Remember when painting companies relied exclusively on word of mouth and traditional advertising to earn new business? Those days are far behind us, but this creates exciting new growth opportunities for your enterprise! As more and more people rely on Google and other search engines for their essential services, it’s clear that online marketing and painting contractor SEO offer the strongest growth potential now and for the future.

At Nolen Walker, we explore all the tools you’ll need to thrive in the online marketplace!

Custom Website Development

A company website serves as the foundation for online marketing efforts. Practically all other marketing elements spring off the site and feed back into it. Even your social media advertising and paid search campaigns need a place to direct potential clients. This works in your business’ favor, allowing you to consolidate your reviews, project photography, and service information into one conveniently accessible platform.

So how can you build a website that brings in customers and creates new growth opportunities?

Web Design

Designing Intuitive Website Layout

Have you ever been on a website that made it difficult to find anything you wanted to? If you’re like us and all the online readers out there, you probably didn’t stick around for long. That’s why simplified navigation plays such a crucial role in website design. All the dropdown menus, service categories, and other tools we take for granted can make or break a site’s rankings and search traffic.

Example of Clean Website Design

Simple Navigation Makes for a More Pleasant Browsing Process (and Better SEO).

Another key element of design that all to many businesses neglect is the call to action. Clear, visible directions to contact the business via phone or email are more appreciated than you may realize. Keep in mind, people browsing your site actually want to find more information about the company. Future clients want you to tell them how to proceed, and you want the additional lead calls that come as a result!

Keyword Planning

Researching High-Performance Keywords

“Find quality keywords for your service area! Everything rests on keywords.” You’ve probably heard and read how keywords drives traffic results for websites, but where do you even start developing a collection of high-performing phrases? Some of the easiest places to begin your keyword research are SEMrush, Moz, and Ubersuggest. These tools provides valuable insights into volume, competition, and other key traits, which is why our specialists at Nolen Walker frequently rely on them.

Keyword Research Results on Ubersuggest

Keyword Research Greatly Influences the Success of Each Page on Your Website. Source: Ubersuggest

Even well-performing keywords can be tailored to provide even better results for your specific geographic radius. With localization, not only do you cut out a large portion of search competitors, you greatly reduce the number of lead calls coming from communities outside your service area. What if you could limit your competition to a handful of local enterprises?

Content Creation

Creating Informative Content

Should your content focus on getting a higher rank on Google’s search results or providing insight for your potential clients? The answer is both. Without engaging and informative content, your readers will simply look elsewhere for their information (and your ranking will subsequently drop anyway). Without that painting contractor SEO, readers will never find your website in the first place.

So how can you find that perfect balance between seeking a higher ranking and creating helpful content?

A Blog Article From a Painting Website

Content Should Inform More Than it Sells, Which is Why Engaging Content Typically Ranks Higher.

Take all the questions that your clients and other readers have to ask, and focus on giving clear answers for those. As you (or your chosen writer) creates the content, infuse it with those quality keywords you carefully researched ahead of time. Be sure to avoid stuffing keywords in places where they’ll stick out too much. Aim for a natural blending into the text.

Even an experienced content writer can struggle with this process, but it’s worth taking time to get it right. You’ll certainly love the results: higher site traffic and noticeable improvement in conversions!

Other Crucial Tools to Help You Succeed

Sometimes growing business requires you to look beyond the company website. One of the strongest assets any person-to-person company can take advantage of is a Google My Business profile. Not only does this provide more rich details for your local search results, it also serves as a tool to advertise your promotions and blog articles!

Example of Google Reviews Improving Painting Contractor SEO

Google Reviews Offers Improved SEO and Creates a Sense of Accountability in Potential Clients.

Of course, Google has numerous other resources to take advantage of. Google Reviews can imbue your company with a sense of accountability and trustworthiness. Considering the importance of word of mouth referrals in the industry, your painting contractor SEO could certainly benefit from the happy reviews of satisfied customers. In fact, our clients at Nolen Walker frequently hear from clients who saw their “good reviews”.

If you haven’t tried out Google Adwords yet, your business is likely missing out on lucrative clients. You only pay for ads that people click on, and paid search results enjoy exceptional placement at the top of Google search results. Many businesses see a double return on their paid search investment, so make sure you talk with an expert about trying it out for your company!

Painting Contractor SEO Solutions

As one of the most highly regarded painting contractor SEO companies in the United States, Nolen Walker provides a full spectrum of services to craft, manage, and enhance your business’ online marketing. Our custom website design and optimized content allow our clients to dominate their local search engine rankings. Our experienced specialists at Nolen Walker do all the hard work for you, generating new leads for your company and drawing more attention to your brand!

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