What is keyword stuffing?

Put simply, keyword stuffing is the act of unnaturally injecting the keywords you want to rank high for into the content or coding on a page.

If you naturally and properly write a page of engaging content about your services then you should be fine. Remember, a proper and engaging page about your services is better than a stuffed, ugly page, and the search engines will reward the former. And, if there are different types of services and categories of topics, you can write dozens of great pages about your services and it will be great content that people want to read.

The problem arose years ago when people thought they could trick the search engines by artificially injecting the keywords into the content, meta tags, and even the URL at a rate much higher than how they would otherwise naturally appear.

When someone follows the Google rules, they don’t have to worry about enforcement. They only have to look forward to rightful high placements. – Nolen Walker

Don’t Do It.

Before you go and get any ideas here; Google, Yahoo and Bing are now very good at detecting keyword stuffing and when they do detect it, they are not happy about it. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the fastest way to ruin a site’s reputation. If you get caught keyword stuffing, your rankings will drop like rock. To put it simply, don’t try to trick the search engines.

How Much is Too Much?

One of the next questions that might come up is, “How many times can I mention a keyword in the content?” Or,” What is the percentage I should go for?” The answer is, as is the case with a lot in SEO, there is no answer. There aren’t many hard and fast rules when it comes to SEO, and that’s why you’ll find so many theories on it. We simply try to put ourselves in Google’s position when we’re writing pages, and that’s to say, be natural and do it the right way.

We’ve seen what can happen when you cross Google and try something sneaky like keyword stuffing, and it’s not pretty.

Remember, we write pages properly and by the rules for our clients so that each page has the chance to optimize very high for dozens and dozens of keywords high in the SERPs. BUT, we certainly do not keyword stuff. On the contrary, we write engaging unique content that is a great read and something that Google, Yahoo and Bing would want to show someone based on its merit.