Local SEO: Is it Too Late?

Local SEO NextThe revolutionary changes to online marketing aren’t on the horizon. In fact, they are already here, and have been for those who were paying attention. Under the noses of far too many business owners, mobile search became the primary source of advertising, lead generation, customer interaction, and almost every aspect of digital marketing. For those business owners who have been late to the party, it’s not too late. With the proper marketing team, you can and will see results with a great potential for sustainable success. Your first steps should be as follows:

  • Define an Objective: Say for example, you want to gain x number of customers, while spending z number of dollars, and coordinate your budget accordingly
  • Invest in Design: Responsive web design has become almost mandatory if high Google rankings is your goal, and it generally takes a reputable and professional web designer to properly implement responsive design
  • Invest in Marketing: Determine your budget, how much you’re willing to spend on marketing, and what the potential ROI is

Once you have those goals in place, you are on your way to a local SEO success, as long as the consistent work is put in. What we tell people all the time is that organic search optimization takes time to implement and take effect. Still, starting the work now just means you will get there more quickly.

What is Next for Local SEO?

The website is designed, the marketing budget is set, and now it’s time to get to the heavy lifting. The process of implementing local SEO is not incredibly complex, but it does take consistency and dedication. Below you will find the main components to local SEO:

  • Location Data: Customers using mobile should be able to easily navigate to your website
  • Local Keyword Research: Local keywords are different than national keywords, in that you’ll want to include multiple keywords, both industry keywords, as well as local keywords — Utilizing Keyword Planner, can help businesses get started
  • NAP Listings: NAP or name, address, and phone number listings should be accurate, consistent, and optimized across all major online directories
  • Reputation Management: Bad reviews are part of doing business, it’s the way in which you handle these reviews that will ultimately determine the reputation of your company

Following these four techniques will really start to move your website closer to the top of local search engine pages. Google does everything they can, to not give priority to massive conglomerates, giving smaller companies a true chance to rank well on Google, so long as consistent SEO is applied.

Local SEO Services

The search optimization process can seem like a never ending headache with no clear prize at the finish line, local businesses can get frustrated easy. SEO is truly about minor details, these details aren’t necessarily something business owners want to spend a lot of time on. That’s where Add Positions comes in.

Add Positions is a Digital Marketing agency that provides Digital Marketing services, including, SEO Services, Local Mapping, PPC, Social Media, and Content Writing. Each of thses components make up a vital part of your overall SEO strategy. Call to speak with one of our experts today!