Creating Superior Legal Blogs

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Blogging Keeps New, Interesting Content on Your Website.

Top marketers agree that one of the best ways to keep fresh, engaging content on your website and throughout your social media platforms is by creating legal blogs. Blogging is a great way to distribute interesting content to multiple platforms and keep your audience engaged. In fact, keeping a regular blog with quality content can contribute to a multitude of advantages, both on and off your site.

  • Unique Share Opportunities: Your legal blogs are shareable not only on your website but also throughout social media, creating opportunities to expand your audience.
  • Link Building Opportunities: When you share your content on your site and social media accounts, you encourage backlinking to your content, a top SEO ranking factor.
  • SEO Contribution: A top Google ranking factor is the regular addition of fresh, engaging content to your site, a prime benefit of legal blogging.
  • A Showcase of Expertise: When you create interesting, quality content, you portray a sense of professionalism and knowledgeability to your audience.
  • Increased Traffic and Conversions: Every click on your content from a secondary platform, such as social media, creates traffic to your site, increasing your conversion rates and marketing ROI.

Making Your Legal Blog Count

Creating great blog content is difficult in any industry, but maybe more in the legal sector. With so many guidelines on information distribution, it can be difficult to identify topics that are relevant and interesting. Even with the best topic, your blog may never be seen without the correct optimization and SEO components. However, with engaging and fully-optimized content, your blog could help increase your website traffic exponentially.

Research Makes the Blog Go ‘Round

No project is completed to its fullest potential without proper planning, and blogging is no exception. Blog planning for your legal website is multifaceted and should be done completely to ensure that your blog reaches the correct audience and provides relevant information. Each step of the planning process contributes crucial information to make sure that your blog reaches its full potential.

  • Goal Identification: What do you want your blog to accomplish? Are you looking for increased web traffic? More social media followers? Backlink aggregation? Your goals will determine the content style and topics.
  • Competitive Research: Find out what your competitors are doing. What are they doing that seems to be working? What are they lacking? This information will help you create unique and successful content.
  • Audience Research: Identify who your message is for. What type of information are they looking for? What questions do they have?
  • Keyword Research: Find out which terms relating to your topic are searched the most. Identify what your audience is Googling to find relevant subject matter. These keywords will help you rank better on Google SERPs.

    Lawyer Keyword Research on SEMRush

    Use Popular Platforms Like SEMRush to Complete Accurate Keyword Research.

It’s All About the Content

You can deliver all the research and include all the bells and whistles on your blog, but if your content is lacking, no one will care. Creating intriguing content that encourages the viewer to explore further is crucial for the success of any blog, especially legal blogging. Attorney blogs must take drab and dull subject matter and create an interesting method of delivery to keep the viewer engaged. In order to do this, your topic must be well researched. This allows you the freedom to create compelling content that flows well and delivers a clear message. Along with great copy creation, your blog must have these elements to capture viewer attention and reap full blogging benefits:

  • Headings: Not only does the use of various headings contribute to SEO efforts, but it also helps break up text to deliver a more appealing presentation.
  • Rich Media: Using images, video, and sound can help keep the viewer engaged and present information in a friendlier manner.
  • Links: Use relevant links to your own content as well as other authoritative content to guide your viewer to further information.
Professional Legal Content Creatrion

Our Experts Create Unique and Compelling Legal Content.

Your content should also provide interesting topic discussion, including unique points of view, interesting outcomes, and other elements that help hold your viewers’ attention. Your content should present facts that are uncommonly known as well as interesting outtakes, opinions, and processes. Include detailed descriptions and quotes from reputable sources when possible.

Some tried-and-true blogging ideas for lawyers include:

  • Checklists and Guides of Legal Processes
  • Q&As
  • Legal Myths, Busted
  • Current Law Additions or Changes and Their Effects
  • Interviews
  • Legal Process Breakdowns

Getting Your Legal Blog Seen

All the best content in the world doesn’t matter if it can’t be seen. Applying proper SEO techniques is imperative to get your content seen in SERPs or on social platforms. This information communicates the subject matter of your content as well as any location and firm details. Google then uses this information to index the subject matter and present it in relevant search results. In order to ensure that your legal blog can be found in SERPs, complete these SEO practices:

  • Title: Make sure your title includes at least one secondary keyword, preferably with a location tag.
  • Headings: Use varied H2s and H3s throughout your blog and include general and secondary keywords when possible.
  • Metadata: Include location tags and secondary keywords in your meta title and meta description for complete search engine optimization.
  • Rich Media: Ensure your rich media is correctly optimized, including the title and alt text for images and meta description and surrounding content for video.

Properly optimizing your legal blogs can take considerable time, analyzation, and revision. Current SEO trends continuously change and your marketing must change along with them in order to compete in the digital landscape. The Nolen Walker professionals are always up-to-date on the most cutting edge tactics and techniques to ensure that your legal blogs are at the forefront of SERPs and social platforms. Call our experts today at 866-356-8198 to find out more about SEO optimization for your attorney blogs.

Blog Distribution

Once you have created the perfect legal blog, you’re still faced with the decision of distribution. Which platforms are best for legal blogs? Once your blog has been posted to your website, you can share it throughout social media and even on some directories. While Instagram allows only video and images, Facebook invites complete blog links and posts. Twitter is a great place to provide links to drive traffic to your website. However, in order to reap the full benefits of sharing to social media, ensure your rich media is properly optimized for superior viewing and platform distribution.

The Legal Blog Creation Experts

Legal blogs are difficult and time-consuming to create, distribute, and monitor. The Nolen Walker professionals provide complete blog management for attorneys to ensure your website and social platforms are always chock full of current, relevant content. We complete comprehensive research and create captivating posts that drive traffic to your site for increased conversions. We also monitor and analyze your blog progress and make any needed revisions and adjustments to ensure you’re always getting maximum benefits from your efforts. Learn how our team can take your legal blogs further by calling 866-356-8198 today.