Marketing Funnels (Podcast)



What is a Funnel?

A funnel is medium through which a consumer becomes a client. The term itself has increased in popularity recently, but the concept has been around since the inception of online marketing. Examples of common digital marketing funnels include:

  • Email Dripping
  • Organic Search Results
  • PPC Advertisements
  • Review Platforms
  • Social Media Channels

Creating Interest in Your Business

Anything that grabs a consumers attention is part of the funneling process. This can include blog posts, infographics, social posts, videos, and just about any kind of marketable content you could imagine. These are all linkable and shareable content pieces, and can each go viral under the right circumstances. Infographics are educational, and therefore are often linked to from other domains who want to showcase statistical data. This allows you to establish a funnel from an external domain, leading back to your own. In summary, content that can generate interest includes:

  • Blog Posts
  • Infographics
  • Social Posts
  • Videos

Some of these ideas might seem simple, and, for the most part, they are. Funneling is not a particularity complicated task, although its recent ascendance into popular vernacular has skewed its intended meaning. If you’ve been utilizing proper SEO marketing, there’s no reason for the fad to consume your attention. Why? Because proficient search engine optimization is a form of funneling. Any marketer who attempts to dissuade you from this premise, has financial incentives at their root interests. Don’t be fooled by the latest jargon from new-age marketers.

Funnel Flaws

The modern iteration of funnels is inherently flawed. A successful marketing campaign involves a wide range of services, which when properly implemented, encourages Google to grade your business favorably. Today, funnel systems often conflict with this very infrastructure. Too often, funneling focuses on a single avenue, such as PPC advertising, which alone will not produce a desirable or sustainable result, at least in the aggregate. Flaws in the modern funneling system include:

  • Misinformation
  • Repackaged Concept
  • Singular Focus
  • Vague Explanation 

Funneling has become a buzzword in the marketing industry and one that often misleads the consumer. There’s scare tactics used by modern marketers who claim that anyone not using funneling is doomed for failure. The reality however is that most websites are using funneling in some form — at least the moderately successful ones. The truth is that every small business needs traffic sources and an online presence that is conducive to lead generation. Whether that is called funneling or something else, ultimately has no bearing on how well or poorly it performs.

Sales Funnel

Email Drips

There was a time where automated email responses were frowned upon in the marketing community. That time was as only a few years ago. Automated emailing got so bad that a mandate was exercised to include opt-out links in every outbound email. This way, spam-like messages could easily be blocked for good, as the user would be put on a do-not-mail list after clicking the opt-out link. With the emergence of funnels as a term, email dripping has suddenly become accepted once again. Components of an email drip campaign include:

  • Automation: Messages that are pre-written
  • Timing: Messages are sent at a defined time
  • Responsiveness: Messages can vary depending on a user’s action

If you’ve ever signed up for a marketing guide or newsletter, you’ve more than likely been exposed to an email drip campaign. The messages might’ve seemed oddly relevant to your recent internet behavior. That’s no coincidence. The whole idea of email dripping is to specify the user’s current point in the sales process. Messages are crafted to move you along the process, step by step. Funnels as they are known today will almost certainly offer email automation as part of their service. Once again, it won’t matter without a foundation of strong SEO.

Are Funnels a Get Rich Quick Scheme?

Funnels are conceptually legitimate, but the way the are marketed and executed are sometimes sketchy. Forgoing website design, SEO, and content marketing with the hopes of raking in leads for your business is not only unrealistic, it is foolish. So while funneling is not a scheme, the way some consumers perceive it is less than 100% accurate. There’s some delusions of grandeur that have become associated with the term and that’s not good for marketing as an industry, which most every business requires at some point.

Investing in quality marketing services will ensure that all of your traffic and sales sources are optimized. The absence of this would eliminate a service’s quality. So if your SEO company doesn’t use the concepts presented in funnels, it’s simply not high quality. Bear in mind however, that sometimes marketing firms will not call what they do, funneling, but it works just the same, if not better. The harsh reality is that some of the newer forms of marketing buzzwords are destructive to local businesses and eliminate all nuance from a complex process.

Help With Sales Funnels

Add Positions is equipped to handle the funnels process on your behalf. With members on staff who handle web design, search engine optimization, social media and more, we can start directing traffic to your money site from a wide range of different angles. As a group of 15 marketers who perform all funneling in-house, we have a distinct advantage over companies that are hustling you out of your hard earned check. Our funnel process is legitimate. We don’t like to use misleading terminology because we run our business based on ethics and with an understanding of our clients’ needs.

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