What does it take to transport your business from page #3 to the front page of Google’s search engine rankings? That’s a question many locksmith and security companies ask as they try to expand their business. As the majority consumers transition over to Google as their primary or exclusive tool for finding essential services, locksmith SEO (search engine optimization) is more critical than ever! If you want your company to get noticed by potential clients, you’re going to have to dig deep to pull out on top.

Optimized Website Design for Locksmith SEO

A winning online marketing strategy always begins and ends with your company website. The vast majority of social media efforts and paid advertisements feed back into your site. If your content and site design isn’t easy to navigate for your customer’s, there’s a good chance you’re bleeding customers every day. A well-designed and keyword optimized site however, will draw in people and create higher confidence in your brand. 

Clear Website Design Encouraging Locksmith SEO

Simple Navigation and a Clear Call to Action Encourage People to Learn More.

Crafting Your High Performance Website

So how can your locksmith company create a site that both engages potential customers and drives premium ranking on Google’s search engine results? You’ll need impeccable website design, dynamic keyword-driven content, and a plan for ongoing refinement. Whether you rely on an internal development professional or outsource the work to a specialist, these elements will greatly enhance your company’s online marketing strategy.

Clean Navigation

Convenient User Navigation & Call to Action

Search engines utilize crawlers to index your website. Think of little bots looking through each page to see how simple it is to navigate your website. Simplistic, refined design gets rewarded with higher search engine rankings, while confusing navigation leads to harsh penalties.

In real world terms, Google wants to make sure your site is easy for potential customers to explore. If people can easily find what they’re looking for, you’ll see your company move towards the first page of search results (a must for long-term success)! Make sure your web developer understands the essentials of clean, simplified navigation.

Dropdown Menu for Better Locksmith SEO

Concise Dropdown Menus Make it Easy to Find a Desired Service!

Keyword Research

Driving Results With High Performance Keywords

While most website developers understand the importance of high-volume keywords, not everyone understands how to properly harness them to get results. Some resort to keyword stuffing, peppering excess amounts of special words to artificial drive rankings. Others aim for the highest volume words available, and end up accidentally spending a small fortune to get notice. Neither of these methods create the quality leads that your team desires.

SEMRush Keyword Research for Locksmith SEO

Source: SEMrush

Quality keywords can cost a lot of money in paid advertising, and they can be challenging to dominate in competitive organic search. Localizing keywords however, allows even smaller businesses to gain competitive advantage in their community of operation. Not only can you reduce your pool of competition to a handful of businesses in your city or metropolitan area, you can also reduce the cost per click in paid advertisements.

Want one last tip for enhancing your locksmith SEO? Harness your keywords inside your page URLs! In the example below, you can see how our team uses quality keywords in both the top level service category and the child service. That’s just one way we provide better rankings for our clients!


Ongoing SEO

Refining & Expanding Your Website Content

So once you’ve designed your website, crafted your wonderful content, and taken your site live, you can just sit back and let your website do all the hard work, right? Not quite! There’s still quite a bit of effort left to give to keep your site performance up. Google priorities websites that continually grow their content, which is why so many businesses take to cyclical blogging. 

Company Earns Higher Locksmith SEO With Blogging

Informative Content With Keyword Optimization Shows Google Your Site Means Business!

While it may feel like a lot of work, you (or your web developer) can take advantage of your informative blog posts to link to back to your services. You can also utilize this content to fuel social media interaction. The more places you have linking back to your website, the better your performance will be.

Locksmith SEO Services

Nolen Walker is one of the most highly regarded locksmith SEO companies in the United States. Not only do our clients regularly experience higher rankings on Google’s search results, they continually earn high quality leads from their investment. From website development to continued optimization, our team provides outstanding online marketing results for our clients. With increased brand exposure and premium customer services, you’ll quickly see why so many businesses rely on us for continued growth!

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