SEO for Roofing Contractors

Do you ever wish that your website could generate a higher volume and better quality of leads? That’s a goal that most roofing companies share, but many don’t know how to achieve. At Nolen Walker, our seasoned roofing company SEO (search engine optimization) experts delve into what sets apart the best online marketing campaigns. We find that the most successful contractors follow a straightforward but sophisticated strategy.

Building a High-Performance Roofing Website

More and more, homeowners look to the internet to find their essential services. Companies eagerly strive to be found on popular search engines (especially Google). With so much at skate, some enterprises forget one of the most critical facts of roofing company SEO… Successful online marketing begins and ends with a quality company website.

That may put a lot of pressure on your shoulders, especially if your team doesn’t share a lot of web development experience. What goes into all those beautiful corporate sites you see online, and how do they consistently generate leads? While long-term success comes from an extensive amount of research and refinement, there are some key factors you’ll want to hang onto as you plan your company website.

Web Design

Clean Website Design

Have you ever stumbled into a site where finding anything required painstaking search, rereading, and redirection to other pages? Not only does this type of web design send potential customers running for the hills, but it also discourages Google from ranking your site anywhere near the front page of search results! That’s bad news for business because the chances of people clicking past the first page grow exponentially slim.

Clean, crisp navigation should allow your site visitors to quickly find what they’re looking for without having to click around.

Clean Web Design to Boost Roofing Company SEO

Roofing Company SEO Begins With Clean, Easy to Navigate Site Design.

One of the easiest ways to simplify navigation and boost your roofing company SEO on your site is a concise dropdown menu with categorized services. Businesses, especially roofers, often fall to the temptation to place every single one of their credentials and certifications on the homepage. Badges consume valuable space that you could use to introduce your company and direct homeowners towards a clear call to action.

Keyword Research

Competitive Keyword Strategy

Speaking of helping people find what they’re looking for, what does your keyword strategy look like? While clean design certainly plays a heavy role in search results, nothing drives rankings like sophisticated keyword optimization. From the homepage to the newest child service page, every element of your website depends on keyword-rich content.

Of course, dynamic keyword development isn’t something that happens overnight. It may take some significant research to find what clicks in your industry. At Nolen Walker, our team utilizes some of the most widely trusted research tools in roofing company SEO, including invaluable services like SEMrush, Ubersuggest, and MOZ.

Ubersuggest Results During Roofing Company SEO Planning

Quality Keywords Drive Results for Your Pages. Source: Ubersuggest

Which is easier: challenging the entire roofing industry or tackling a handful of companies in your local community? One of the most potent tricks that SEO professionals take advantage of to boost results is localization. By optimizing your content only for your supported cities, you cut out a significant portion of your competition and eliminate a high percentage of false lead calls. If you’ve turned down one too many calls from homeowners and companies two hours away, this is excellent news!

Content Dev

Compelling Content Development

So all you need to be successful is a high volume of good keywords? Not quite. Think of the last time you browsed online and discovered an exceptionally poorly written website. Bloated with spelling errors, grammatical faux pas, and excessive sales language clearly showed that the writer cared little for the quality of their work. If you read a few lines, got a bad taste in your mouth, and quickly left the site, you’ve experienced the same feeling that many Google users face as they hunt for their essential services.

Factual, informative, and engaging content drives user interaction now more than ever.

A Blog Article Designed to Drive Roofing Company SEO

Your Blogs Should Offer Informative Content Too!

Instead of relying solely on keywords to bring in customers, think of them as a content enrichment tool. That goes for your services pages and your blog posts. As far as creating quality content goes, ask yourself (and your content writer):

  • Have we provided information that our site promised to give?
  • Does our content inform the reader as much or more than it promotes our business?
  • Does the quality of our writing boost confidence or doubt in the reader?

Not everyone has the essential experience needed to provide keyword-optimized, professional writing. If necessary, invest in an experienced and proven content development service to craft your pages. You will notice the difference in your search engine rankings.

Roofing Company SEO Services

As one of the leading services in roofing company SEO, Nolen Walker provides a full suite of solutions to drive up your business’s search engine results and generate higher quality leads. Our clients frequently earn top spots in both organic search and Google Maps.

It all begins with our custom-designed and optimized company websites, rich keyword research, and engaging content development. If you’d like to learn more about our services and see how your business can start earning more quality leads, talk with one of our friendly experts at Nolen Walker! We’d love to serve you.

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