City Pages for SEO

Local Map For City Pages LocationAre you a local business looking for unique marketing ideas? Nolen Walker offers city pages as part of our local mapping services. City pages are individual web pages for each city that your company services. By having an individual page for each city, you can more effectively reach a wider audience. Since Google tailors search results based on the location of the user in relation to the business, having pages for multiple cities allows you to rank well on local searches in multiple locations. City pages offer the following advantages:

  • Extended Reach: Instead of optimizing for one specific location, city pages allow companies to reach a wider audience
  • Target Marketing: Local optimization is the fastest growing trend in SEO, and reaching multiple locations gives your company a decided advantage
  • URL Consistency: Instead of creating different websites for each of your brand extensions, or service areas, city pages allow you to keep web pages under one consistent umbrella

City pages are one of the most unique marketing ideas available on the web. For companies looking for local online marketing, city pages can save you a ton of work, and headaches. If you have ever wondered how to market to multiple service areas while maintaining brand integrity, city pages from Nolen Walker are the solution you’ve been looking for. Call 866-356-8198 for local online marketing services.

Local Business Internet Marketing

Employees Working on Local Business Internet MarketingAs you can see in Moz’s 2017 Local Ranking Factors, on-page optimization makes up approximately 24% of local organic ranking factors. But what if you could have multiple pages for multiple locations? By utilizing city pages from Nolen Walker, you will have multiple instances of that 24%, and therefore have more chances to rank on Google SERPs. It’s like owning properties across city lines, while only having to pay for one.

Local online marketing is very competitive in 2017, and for good reason. Companies are beginning to realize that the majority of their online leads will be generated via local search, and are starting to invest more resources in that pocket. Unique marketing ideas can separate your business from competition, and put your company ahead of the curve heading in to 2018.

Avoiding Problems with City Pages

GPS Phone Representing Unique Marketing IdeasWhen you think about having multiple pages for multiple cities, you are probably thinking, “what about duplicate content?”. Nolen Walker has a system in place to avoid duplicate content on your website, and more specifically, its individual pages. We employ a team of content writers, who will craft your content with precision, and ensure each page is optimized for Google search results.

It is important not to overextend your reach when it comes to online marketing. Your company should only market to areas it has the capability to serve. As a local service company, you are aware of the areas you serve, and can provide us with the information we need to build your city pages. If you would like to discuss unique marketing ideas, call 866-356-8198 for SEO city pages.