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What is Content Marketing?

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Thoughtful Research and Writing Make for the Most Successful Content.

Content Marketing is the deliberate presentation of relevant and valuable web content with the objective of engaging a specified audience and converting them into customers. In contrast to traditional marketing techniques such as “pitches” or proposals, content marketing relies on the value of information, rather than one’s ability to enhance their services’ perceived value. Well presented content possesses:

  • Relevance: Google does not appreciate websites that attempt to rank for keywords that have no relevance to their brand or services, and prioritize sites that are relevant to the keyword, and are targeting a specific audience
  • Uniqueness: Is the presented information readily available? Or is your content offering a new idea or perspective regarding the subject, or service?
  • User Friendliness: Pages made for the user, and not for search engines, are the ones that have the highest SEO potential
  • Value: Is your content a bunch of semantics? Or does it clearly and convincingly enhance a user’s experience in some way, whether it be a solution to a problem, an answer to a question, etc.

Why Should We Use Content Marketing?


#1: It Offers New Leads for Your Business.

Think of some of the questions clients ask you frequently, particularly ones related to your industry. Odds are, you’ll find those same questions featured on the front page of Google Search results. Hot topics like these draw hundreds, sometimes thousands of eyes from around the country. What if those eyes found their way to your website?

Content marketing, be it YouTube guides or engaging blog posts, draws people to your website for a whole new variety of keywords. In other words, it generates high volumes of traffic towards your website, including prospective clients. That’s great news if you’ve had a sluggish year. Of the people who visit your site to consume that blog post (or video, etc.), a percentage will take the opportunity to examine your services and call your business.


#2: It Grows Trust in Your Brand.

Know the ins and outs of your industry? Use content marketing to showcase that knowledge and share helpful tips with your community!

Not only does the informative content encourage deeper relationships with people in your target market, it steadily grows your brand’s perceived authority. That goes for consumers and Google alike! The search engine likes to see continued activity coming out of your website. New content means your brand is alive and active, where stagnant websites are perceived as less dependable.


#3: Industry Champions are Doing it.

Five years ago, almost everyone laughed at the idea of company blogging being a crucial factor in Google Search results. Content marketing was still in its infancy then. Frankly, the very concept of writing material without a heavy sales emphasis annoyed professionals all over the marketplace.

Today, the content channel plays a key role in almost every successful business’ marketing strategy! “Everyone else is doing it.” isn’t the best reason to break into content marketing, but it does hint at the unstoppable momentum the practice has built over the last few years. Quality, thoughtful content has made a huge impact for businesses across the world.

Content marketing is an essential technique across countless industries. It’s inherent value lies in authenticity and relevance, which is what customers will ultimately gravitate towards. In contrast to manipulation and spam, well written content establishes your company as trustworthy and reputable. As a result, customers will be more likely to invest, both emotionally and financially. At Nolen Walker we follow Google’s quality guidelines to ensure the ranking potential of your website. Start marketing your content today by calling 866-356-8198!

Where is Content Marketing Used?

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Seasoned Writers Know How to Answer Popular Industry Questions to Create Value.

There are several ways to use content to help your company grow its customer base, and establish itself as authoritative within its respective industry. With so many content channels available on the internet, we will break down the best mediums below:

  • Blog: Constructing well written, and topic appropriate blogs will drive more traffic to your website
  • Directory Listings: Optimizing your citation sources with well written descriptions can enhance your page value
  • Social Media: So many social media profiles come across as spammy because their content is automated, and boring, it is your job to do the opposite
  • Website: Content is king, and your website is your most valuable online asset, making unique and engaging content a necessity

There are certainly the most important sources for content marketing. Still, there are other places where companies should be mindful of content. Review websites like Yelp should be monitored for reputation management, and each negative review should be responded to in a professional manner.

Benefits of Content Marketing

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What Sort of Questions and Concerns Do Your Clients Often Have? Consider Writing About Them!

So you might be thinking, “What’s in it for my business?” There are several ways your company can growth through this channel. Value-driven, engaging content  will always have more alluring than spam-like, automated content. Top businesses in the world employ content marketing, to both generate new customers, and sustain their loyalty.

Nolen Walker offers all kinds of SEO services for small businesses, and content plays a key role in our work. We believe that the best way to establish an online presence, is through authentic marketing practices. We have years of experience working with companies in the service industry, and have had great success establishing their online presence. Call 866-356-8198 for content marketing services.