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Local SEO is an important factor for any business looking to improve the online presence of their business. Without proper optimization for local search results, you will have a harder time seeing your website show up anywhere near the top of Google Search. Without the right signals, Google simply has no idea where your business is located. That is why we offer professional local search engine optimization and mapping services so that your business is more visible to your potential clients.

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Understanding Mapping & Local SEO

Local Search Defined

What is Local Search Strategy?

Local search strategy is a refined method of targeting consumers in the communities within your specific service area. Like traditional SEO, local search is an organic (non-paid) strategy that requires you to optimize content with keywords. In this case, those phrases are enhanced with a location-based tail. For instance, “Roof Repair in Cincinnati, OH” is a locally optimized phrase.

When you choose this strategy, the majority of your pages will likely be optimized for your immediate service area. This helps Google quickly identify your area of operations, and it helps eliminate leads from outside that desired radius. You’ll notice significant improvements in your lead generation when you adopt this strategy well.

How it Works

How Does Local Search Work?

Local search is all about two key factors: proximity and relevance. When a consumer searches for a service related to your business, Google determines where the search takes place. It then identifies nearby companies with relevant information on that service and ranks them. Put simply: Google looks for dependable listings close to the consumer. The search engine examines many factors to determine relevance, but reviews and localized keywords are two of the most heavily weighted.

For a more detailed breakdown of local search signals, check out the short guide below!

Why Local?

Why Should We Focus on Local Search?

Put simply: local search is easier to rank for. When you don’t specify a service area in your pages, Google is much more likely to only show your pages on a national level. That means your website competes against thousands of similar services, and a large portion will have more experience and reviews than you.

Local search limits your competition to professionals / businesses in your nearby communities, making it significantly easier to show up for your most important industry keywords. With the latest updates to Google’s search algorithms, local listings are much more likely to change quickly. That means newer companies (with good planning) can earn premium, front page listings faster.

Local Search Factors

There are many ways that you can increase your number of online sales leads through local search optimization and our services cover all the top, local ranking factors that will help boost your website to the top of the search results:

NAP – One of the simplest, yet most important factors for your local search optimization comes down to three critical pieces of information: the Name, Address, and Phone Number of your business. Without these, Google won’t be able to place your website in local search results and you won’t be able to create citations for your company in local business listings.

Google My Business – Appearing in Google Local Packs is highly beneficial to your business. Having a Google My Business account is an excellent way to make sure Google has all of your current business information that is necessary for their local listings. In fact, a Google My Business listing is considered one of the top factors for local search optimization.

Local Business Listings – There are many places across the web where you can submit your business information for local listings. But knowing which listings will help you gain better recognition with Google and which ones will only create link spam is critical. We make sure that your site is listed on the top citation websites to further increase the local search optimization of your business.

City Pages – An important aspect of local optimization is ‘geo-topical’ content. While your business may be based out of a single city, you don’t want to ignore the surrounding area that might have hundreds of potential customers looking for your services. This is where carefully optimized city pages come in to ensure that your company is appearing in local search for other locations near you.

Reviews & Testimonials – Review sites like Yelp have become an important factor for some consumers when it comes to determining which company has the most trustworthy services. Having recent and positive reviews from past customers will not only increase the likelihood of bringing in new customers, it also considered a factor of ranking in Google Search Results.

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