Retail Marketing

In today’s competitive world of retail, half the battle comes down to getting noticed by consumers. As more and more people shift their shopping research online, retail marketing also needs to change with it. Those businesses that know how to adapt to this ever expanding marketplace not only survive in this online world, they thrive!

So how can your business make the most out of online retail marketing? At Nolen Walker, we’ve already done the research on what separates the most successful retailers from the rest. Look to these essential opportunities to grow your business!

Customized Website Development

For those with little to no online marketing experience, those three words can feel extremely intimidating. Thankfully, there are plenty of online tools and services available to help you overcome the challenges of web development.

A well-crafted website serves as the foundation for online marketing strategy.

That’s because practically every promotional event, social media project, paid search campaign, and other miscellaneous work springs off of your website and feeds back into it.┬áIf you want to develop a firm online presence and draw in consumers, a tailored site is the perfect place to start!

Layout & Design

Intuitive Web Layout and Navigation

The overall design of your commercial website speaks volumes about your business and products, even before you add in content. A clean, intuitive layout conveys a feeling of dependability, a trait your brand desperately needs! Plus, simple navigation makes it easy for your potential customers to learn more about the products they connect with most.

Example of Retail Marketing Through Company Website Development

Intuitive Product Categories Make it Easy for Shoppers to Browse Your Inventory!

Of course, having a well-structured website also makes it easier for Google’s analytical tools to crawl (examine) your website and index it for search. Just by ordering your services into intuitive categories, your business can ensure that Google has an easier time connect eager customers to your company website. Of course, your site visitors will be happy for the easier shopping experience too!

Keyword Research

Keyword Research & Optimization

Keywords drive the SEO (search engine optimization) performance for your website. They serve as a signal for Google and other engines as to how relevate your website is to inquisitive shoppers. Thus, keyword research plays an unmistakably crucial role in your retail marketing strategy. But how can your business develop a powerful collection of traffic-driving keywords?

Search Engine Results With Localized Keywords

Keyword Localization Cuts Out Most Competitors and Enhances Your Lead Development Quality!

When it comes to our retail marketing team at Nolen Walker, we often utilize helpful tools like Moz, Ubersuggest, and SEMrush to find winning key phrases for our clients. Localization allows us to refine these words even further, eliminating competitors and spurring long-term business for each company. Localization not only causes your retail company to rank higher, it also makes it easier for potential customers to find you in their search results!

Content Dev

Engaging Content Development & Management

What is the primary purpose of your website’s content? Some businesses believe the only purpose of content is to sell merchandise or promote, but that’s not true. Content in its purest form should provide information, insight, and influence for consumers. When potential customers visit your website, they are looking for specific information (either about products or your business). Is your website providing them with the information they need, or will they have to look elsewhere?

A Snapshot From a Company's Blog

Informative Content Makes Your Brand Appear More Authoritative, Which Improves Customer Return Rates.

Your homepage, service/product pages, and blog provide the majority of information for website visitors. Ideally, your visitors should know exactly what to expect when they enter your physical store and gain all the pertinent information required for their particular purchase decision. Keyword-rich, insightful writing and visuals makes the shopping experience as stress-free as possible, something that will encourage potential customers to choose you over other retailers!

Outside Tools to Help You Succeed

Search engine page ranking isn’t the only metric for success in online retail marketing. The quality of your search results also determines how people perceive your company. Thankfully, there are plenty of tools (even beyond your website) to help you succeed. One of the most essential ones is your Google My Business profile!

Google Map and Reviews Information for Retail Marketing

Rankings and Listing Quality Go Hand in Hand for Better Lead Development!

As you claim, populate, and confirm your free business listing from Google, you’ll ensure better localization for your company. Further enhance your search results by incorporating Google Reviews, another crucial tool your business needs to develop credibility. Talk with a retail SEO professional if you aren’t sure how to claim your business listing!

Retail Marketing and SEO Services

Nolen Walker is one of the most respected and established names in digital retail marketing and SEO. Our clients regularly dominate top rankings in local search, earning higher volumes and higher quality of leads. Through custom website development, PPC campaigns, social media advertising, and other key online marketing tools, the Nolen Walker team creates outstanding growth opportunities for dozens and dozens of clients throughout the United States. Don’t just succeed in your local retail marketing; thrive!

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