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A Company Blog Provides Google With Evidence of Your Brand’s Online Activity.

Many companies don’t have the time or resources to write their own blog posts, so hiring a blog writing service becomes necessary. Here are some characteristics you should look for in a professional blog writing service:

  • Internal: Internal blogging keeps blog content within your website, making it contribute to your overall search engine optimization
  • Original Content: Many blog writing services will generate automated content for your website and it comes across to Google as spammy and poorly written
  • Relevant: Blog posts should be relevant to your business and website
  • Shareable: Blog posts should have the potential to be shared on social media, and appeal to an audience

Blogging should be part of every online marketing strategy. Not only does it provide fresh content for Google to crawl and index for search engine results, but it serves as an additional content channel through which businesses can engage potential customers and convert them into sales. Call 866-356-8198 for blog writing services.

Why Should My Company Blog?

5 years ago, the idea that blogging would become a key part of SEO was laughable. But today, we see a level of adoption unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed before. There are several reasons why a company should maintain a consistent blogging publication.

SEO Boost

#1: Blogging Helps Your Business Rank More.

Odds are there are dozens, maybe even hundreds of hot keywords related to your industry. You may not have even thought about some of them, but your customers have. Blog posts provide ample opportunity to research and capture more popular phrases for your website. At the very least, you can earn additional listings for your company. In a best case scenario, you could even win a premium featured snippet on page one of Google Search results!

These listings bring more traffic into your website. With more traffic, you have the opportunity to create additional leads and sales for your business!


#2: Blogging Promotes Deeper Engagement.

If you haven’t spent time on a blog before, this may come as a surprise. Company blogging provides numerous opportunities to form powerful relationships with consumers in your target market by addressing topics they care about. Whether you (or your digital marketing company) tackle some frequently asked questions or write a guide about solving a common consumer headache, engaging content works wonders for your website!

Think about the questions and concerns your clients frequently ask about. If you need to, get some inspiration from high ranking businesses in your community! Just remember: the most successful blogs are those that truly focus on providing helpful information, not those that coyly promote their services.


#3: Blogging Feeds Your Online Brand.

Branding isn’t just about how you portray your brand. It’s about how people perceive your brand. When you consistently deliver well-written, thoughtful, and informative material in your blog, people start to notice. Equally important: Google starts to notice. The stream of content pouring out of your website proves to Google that your business is active and engaged with the community. That gives the search engine more incentive to prioritize your listings over competitors in the area who don’t blog.

In short, blogging (done well) creates good will for your brand, with Google and consumers alike. What could you achieve with a little more brand recognition?

Internal vs External Blogging

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Our Blog Writing Services Provide Stronger Keyword Rankings.

When companies start a blog, they have an opportunity to create an internal blog or an external blog. Each has their strengths, but internal blogs are better for search engine optimization. Here are the qualities of internal and external blogs:

Internal Blog

  • Hosted on website domain
  • Website URL structure for social media sharing and Google indexing
  • Works for your website SEO

External Blog

  • Hosted on 3rd party service (Blogger, Tumblr,
  • Separate URL for social media shares and Google indexes
  • Can drive traffic to your website, but not directly influence its SEO

As you can see, internal blogging is the better option for businesses. Now you might be wondering; can I have both? Multiple blogs should generally be avoided unless you have two separate brands. If you would only be posting duplicate content on each blog, the external blog would actually be competing against your internal blog on Google SERPs.

The #1 Blog Writing Service

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See What an Engaging Company Blog Can Achieve for Your Business! Call Nolen Walker Today.

Nolen Walker offers tailored blogging service to keep fresh content circulating on your website. We employ experienced content writers to ensure that content is customized (and optimized) specifically for your brand. The results speak for themselves!

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