What is Roofer SEO?

Roofer SEO refers to search engine optimization tailored specifically for roofers. SEO itself is the refinement of digital content to promote search engine visibility. When tailored for a specific industry, like the roofing, the process is customized to focus on the nuances of the selected niche. The goal of roofer SEO is to generate quality leads through organic web traffic.

Roofing Contractor Marketing vs SEO

SEO and marketing are not mutually exclusive. Instead, SEO is a subcategory of marketing. Because of its ascending popularity, the term itself has been used interchangeably with internet and digital marketing. This can lead to confusion and worse yet, misinformation. When a company offers SEO services, they should outline exactly what those services include. If the company cannot document tangible actions that are performed on your behalf, they cannot be trusted in any way shape or form. Let’s take a look at the concepts from a hierarchical perspective:

Roofer SEO Flow Chart

Roofers understand the importance of structure, and like a well constructed roof, every successful SEO campaign is deliberately and strategically structured. No single component encompasses search optimization in its entirety, but a combination of intelligent actions combine to yield a highly effective online marketing campaign. From custom website design to on page optimization, SEO has elements in almost every sphere. A properly optimized web page makes finding your roofing business convenient and simple. Nolen Walker helps roofing companies climb to ranking positions that once seemed foreign to them. To get started today, call 866-356-8198.

Can SEO Produce Roofing Leads?

Yes, but it takes time and dedication. Going from 0 leads to several is not something that can happen within days and is unlikely to happen even within weeks. With that said, Nolen Walker Digital Marketing can get your online presence to start generating leads as fast as possible. Within months your company should start to observe a noticeable increase in lead generation. How do we accomplish this? By tackling search optimization from every angle. The key to a profitable SEO strategy is a full spectrum campaign that leaves no small detail left unattended. Some of our areas of focus include:

  • Keyword Relevancy: Researching and targeting keywords with buyers’ intent
  • Link Building: Helping your site earn high quality links from relevant and sensible websites
  • User Experience: Designing an engaging website with simple navigation and structure

Roofing companies spend thousands of dollars on marketing services without having a system in place to track its effectiveness. Nolen Walker includes such a system in each of our clients’ plans. Because we track each lead channel, we’ll know from which sources leads are originating and how to improve sources that are failing to maintain pace with others. With a staff of in-house designers and content marketers, you are provided direct access to everyone working on your optimization campaign. We keep a communicative relationship with each roofer so that they are able to voice questions or concerns whenever they arise, and receive prompt consultation.

How Long Does it Take To See Results?

There’s no SEO on the planet that can force Google to rank your page higher. Because there are literally thousands of variables that go into every ranking on Google, any kind of guarantee to when and where your website will rank is misleading. What we can guarantee however is to implement strategies that have proven to work over time. We use optimization techniques that have helped countless roofing companies improve their SERP position, and yours could be next. Because there is some unpredictability to the exact time frame of effective SEO, it’s best to get started as soon as possible. We’ve found that we are able to improve the ranking potential of new websites within a month, and really start to make substantial progress within 3 months. Variables will include:

  • Algorithms: Google makes at least minor alterations to their algorithm almost every day
  • Competition: How competitive your market is for roofing keywords
  • Consistency: How frequently your website is updated (we provide new blog posts each month)
  • Demand: Like with any other form of marketing, how great the demand is for your service

There’s no simple answer to the question of how long optimization takes. Anyone who claims to have a concrete time is either mistaken or lying. The latter is true in most cases, as anyone in the marketing industry for over a year should know that there’s no guarantees in this business. The smart companies, like ours, track the results of each client so that we can constantly improve and refine strategies moving forward. You’ll find that our roofing contractor clients are happy with the services we provide to them. In fact, we are largely considered one of the top SEO companies for roofers throughout the United States. We look forward to you joining our team yourself in the near future.

Local SEO vs National SEO

As a contractor, your business is predominantly local. With Nolen Walker, you get to choose how wide your service radius is. Once you decide, we create city pages for each area served. This allows your business to optimize for every zip code in which you target. So you’re probably wondering, what’s the difference between local and national SEO? Think of local SEO as a more narrowly focused version of its national counterpart. If your roofing company was a national conglomerate, it might target a highly competitive keyword like “roof repair services.” Conversely, a local company would make that keyword long-tail, and target “roof repair services in (city, st). Take a look at some of the differences below:

National Vs Local SEO Diagram

When choosing a digital marketing company, make sure they can coherently describe the differences between local and national SEO. While they may seem subtle on the surface, local campaigns will require a more narrow focus on your company’s service radius. Language used in local sectors may be unique and stand out from terms that are nationally common. Southern cities for example, may use slight dialect variations, and therefore have larger search volumes for terms that are less popular on a national scale. Nolen Walker performs location-specific keyword research, so that your web pages reach the right consumers at the right times.

On Page Vs Off Site SEO for Roofers

Optimization falls under two major categories, on page and off site. Most novices associate SEO with on page SEO, which simply refers to optimization tasks that are performed on your main website. This can include everything from content writing , and keyword placement, to image optimization and schema markup. Nolen Walker’s in house staff incorporates every detail of on page SEO onto your roofing website. We do so to help drive the most relevant customers to your site and encourage lead generation. Off site SEO refers, in contrast, to optimization tasks performed away from your main website. This can include everything from social media posts, to citation listings. Take a look at some of the examples below:

  • Post on Facebook: Off Site SEO
  • Blog Post on Primary Domain: On Page SEO
  • Inbound Link From Authority Website: Off Site SEO
  • Internal Link From One Site Page To Another: On Page SEO

On page SEO is always in the hands of the company and its webmasters. Off page SEO however can sometimes create a need for reliance on a 3rd party. For example, forming an inbound link from an external source is not something you can do manually. You can however create great content that is worthy of am inbound link, but someone else will actually be forming the link itself. Other off site SEO tasks however are under your jurisdiction. For example, you can create social profiles on the major media platforms, as well as claim and optimize your business listings on each of the major directories. Seems like a lot to handle? Have no worries, Nolen Walker will take care of it for you!

Sign Up Today for Roofing SEO From Nolen Walker

To take your roofing company to the next level heading into 2019, an investment in Nolen Walker Digital Marketing will be one of the best you’ll ever make. With experience working with contractors like yourself, and helping them increase their search visibility and web traffic, we use proven techniques to help your business start generating more roofing leads. While SEO is not something that is executed in a day or week, its long-term benefits are monumental. It’s important to get your company on the right optimization path as soon as possible. Google looks for consistency and longevity out of domains, and it is time for yours to start establishing its excellence.

While SEO is a major focus for our clients, it is not the only digital marketing option available to them. In addition to optimizing your pages, Nolen Walker also provides PPC, social media marketing and website design. We never used stock templates when designing our roofing websites. Instead, your site will be a unique representation of your company and give consumers every reason to engage with your services. Call 866-356-8198 for roofer SEO services from Nolen Walker.