Google Ads Management Services

Business owners in the service industry understand the importance of online leads. One of the best ways to acquire leads from the internet is by using Google Ads. Ads is a PPC platform in which companies can bid on advertising space for selected keywords. The promotions appear on the top of Google SERPs for search queries that include those keywords. At Nolen Walker, we manage Google Ads campaigns with the following steps:

  • Step 1: Create a campaign and set up the advertisement
  • Step 2: Choose keywords to target with your advertisement
  • Step 3: Measure results and analyze campaign data

Google Ads is the most popular PPC platform on the web. Because of this, it’s critical to run a properly researched campaign, that accounts for specific market trends, and maximizes marketing investments. Nolen Walker has years of experience running PPC campaigns for business owners, and can lend our expertise to your company. Call 866-356-8198 for Google Ads Management Services.

Are Google Ads Worth It?

For many professionals, yes! Google Ads are so worth it. The simplicity of the platform and the excellent real estate the ads receive makes it a compelling leads channel. Many businesses see a double return on their ad spend, while others earn even more.

With that being said, Google Ads isn’t always the ideal channel. There are a number of questions you can answer to determine whether or not your business could benefit from the service. These include:


#1: Do You Already Rank Well Organically for Your Focus Keywords?

Google Ads is many things, but cheap isn’t always one of them. While the channel serves as a powerful tool to supplement your revenue stream, relying solely on Google Ads will take a bite out of your profits. If you already rank well organically for your focus keywords, it’s usually cheaper to focus on improving that cheaper sales funnel.

If you don’t currently rank well for your target phrases however, consider making some Google Ads campaigns to boost your sales while organic catches up!

Social Media

#2: Is Your Target Market Active on Social Media?

While the majority of consumers utilize Google Search for most of their essential services, some prefer to browse in their chosen social media platform(s). If your target market spends significant amounts of time each week on Facebook, Instagram, etc., consider investing ad spend in those marketing platforms first. Facebook, for instance, is usually cheaper to advertise with, and they have a remarkable pool of demographic data to help you match with any preferred audience.

Should your target market shop primarily on Google Search, then Ads is likely the better choice for your needs.

Account Work

#3: Do You Have Time to Manage the Accounts?

As we mentioned before, Google Ads is a remarkably accessible marketing platform. Beginners can quickly pick up the intricacies of the channel and make successful campaigns. With that being said, campaigns take time to manage, update, and optimize. If you don’t have that time, your business won’t extract the maximum value from ad spend. 

Of course, you can get around this time crunch by paying someone to manage the campaigns for you. Just make sure to find a company with honest billing practices. That means they arrange payment through Google Ads, not a third party system.

What Makes a Good Ads Campaign?

Google Ads is a very competitive PPC platform. Since Google is by far the number one search engine on the planet, it makes sense that so many businesses are willing to invest in their advertising space. With that knowledge, small business owners must run a well crafted campaign. A good Ads campaign contains the following characteristics:

  • Audience Targeting: Knowing your target audience is imperative to a successful campaign, as ads can be specifically distributed to a certain group of users, and thus create a more efficient investment
  • Call to Action/Extension: Google Ads offers ad extensions on which companies can attach a call to action, such as a phone number
  • Conversion Rate Measurement: All PPC advertisements are an investment, and you can only determine their value by tracking how many sales they are leading to
  • Keyword Research: Your advertisement can only be as effective as the keyword results in which they appear on, so finding the sweet spot between relevance and volume is key
  • Mobile Reach: The majority of online leads originate on mobile search, and catering to mobile users by presenting direct phone number links is a good idea

A campaign that possesses each of these elements has a great chance for success. The difference in ROI between the top 25% and the bottom 75% is extremely stark. At Nolen Walker, our goal is to create a campaign that will be of great value for you business. Not only will you generate customer leads quickly, but you will see a difference to your bottom line at the end of the campaign. For more information, visit Google’s Ads Help Center.

How Customers Perceive Google Advertisements

Google on Tablet

Google Ads is Remarkably Easy to Manage. Consider Running a Couple Test Campaigns!

There is a debate within the internet marketing industry about the perception of PPC ads on Google SERPs. PPC ads appear in the top 3 results on Google SERPs, and before any organic results are displayed. Still, some marketers believe that organic results are more marketable than PPC ads. At Nolen Walker we create PPC ads that engage customers, and give them good reason to click, so that ads never feel manipulative and are perceived as more organic.

If you are interested in investing in a Google Ads campaign, you should contact Nolen Walker, today. We have years of experience with Google Ads Management, and know what it takes to run a successful and profitable campaign. We work with service industry business owners just like you, and look forward to helping you generate fast online leads. Call 866-356-8198 for Google Ads Management Services.