it might be time to try out other companies!

Step #3: Review & Adapt

One of the hardest parts of managing your own advertising campaigns is knowing when to adjust your strategy. Some keywords simply don’t pan out, while others require tweaking for maximum success. When you partner with a PPC management team, that team must be able to adapt if they wish to secure a maximum return on your ad money.

What does an adaptable company look like?

A Keyword Research Tool for PPC Management

When One Keyword Phrase Doesn’t Pan Out, a Seasoned PPC Team Adapts. Image Source: Ubersuggest

When a capable search marketing company realizes that a particular strategy isn’t producing the leads they’d like one month, they change their approach. Inept companies simply make up excuses on why it’s the market’s fault. They may also try to make themselves look better with familiar lines, such as “These search results just take time.”

They don’t, by the way! PPC campaigns should start generating results within days (or weeks, at most), unless your company competes in a market with a longer sales cycle. If a PPC company tries to argue otherwise, they’re probably trying to buy time.

Shopping for PPC Management?

Accountability, diversity, and adaptability are crucial parts of pay per click campaigns. Without them, it’s easy to lose perspective, then spend money on campaigns that don’t real returns. Consistently hold to these steps, and you’ll be much more likely to find a winning PPC management team, or effectively managing your own!

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