Nolen Walker Digital Marketing adapts promotional strategies based in large part by the clients location. Our marketing experience has revealed that local content must be optimized with more specificity than content that is written for a national audience. For this reason, we customize content for our clients based on their business locations. Whether they are an electrician out in Denver, CO, or a plumber in Fort Worth, TX, our team can navigate them towards an optimal marketing campaign. We craft content with in-house writers, so that every page is custom-fit for the individual client. Nolen Walker’s team will:

  • Target Local Keywords
  • Implement Local Themes
  • And Much More!

Every location has access to the same services like content marketing, SEO, PPC, website design, and more. The differences will only be apparent in the finer details. For example, what optimizes in one location, may be far less popular in another, and therefore fail to yield desirable results. That’s where our intuitive local keyword research comes in. We evaluate data from each city, zip code, and state, to find nuances that most businesses are missing out on. Some websites spam location pages with duplicate content, hoping the mere presence of the city,st abbreviation will be enough. It’s not. Quality local pages have quality local content, plain and simply.

Why Nolen Walker?

Most marketing firms optimize local content by placing keywords throughout copy that is generally written. If done properly, the content itself will still be readable, but will fail to peak the interest of the target consumer (local customers). It’s not difficult for a local user to notice when a web page has been written with them in mind, rather than simply listing its city, state, or zip code, as an anecdotal inclusion. Nolen Walker takes location targeting to the next level. We closely analyze location-specific terms and trends so that we can produce a website and included pages that appeal directly to the defined audience, which in this case, is the local customer.

If you’re not yet convinced, trying our Free SEO Audit is a great test drive for your company. If you find that our analysis of your current marketing campaign is accurate, intuitive, and helpful, you can proceed with signing up for our monthly or per lead plans. If you are dissatisfied with the report, or disagree wholeheartedly with its premise or conclusions, it cost you nothing to have tried. It’s a win-win situation for business owners throughout the United States. By reaching this page, there’s every reason to believe that your marketing could use a boost. Call 866-356-8198 to get a Free Location-Specific SEO Audit today.