How Structured Data and Schema Markup Boost Law Firm Google Rankings

What is Structured Data and Schema Markup?

There are 1.6 billion websites in the digital world today. With that kind of competition, your law firm needs every SEO technique possible to rank well in local and general searches. and structured data are two forms of coding that can help showcase your information for easy indexing and accurate appearances in SERPs. Google looks for schema and structured data to easily index your information and boost your Lawyer SEO naturally. However, incomplete or incorrect data can lead to poor performing websites and incorrect data distribution. Ensure that your data is entered and formatted correctly for maximum SEO capabilities by calling the Nolen Walker experts at 866-356-8198. We can add the correct data to your site to get you found on SERPs. These specialized data structures can be used for:

  • Highlighting Important Firm Information
  • Showcasing Important Details
  • Providing Google With Easy to Read Information
  • Increasing Chances of Being Presented in a Featured Snippet

    Structured Data Under Magnifying Glass

    Structured Data and Schema Markup Deliver Easy to Read and Index Information for Search Engines Like Google.

Structured Data

Structured data is a way of presenting information to Google bots that’s easy to read and index. By using structured data, the selected details can be read more quickly by bots, leading to higher rankings in SERPs and better chances of achieving featured snippets. These snippets are located at the top of many Google searches and provide detailed information about a specific subject. Featured snippets, the most clicked on Google listings, can contain details like:

  • Procedure, Product Benefit, or Service Lists
  • Definitions or Explanations
  • Company Information
  • Answers to Specific Questions
  • And Much More

    Structured Data Used for a Featured Snippet

    Featured Snippets are Composed of Structured Data and Are Located at the Top of Many Google Queries.

This type of data is also used to better convey subject matter to Google and other search bots for higher SERP rankings. Because of the extreme tagging that this type of coding, bots can easily and quickly identify the subject and details provided which can lead to more relevant search appearances and higher rankings. Structured data must be inserted correctly to be effective. This coding type labels each piece of your data so that Google bots know what type of information it is as well as the details of the content. Incorrect coding can confuse Google, causing incorrect data presentation or decreased SERP rankings for your site. To prevent structured data frustrations on your law firm site, trust the Nolen Walker professionals to take the lead. We can create quality structured data that’s correct, effective, and clear for higher Google rankings and better chances of appearing in a featured snippet. Call us today at 866-356-8198 to get started.

Schema Markup

Schema, a type of structured data, was designed to communicate important information to Google more quickly and more clearly than regular content. Schema markup presents rich snippets of information to Google, Bing, and other search engines, which can appear in search results as well as helping bots index your information more quickly. Currently, only about 30 percent of websites use schema markup, making this technique a superior opportunity for your firm. Use schema markup on your law firm’s website for:

  • Location Information
  • Services and Definition Details
  • Hours of Operation
  • Contact Information
  • And More

    SERP Listing With Schema Markup

    Schema Markup Provides Enhanced Details in Your SERP Listings Like Company Information or Other Relevant Pages on Your Site.

By using law firm schema markup on your law firm’s site, you increase the amount of information that is displayed with your listing on SERPs along with creating better communication with Google. With schema coding, your listing can include star ratings, hours, contact information, or even services. This gives you an edge against the competition and provides viewers with more useful information, increasing the chances of a click.

Effective Structured Data and Schema Markup on Your Site

There are multiple websites and programs to create schema markup and other structured data styles including and Google. These programs help create the layout by inserting specific tags and coding where needed. It’s imperative, when using a program to create your structured data, to use the correct format and layout. For example, if you are displaying “criminal representation services”, you wouldn’t use the “recipes” layout for your schema markup. Using the incorrect format can cause Google bots to reject your information which may cause your rankings to fall.

Expert Law Firm Schema and Structured Data Development

Structured data and schema on your law firm’s website can contribute many benefits for your overall SEO and search rankings. However, these coding styles can still be difficult to create and should be completed by a professional to prevent mishaps. Each code snippet must be correctly laid out and placed in order to be correctly read. If not, Google may misappropriate your information or even disregard it altogether. Get the coding expertise you need when you call the Nolen Walker SEO experts at 866-356-8198. We can develop useful, effective schema markup and other types of structured data to ensure that Google and other search engines are better able to index your content. Get ahead of your competition when you add structured data and schema markup to your attorney website. Call us today to discover how structured data can help your law firm’s site.