The Art of Local Attorney SEO and Geo Targeting

With local searches conducted more than ever before, your local SEO  and geo targeting have never been more important. When people from your area search for local lawyers, you want to ensure that your listing appears as close to the first position as possible. But ranking for Google is not an easy task and requires experience and know-how for effective results. In order to rank highly in local SERPs, your local lawyer SEO and geo targeting efforts must be flawless and present Google with an abundance of relevant information to outdo your competition. The Nolen Walker webmasters can perform the needed tasks and adjustments that are needed for your site to appear in more local lawyer searches and queries. Call us today at 866-356-8198 to learn how geo targeting and local attorney SEO efforts can boost your law firm’s visibility and marketing ROI.

Using Local SEO and Geo Targeting to Market Better

Local SEO, or geo targeting, is a compilation of location-based SEO tactics that provide Google with the information it needs to reveal local lawyers in mobile, “near me” or “in [city]” searches. These tactics use techniques like long-tail keywords, directory listings, and Google My Business setup to target searches in specific areas for better SERP results. Depend on the Nolen Walker experts to provide your law firm with local search engine optimization and geo targeting techniques to improve your site’s local traffic and maximize conversion rates.

Your Google My Business Account

Along with the many other features and benefits of your Google My Business account, this platform sets the foundation for your local SEO. Within your account, you can list your physical address, service area, and any secondary locations to ensure that Google knows exactly where you are located. This leads to better local optimization on classic local searches as well as better ranking in Google Maps searches. Your location information is also vital during mobile searches which typically generate nearby results automatically. With more than ⅔ of the nation performing mobile searches more than any other type, your location information is more crucial than ever. Our professionals will work with you to deliver the most robust and accurate information possible so your law firm’s site always ranks well, no matter what type of search is performed.

Maps Search Results for Local Lawyers

Local Lawyer SEO Helps Your Law Firm Appear in More Google Maps Searches.

Online Citations to Enhance Local Attorney SEO

Online citations, or NAP listings, also contribute heavily to your Google Homepage as well as your overall SEO. Along with your Google My Business account, listing your firm’s information in reputable local and online directories can boost your local search visibility by creating more authoritative platforms referencing your firm. However, these directory citations must be uniform and accurate or they could affect your law firm’s local SEO negatively. Directories such as, Nolo, Justia, and Avvo present ideal opportunities to list your firm’s information and service details in an easy-to-follow format for fewer mistakes and imperfections. Once your citations have been created, they must be regularly monitored and adjusted accordingly to ensure the best results. To ensure your listings are indexed and presented properly,

  • Make all firm names complete and uniform, including any post abbreviations like PC or LLC. If listing yourself individually, use your full first and last name. If using your middle name or initial, ensure you present it the same way throughout each listing.
  • List your address and location information completely, spelling out words like “street” and “suite”. This ensures complete indexing throughout every citation.
  • Phone numbers should be listed in the same format on every listing, whether using parenthesis or dashes. Always use the same phone number for your citations to ensure that each counts toward your SEO efforts.

General NAP Citation ListingsMost directories enable their clients to list services or specific practices. List each legal service your office provides to ensure you are eligible for search results including those keywords. Your list should be as specific as possible, listing every service in detail instead of grouping services under general headings. The Nolen Walker experts can help you ensure that each NAP listing is accurate and well-organized for optimal results, every time. Get started now by calling 866-356-8198.

How Long Tail Keywords Contribute to Local SEO for Lawyers

While primary and service keywords are important for general SEO, long tail location-based keywords are imperative for local SEO. These keywords are the combination of a primary or service keyword that includes a location-based keyword. “Family law in the Dallas, TX area” is a prime example of a long tail location-based keyword. These elements help tell Google where the service or product is provided and can help your law firm do better in local searches than ever before. The Nolen Walker team can create a well-researched keyword plan that includes long tail keywords in content, metadata, and headers so your law firm’s website can always be found in local and mobile searches.

Long Tail Lawyer Keyword Report

Platforms Like SEMRush Deliver Accurate Information About Which Long Tail Keywords are Used Most.

Your Local Attorney SEO Experts

In today’s marketing landscape, local SEO is crucial for online success. However, the steps needed to achieve great local lawyer SEO can be tedious and time-consuming. Let the Nolen Walker webmasters help get your local attorney SEO in order. We perform extensive audience and keyword research along with citation and directory research to ensure that yo9ur firm is targeting and communicating to audiences in your area. We deliver complete, uniform NAP listings on every citation platform and regularly monitor each one to ensure they are always performing at their best. Our experts also perform regular SEO analyses and reporting to ensure that the keywords used on your legal site are the most current and most relevant options available. When you want to outshine the other lawyers in your area, speak with the web experts at Nolen Walker about your local attorney SEO options. Call us today at 866-356-8198.