Content Quality

What Defines Content Quality?

Open Notepad Ready for Content QualityAs the online marketing industry begins to fully comprehend the impact of content on search engine rankings, the next step is to narrowly define quality content. A great place to start is by reading over Google Webmasters Quality Guidelines. Here we get a strong foundation for what defines quality content, and straight from the source for which we most want to impress. Google illustrates content quality through these characteristics:

  • Honest: Your content should not be deceiving or confusing for website visitors, but rather informative and helpful
  • Unique: Don’t copy other websites or information, and have your content explain why your services are unique and valuable
  • User Friendly: Don’t try to manipulate search engines, but rather try to engage website visitors
  • White Hat SEO: Always use white hat SEO techniques which include, title and header tag optimization, image optimization, and NAP implementation

Google has come a long way in the last decade. There was a time when black hat SEO could get you to the top of search results quickly. Black hat SEO consisted of practices such as keyword stuffing, and manipulative link building. Google has cracked down on those techniques and they are now penalized rather than rewarded. As a result, SEO quality content will separate websites from each other. Call 866-356-8198 for content writing services.

Why Content Drives Search Engines

Content Writer Typing Quality ContentIn February of 2011, Google released the Panda update for its search algorithm. This update allowed Google to grade pages based on content quality, and adjust their rankings accordingly. Before 2011, websites were able to get away with thin content, duplicate content, and even spammy and unhelpful content. This is no longer the case, and it is why content now plays a big role in determining where your website will rank. When users visit a search engine, they are generally looking for a few basic things:

  • Answer to a Question: When people say “Google it” they generally are referring to finding an answer to a question
  • Location Information: The surge in local search and mobile device use makes users in need of location and mapping information, and fast
  • Required Service: If a homeowner needs a service like plumbing, or roofing repair, they will gravitate towards search engines, whose goal is to provide the most relevant content for the prospective customer
  • Subject Research: Users who are not ready to purchase anything, but are browsing for research on a particular subject, will seek out the most engaging and informative content.

It is important to understand that search engines exist for user’s to find relevant information. While SEO has become a marketing phenomenon and one that affects the bottom line of so many companies, Google continues to reward websites with the best content. Don’t think about your website is “tricking” Google, but rather provide content to users that will be of great value.

How to Generate Quality Content

Employee Checking Phone for Quality ContentFor service industries with busy schedules, content writing is not a realistic option. In these cases hiring website content writing services, is the best course of action. Make sure the services you hire employ actual content writers, and not automatic page generators. At Nolen Walker, we offer elite content writing services to companies just like yours. We know what it takes to rank on Google search results.

Our company develops all client websites with high quality content. We employ a team of content writers to input human constructed content, without automation. We believe the user experience is first priority when generating sales conversions. To further discuss content quality and what it could mean for your business, call us at 866-356-8198.