Web Design

When it comes to attracting more customers to your business, having a design for your website that is both appealing to users and easy to navigate can help you secure more sales and increase your domain authority. We have expert designers on staff to build custom coded websites that help our clients see better results online. Does your website need a design overhaul?

Website Design

Web Design Elements

Mobile Friendly

A lot of people are searching the internet from their phones these days. So much so that Google boosts websites that are built to work well on mobile devices. Every site that we build has mobile optimization in mind. Our designers create fluid design elements that look great whether the website is viewed on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. This is called responsive design, where all the elements of a website change to fit different screen sizes and still allowing the users to view all the important aspects of the content.

User Experience

How well are your potential customers finding the answers they’re looking for on your website? Site navigation is a key factor when developing intuitive, user-friendly viewing experience. The more difficult it is for people to view information, the less likely it is that they will stick around very long and might check out a competitor’s site instead. Page speed is another factor to take into consideration. Our designers follow Google standards for page speed to ensure that users can access the information on your website easily in less than a few seconds.

Site Structuring

Some of the important aspects of web design happen behind the scenes. This includes the data that Google uses while crawling and indexing the website. In order for your website to show up on Google Search results, Google has to be able to search through the website data to understand what your site is all about. We make sure that all of your website data is carefully optimized to help your site optimize better in local search results.

Web Designer Crafts Code

Even after the design is complete and the content added, we continue to maintain the websites after they have launched. Staying up to date on best practices, and implementing them into our clients’ websites, will help with search optimization and keep them ahead of the curve.

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