Plumber Social Media Marketing

Do Plumbers Need Social Media Marketing?

Twitter Phone, Facebook TabletHaving a presence on social media is important for plumbing companies, but that doesn’t mean you have to update your accounts every day. The trick is to establish a social media presence, and leverage that into something you can actually use, which is search engine optimization. To start out, plumbers should have the following profiles:

  • Facebook: The most popular social media network in the world — create a business page
  • LinkedIn: A niche social site for business owners and professionals — create a company page
  • Twitter: The fastest source of information exchange on the web — generate new followers

Remember, leads are unlikely to come directly from social media websites, but they will help establish your plumbing company as an authority, and therefore rank higher on Google SERPs. Social signals are considered a local ranking factor according to MOZ’s 2017 research study. Call 866-356-8198 for plumber social media marketing.

Creating a Social Media Presence

Man Browsing Phone For Plumber Social Media MarketingSince customer acquisition is less likely to come directly from social media, in what way should plumbing contractors establish a social presence? The answer is fairly simple; optimize your profiles with consistent NAP information, logo display, and well written “About Us” sections. After that, you can share the following content types:

  • Blog Posts: Your monthly blog posts can be shared via social media platforms
  • Contests: Try running a contest on social media to boost engagement
  • Curation: Re-tweet or share relevant and helpful content from within your industry
  • Discounts: Run discounted service offers via social media, to again create more engagement

As you can see the goal here is to generate user engagement. Many of your social media followers will be from pre-existing customers, friends in the industry, and other staff members. But as you engage with users, you are sending social signals to Google that your website is a relevant entity within the plumbing industry.

The #1 Social Media Marketing Services for Plumbers

Young Employees Performing Plumber Social Media Marketing ServicesNolen Walker knows exactly what it takes to market plumbing companies on social media. While other internet marketing companies will promise you the world, we set realistic goals for your company. Our goal is to leverage your social media presence into SEO, and therefore generate more customer leads.

If you are a plumbing contractor concerned with your social media presence and how it’s affecting your SEO, you should contact Nolen Walker today. We offer month-to-month payments so you’ll never be locked in for the long-term. We are confident you will never look back when you see what we can do for your internet marketing. Call 866-356-8198 for plumber social media marketing.