PPC Analysis Tools

Woman Using on Computer Using PPC Analysis ToolsPay Per Click Advertising is one of the most effective marketing strategies on the internet. With that said, the disparity in ROI between the top 25% of PPC campaigns, and the bottom 75% is alarming. Business owners should educated themselves on how to run an effective PPC campaign, and take advantage of PPC Analysis Tools that are available throughout the internet. Check out these PPC Analysis Tools:

1. AdWords Performance Grader

If you are looking for a simple evaluation of your AdWords campaign, you should consider AdWords Performance Grader. This software will quickly audit your AdWords campaign by simply entering your email address. The AdWords Performance Grader includes reviews of:

Account Activity: How recently your account has been altered

Click Through Rates: How many people are clicking on your ad compared to the amount who view it

Quality Scores: Google’s rating of your ad’s quality and relevance

Wasted Spend: A determination of inefficient spending for low quality clicks

AdWords Performance Grader is a free online tool available from WordStream

2. Google Search Engine

It may seem too simple, but the best way to determine who your competitors are is to search for your targeted keywords on Google. Make note of the top 3 results, and analyze the similarities, differences, and individual characteristics of each page. Some aspects to look for are:

Image Placement: Check out how many images are on each page, and where they are placed

Keyword Density: The amount of keywords on a page in relation to the amount of total words

Mobile Responsiveness: Can competitor sites be accessed via mobile? And present well?

URL Structure: Do the URLs make sense in terms of structure?

Google is a free search engine that can be accessed on all devices

3. Google Trends

Another free tool from the popular search engine, Google Trends is a website through which PPC advertisers can evaluate seasonal trends to best optimize their campaigns. Google Trends offers the following advantages:

Historical Data: Marketers know that the value of data increases, the longer it is measured, and with Google Trends you can measure data back from 2004 to present time

Keyword Similarity: Trends is great at grouping keywords with similar intent together, to give PPC advertisers alternate keyword ideas

Query Analysis: Google Trends can analyze a single search query or compare up to five of them

Relative Popularity: Unlike more traditional keyword research, Google Trends provides relative popularity to give PPC advertisers a more advanced look at keywords

Google Trends is a free tool that is available across all devices

4. SEMRush

If you want the most detailed research for your PPC campaign, consider investing in SEMRush. This tool provides an abundance of keyword data for all your marketing needs. Generate reports based on similar keywords, or exact match keywords. Some of the best metrics for SEMRush include:

Volume: A projection of how many users search for the keyword per month

CPC: The estimated cost per click of the keyword for a PPC campaign

Keyword Difficulty: An estimation of the difficulty to rank for a keyword

Competitive Density: A measurement of the amount of advertisers using a keyword in their ads

SEMRush is an online service that starts at $99 per month

5. SpyFu

If you are looking for more advanced competitor research, consider investing in SpyFu. This is software that can measure every trace of your competitor’s presence on Google. You can determine the very specifics of their keywords and advertisements. SpyFu is best used for:

Core Keywords: Discover the main keywords for your competitors

Keyword Disparity: Evaluate keywords that competitors rank for, but your company does not

Keyword Grouping: Unveil competitors keyword groupings for new ideas

SEO PPC Ratio: Determine which marketing strategy your competitors are using to generate leads

SpyFu is available to internet users starting at $33 per month

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