Concrete & Construction Web Design

Concrete & Construction WorkersConcrete & Construction contractors should market their services via mobile website. An estimate of close to 60% of searches are now performed on mobile devices. To appeal to these mobile users, a well designed website is required. Your site should consist of:

  • Clean Code: Well designed code that is conducive to quick loading speeds
  • NAP Information: Your name, address, and phone number, usually listed in the footer of your website
  • Responsive Design: A technique that allows site presentation to adjust to the device through which it is accessed
  • Visual Elements: Your site should visually engage visitors with elements like JavaScript

The goal of web design is to increase your click through rate (CTR) and decrease your bounce rate. The best way to boost your CTR is to provide elite user experience, as Google will take this into consideration when ranking your site for specific search queries. For concrete & construction website design, give us a call at 866-356-8198.

Design and SEO for Construction Workers

Concrete & Construction Responsive Design LayoutWeb design directly influences search engine optimization. Since user experience is the #1 factor for search ranking, web design becomes one of the most critical element of the marketing process. Providing a clean and attractive UX along with relevant and informative content combines for a website expected to be ranked towards the top of Google SERPs. Focus on the following elements:

  • Information: Well designed UX sets the stage for the information that search engines covet
  • Navigation: The ease with which users maneuver around your site will influence bounce rate
  • Presentation: Great content is enhanced by an aesthetically pleasing presentation of it
  • Reputation: Ethical web design and SEO refrains from manipulative tactics that hurt user experience

Search optimization is a process. That process begins in the infant stages of web design. Without a foundation of code, graphics, and URL structure, content has no place to stand. Well written content will gain the attention of search engines, but a well designed website will keep the attention of visitors and encourage them to complete a call to action.

WordPress CMS For Concrete & Construction Workers

Web Programmer Performing Construction Web DesignWhen designing a website, a content management system (CMS) must be chosen. Options like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal all provide their own strengths and weaknesses. At Nolen Walker, we believe that WordPress is the best CMS option available. WordPress is open source, so that website presentation is completely customizable. Furthermore, the ease in which content can be added and altered via the WP dashboard is unmatched.

If you like what you hear so far, there is more. We will design your custom WordPress website, craft its content, optimize it for search engines, and continue to maintain it throughout our relationship. That relationship can last for as long, or for as little as you choose. Since we offer month-by-month agreements you are never locked into a long-term contract. Call 866-356-8198 for concrete & construction web design.