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Today’s retailers must find original ways to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Competition is more fierce than ever before, largely due to the encroachment of online retailers. In order to succeed and thrive in your own retail environment, you will need the benefits of digital retail marketing. SEO represents a major component of this effort. Today’s customers will typically seek out a retailer through a Google search. In order to appear as a trusted option, the main tool of your digital marketing, your website, must have optimization for Google’s ranking algorithms.

Add Positions offers SEO services for retailers located anywhere in the country. Effective SEO is comprised of several different elements, including website design, social media management, keyword optimization, and first-rate content. With a full team of designers, code specialists, and content writers, Add Positions represents your one-stop source for effective SEO. To pursue these benefits, along with our proven lead generation services, simply give us a call today at 866-356-8198.

Website Design for Retail Marketing

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Custom Websites Empower Retailers to Thrive

An effective, attractive website represents the foundation of any SEO effort. As digital marketers, we provide custom work that plays to the strengths of our clients’ services. Every website we build contains elements designed uniquely for your business, including logo design and the implementation of your own photos. Other website designers or all-in-one SEO companies employ design templates. While these may appear attractive, the lack of original design and content can actually perform a disservice to your marketing efforts. When you work with Add Positions for your SEO needs, our web design team accomplishes everything you need.

  • Custom Design: We build every website from the ground up, with the fresh coding that Google likes to see.
  • Versatility: Our websites appear attractive and function optimally on any platform, whether a desktop, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Mobile Presentation: We also provide for effective mobile design, so that every component of your website appears clean and functional when viewed on a mobile device.
  • Schema: An important element of a quality website, schema markups from appeal to Google’s crawlers and ranking algorithms.

You can find a vast array of web design companies, but very few that can design your website to ideally support the characteristics of effective SEO. We do not simply design and build your website, we populate it with keywords applicable to your retail business. Furthermore, we never make our clients choose a mere selection of keywords, and instead create enough content to support every applicable keyword framed to capture leads. In other words, your website will contain all the relevant terms to capture the intent of searchers out to find your type of store.

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Running a retail enterprise requires a great deal of energy, enthusiasm, and commitment. If you try to manage your own social media, web design, and other elements of retail marketing, you will quickly find yourself spread too thin. Instead, trust a proven expert for all of your SEO needs. At Add Positions, we offer effective, affordable, and attractive digital marketing that plays to your strengths and attracts the customers you want and need. To learn more or begin service, call 866-356-8198 today.