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Buying a domain name and creating a webpage with a couple pictures, some lines of text, and your phone number isn’t enough when you want to reach your audience online. Having search optimized content is key to ensuring your website has the ability to make it to the top of the search results. That is why we have a team of writers dedicated to crafting quality, optimized content for our customer’s websites.

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Professional Content Writing Enables Both Clients to Find Your Services Through Local Search! It Also Builds Trust, an Essential Ingredient in Sales.

We provide carefully structured content that Google wants to see on a website. Our team also makes regular updates to content, such as blog posts, so that Google sees continuous activity and optimization efforts on your website. That stream of content produces new keywords and phrases for your site to appear for in local search. Our writers team up with programmers and designers to create additional on-page SEO elements that help to boost your website content in Google search results.

Together, we create a sustainable channel of leads coming into your business from Google and consumer research hubs!

Popular Questions About Content Writing


What is Content Writing All About?

Content writing is primarily used to generate interest in your brand and establish deeper connections with prospective clients. When done well, it has huge ramifications for your SEO efforts, expanding the number of keywords and hot topics that your website appears for in local search. Productive content writing should always pull additional traffic to your website, subsequently improving the number of leads your company earns each month.


What Exactly is Content Writing?

Content writing is the production of information-rich, insightful materials designed to attract consumers from a target audience. This usually includes topical writing (with the required keyword research), targeting linking, image/graphic usage, and formatting. Effective content writing always seeks to provide fresh perspective on the given topic, and/or answer popular questions surrounding that subject. The material is then published and distributed for maximum exposure.


Why is Content Writing Important for Branding?

Content writing is meant to start conversations about key topics in your industry. It gives your brand a chance to shine, providing helpful guidance on problems that customers tend to face or fresh ideas for them to explore! While consumers start to see your company as an industry authority, Google also notices the steady release of quality content coming from your site. As a result, both prospective clients and Google reward your brand with more attention.

Worth It?

Is Professional Content Writing Worth It?

Yes! The investment poured into content writing is worth the steady growth of traffic to your website. Traffic begets leads, and leads become sales. Without quality content writing, websites rarely achieve any significant exposure, falling into obscurity on the back pages of Google Search. Professional content writing provides the solid foundation your website needs to break into your local community, and the continued energy to rank well in search results.

Key Content SEO Factors

  • Keyword Research This is an important aspect of the content creation process. Without the proper research, we won’t know what your potential customers are searching for on the web. We select keywords based on common phrases people are using to find services like yours. Keyword optimized content is an excellent way to stay a step ahead of your competitors.
  • Location Optimization When it comes to searching for local services online, geolocation has become a large factor in what kind of search results users will see. Without location search optimization, your website may not visible in Google page results for people searching in your area. We optimize every page of content with location data to ensure anyone searching for your services nearby will see your website as a result.
  • Content Quality Google has made many changes to their search engine algorithms over the years to ensure that no one cheats the system. We take the website guidelines that Google has provided very seriously; so we create quality content with SEO best practices in mind. If you need content that is not only ‘Google Approved’ but improves your organic search optimization, contact us today to get started!

Content Targeting

Content is key when you are attempting to target a specific audience for your business. With our help, you will be able to set up your website for success with quality content and a search optimization strategy. We will make sure that your website is optimized with the best keywords to get quality leads as traffic to your website. If you are looking for an internet marketing company to assist you with search optimization efforts for your business, Nolen Walker can help. We will audit your current site structure and form a customized content SEO strategy based on your services and location.

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