Keyword Ranking

Content Optimization and Keyword Placement: The Rules

Properly written and unique content is the backbone of any great web presence. If your website doesn’t have great content, and a lot of it, then you simply will not have the keyword rankings that you are looking for.

A beefy content rich site is the foundation of a great web presence. – Nolen Walker

Why Content Matters

This topic is in our opinion the single most important component of proper SEO. Google has asked for unique content that is a great read. And, they have asked that those pages of content be legitimate pages about the services or products that the business offers.

Content can mean a couple of different things, but the first and most obvious is the content that’s on the pages of your website.

If you have dozens of pages of properly written, unique and engaging content (combined with proper coding) then you stand the chance of placing well for your keywords.

Keyword optimization, of course, is not as simple as typing up some words on a page. You must follow basic SEO principals and do it in an ethical way with good intent. It can get tricky, but we will try to explain this delicate situation. Even if you think you know how to optimize for a keyword that does not mean that you should take advantage of that knowledge.

Writing for Optimization

fountain-pen-270974_640Google doesn’t want you to write content for content’s sake; that is, just to fill out a website. They want what you write to be meaningful and valuable. Content that is determined to provide value to Google users is the content that will rank highly. Part of working with keyword optimization is knowing how to walk that fine line and determine what’s good content, and what’s filler, because a site full of ‘fluff’ can drag it down.

It is hard for many people to write content if their intent is keyword placement. If you use too many keywords then technically your writing will be considered Spam, which you definitely don’t want. Spam is a word used to describe many violations of search engines rules and typically revolves around the act of trying to Game the search engines for the purpose of keyword rankings.

There are some things that Google tells us to do and there are some things that Google tells us not to do. And, there are many things that go unsaid.

Google reveals just enough of their inner working to allow SEO experts like us to draw our own conclusions and decide how best to proceed. The reason you shouldn’t focus solely on keyword optimization is because Google has said that your main goal when creating content is to provide information to the user. Writing purely for the algorithm jeopardizes that, and that’s why we take such care when we make pages for our clients. If you tell everyone exactly how to write content for optimum placement of keywords, then all the content would be written exactly the same and sound the same.

Work hard on your content regularly, do the right thing and Google will reward those hard working individuals because they have created the proper web presence and pages the search engines want to show their searchers. – Nolen Walker

How to Make Your Site the Obvious Choice

At the end of the day, the main job of a search engine is to take their client, the person who typed in a keyword, to the best website or relevant data about that keyword. Nowadays, your website is not the only source of content available. With things like social influence and interactions becoming much more of the norm, it’s important to maintain a full web presence, and that means having other sources of unique content constantly being added to your web presence.

Other sources of content besides your websites pages:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Blog
  • Google Plus
  • Other social media outlets

There are many sources of content that might be relevant to a keyword search so you want to partake in several of them so that you have the ability to show up for as many keyword placements as possible but legitimately.

Remember, legitimately means that you followed the Google Content Rules and didn’t try to trick or game the search engines. Google is responsible for the vast majority of searches, but the same reasoning applies to Bing and Yahoo as well. For now, Google makes the rules, so we follow them. By making Google happy, your keywords should have high placement on Bing and Yahoo as well.

Knowing how to write content is just the start, and it’s only one tiny aspect of proper SEO. It is a novel, not just a chapter. It is a journey and not a destination. Call us and will handle it and get your phone to ring. – Nolen Walker

10 Things to consider when writing content to have your keywords optimize well:

  1. Write all Meta Tags by the rules; Title, Description, Keyword etc…
  2. Pay some attention to your Alt Tags (picture tags)
  3. Don’t forget your H1, H2’s etc… Headings
  4. Write great content and don’t copy other content, plagiarize or otherwise violate a copyright
  5. Have some legitimate Href’s / links to other pages in your site if it feels appropriate.
  6. Use bold and italic to make the page read well and feel good to the user
  7. Include some interesting stuff about the topic for the page. In other words, don’t just write some fluff junk content with some superlatives and boasts like “Best” or “Great”. You’re an expert in your field, and the writing on your page should reflect that. If you provide honest, insightful and relevant content, it makes for a great read, and that’s the type of content that the search engines look for to rank highly.
  8. Good content writing is natural content writing. You shouldn’t have to strain to mention your keywords. If you can’t seem to find enough places to talk about your keywords, you’re probably either writing about the wrong thing, or what you’re writing about doesn’t need its own page. It’s a fine line; too little, and you won’t optimize. Too much means you’re stuffing, which isn’t a good read and is bad for rankings.
  9. Don’t leave a dead horse on the track. Work the website and web presence regularly like someone who cared about their business and web presence would do.
  10. Ask the Nolen Walker Team to help you. We just explained one tiny aspect of proper SEO for the purpose of content optimization but it really is the tip of the iceberg. Our services are so reasonably priced that it simply doesn’t make sense not to at least pick up the phone to see what we can do for you and at what price.

If you are a bit confused, then please take a look at what a Google representative has to say about this. And, if you made it down to the end of the page then congratulations! You should have enough knowledge to make an educated and informed decision to call the Nolen Walker Team of experts to get you the keyword placements that can help your site and your business.

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