Nolen’s Way

SEO Theory from Nolen Walker

Hi everyone and thanks for taking a moment to read up on my SEO theory and thoughts. It’s important after all because it is the foundation for the way that we manage our client’s web presence. Our SEO theory is based upon the premise “Every little detail of every little thing.” We truly believe that if you pay attention to every detail and do every little thing the right way, it will pay off for years to come.

So, What Do You Know Now?

Most likely you have studied up a bit on SEO but you don’t know as much as you would like to know about the entire process. Many small businesses find us after trying a few other SEO or web services and not getting the results they want. Then, most have to make what I call a “gut check” decision based upon what they do know and what they have heard from everyone out there. I want to say here, if all SEO Companies acted with a high degree of integrity and ethics, then websites would always get done properly and all clients would get what they wanted. The fact of the matter is that since most clients don’t understand SEO, it’s easier for most web Companies to set someone up and perform in a subpar fashion. Most SEO companies don’t practice our mantra of “every little detail of every little thing.”

“Every Little Detail of Every Little Thing”

This is where we are far different than the average SEO Company. If you instill integrity and ethics into the company culture, then you’ll some big differences in the web presence and results produced by other service for their client, and what our clients get.

  1. We follow the SEO rules laid down by Google. Let’s be honest, they run the show, so we follow their requests. At Nolen Walker, we would have followed the rules anyway, but by doing so we get rewarded by having great sites that Google likes and the client likes. A happy search engine makes a happy client, and that makes us happy. Note: don’t totally scoff at Bing and Yahoo, they are a good 30% or so of searches too. But, if we make Google happy then we make everyone happy.
  2. More on Google: they ask some really reasonable things.
    1. Make some great and unique content each and every time, and make sure it is relevant to the website and businesses subject matter.
    2. Don’t try to trick us, we don’t like that.
    3. Don’t write pages for no reason, just to get a click.
    4. Don’t copy content or be sloppy.
    5. Do include normal things a website should have.
    6. Do include some normal external items like social media.
    7. Do tend to the site and web presence regularly. Doing so shows that you care about your business and are trying to offer a good service.

OK, so there is our basic SEO theory. Not too hard, right? But I can see the question you’re about to ask: why doesn’t everyone do this? I don’t know. But I have some theories on it! It’s easier to be lazy. It’s easier not to learn and train your staff. It’s easier to take a client’s payment and not spend it on returning the service they paid for. The reasons I can think of as to why a SEO Company wouldn’t do what they should do all have them lacking ethics and integrity.

I was discussing this idea with my business partner the other day and we broke down our advantage over 95% of other SEO firms.

  1. We have the knowledge and smarts to get the job done (and always learning more, of course). I would say that most web companies excel here.
  2. Integrity – If we take on a client and their money, then we work as hard and smart as we can and we perform on the SEO services that client wants. This breeds a successful website, and we keep a client for a lifetime. – This doesn’t appear to be the mindset of most of our competitors.
  3. Work ethic – We work hard and smart for the client. Our goal is to work as hard as we can to see our clients as successful as possible. We do this by following the Google SEO rules and providing quality / unique content in a variety of ways each and every month. We know that we perform this task far better than most, and it results in a great web presence and happy client.

We simply provide a great deal, and that means getting the most effective work for your dollar. We fully expect your organic SEO dollar to be the least expensive marketing dollar you will ever spend on marketing, and yet it can pay such great dividends. Our clients stay not because they are in a long-term agreement (we are month to month), but because the service works, and it is a great deal. So, give us a call. We work hard, we follow the rules, and our websites / web presences work great for our clients. Of all the SEO Companies, we are the one to call.   -Nolen Walker