Swimming Pool SEO

In an industry rapidly shifting towards online search, keeping up may feel like an overwhelming challenge. After all, you can’t simply take out a newspaper or radio ad and expect the results professionals could find ten years ago. More than ever before, consumers search online for their essential home services. That’s where the most prosperous businesses have directed their attention: swimming pool SEO (search engine optimization).

At Nolen Walker, our team researches the online marketing tools and strategies that provide exceptional growth opportunities for your business. From initial website development to continued content management, we’ve determined the most effective ways to build exposure for your brand and generate leads in the process. Here’s how to take your swimming pool company to the next level!

Custom, Optimized Website Development

A successful online marketing plan begins and ends with a company’s website. That’s because other marketing efforts ultimately direct potential customers back into the site where they can become actual leads. Nail your company website development, and you’ll have the foundation for outstanding swimming pool SEO!

Anyone can take a pre-made template and make a site, but that rarely provides optimum results for a business. Google’s analytical engine rewards websites that incorporate fresh coding, which takes some experience to master. However, there are a few crucial elements that every company site must incorporate to please Google¬†and future customers.

  • Clean Design & Navigation,
  • Keyword Optimization, and
  • Engaging Content.

Clean Design

Simplifying the Visitor Experience

Did you know that people, when visiting a website for the first time, form an positive or negative perception about the company within the first few seconds? Even before they read about your services, visitors to your site examine the cleanliness of the design and the friendliness of the navigation. If they can easily find the right service(s), your chances of making a new client skyrocket!

Example of Cramped Design That May Affect Swimming Pool SEO

This Company Tried to Cram Too Much Information into a Small Space.

Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to constructing a site and categorizing services. While you may have dozens of valuable services to offer, most successful websites take a few primary service categories and group a handful of related sub-services beneath them. This makes it easy to optimize site architecture and URLs, which further enhances your rankings after Google assesses your website.

Keyword Optimization

High-Performance Words & Phrases

Content and navigation affect the user experience after people have already landed on your website. But how do they find your site in the first place? Keywords! Google examines the wording in a particular search, gauges the primary words and phrases within that query, then looks for authoritative websites that contain those keywords.

Keyword optimization can make or break a business, which is why thorough research is so essential for success!

Keyword Research Planning During Swimming Pool SEO

Quality Keyword Research Helps Businesses Stand Out. Source: Ubersuggest

The content developers at Nolen Walker utilize research tools like Ubersuggest (seen above), Moz, and SEMrush to generate a pool of high-performance words and phrases. The best researchers hunt for words that offer substantial search volume with relatively low competition. With keyword localization, companies can further refine their results, eliminating extra competition and many false leads at the same time.

Engaging Content

Insightful (Helpful) Content

It’s possible to master keyword research and beautiful web design, but still miss out on leads due to poor content. In recent years, Google has cracked down on sites that stuff keywords into nonsensical writing in order to rank higher. Nowadays, the search engine rewards quality writing from authoritative sources.

A Blog Post About Tree Root Damage

If Your Clients Voice Concerns About Certain Problems, Talk About it in a Blog!

The best performing websites focus on balancing brand promotion and addressing hot consumer topics. As more and more people look to your website for answers (increasing domain authority) to their most concerning questions, you’ll find that both your site rankings and leads generate both naturally rise. Try keeping track of your client’s frequently asked questions and those found in Google search, then target those topics in your content!

Other Essential Tools to Improve Your Visibility

Of course, there are so many services and tool to enhance your search engine optimization. One rule of thumb: if you want Google to rank your business higher, take advantage of all the free tools the company has to offer! That includes their Google Reviews program (a must for swimming pool SEO) and Google My Business listings.

Example of How Reviews Improve Swimming Pool SEO

Which of These Listings Do You Think People Trust the Most?

Not only do these tools provide essential location and service hour data for your business, reviews make it easier for potential customers to trust your company. Search engines thorough analysis to gauge a company’s level of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Reviews play a huge role in Google’s assessment of your website. Bottom line: take every opportunity the company offers to enhance your search results!

Swimming Pool SEO Services

At Nolen Walker, our SEO experts provide invaluable solutions in website development, content creation, and continued optimization. Our clients dominate their localized search results, earning steady growth and higher quality leads. If you’re looking for a reliable way to improve your company’s online visibility and expand your business, talk with one of our trusted professionals about building a growth plan!

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