How to Use Your Lawyer Reviews Effectively

Online Reviews

More People Use Reviews to Make Decisions Than Ever Before. Make Sure Yours Are Working for You.

In today’s world, online reviews carry heavy weight with consumers. In fact, 68 percent of people surveyed say they refer to attorney reviews before choosing legal counsel. But gaining positive online reviews isn’t as easy as it seems. With multiple platforms available, it’s also difficult to monitor spaces for negative reviews. However, with the right tools, you can build your firm reviews to reflect a professional reliable business. Along with website and SEO services, the Nolen Walker professionals can help you monitor, reply to, and request reviews to ensure your audience has plenty of positive feedback to consult. Call us today at 866-356-8198 to learn how getting more lawyer reviews can help your firm expand to new heights.

Getting More Lawyer Reviews

Most know that reviews are a great way to build SEO as well as providing real feedback for prospective clients. But how do you build your firm reviews? The best way to get reviews is to ask for them. Once your work is finished, ask satisfied clients to leave a review for your firm. The most common ways to effectively ask for reviews are:

  • In Conversation: Ask your client to leave a review during the final meeting.
  • By Email: Send an email to your client with review links for easy access.
  • By Phone: During your wrap-up call, ask your client to review your firm.
  • On Your SIte: Include links to top review sites on your firm’s website for easy access.

Responding to Bad Attorney Reviews

As with any business, bad lawyer reviews sometimes fall into the mix. While these reviews can hurt your firm if not handled correctly, they don’t have to be detrimental. As long as your firm holds a 4.0 rating or higher, bad reviews won’t cause much damage. However, fall below the 4.0 line and clients may begin to doubt your professionalism or work ethic. Therefore, effectively dealing with negative reviews is a must. When you receive a negative attorney review, try these techniques to diffuse the situation.

  • Apologize: Whether you feel that your firm is in the wrong or not, it’s always a good idea to apologize for the poor experience your client had. In most cases, unhappy clients simply want to be heard.
  • Take the Conversation to a Private Space: Once you have apologized to the client, take the conversation private and address the situation and try to alleviate the client’s frustrations.
  • Ask for a Better Review: Many times, after resolving the issue, your client and is willing to change a review or leave more positive feedback. However, most don’t think of this unless they are asked to do so.

Using Reviews to Your Advantage

While reviews offer great feedback for clients who visit specific sites, they may never be seen by the general public. Ensure your reviews are seen by adding them to your website. Reviews add authority to your site and present real feedback for possible clients. Most reviews can be easily added to your site through embedding code. In fact, sites like Google, Facebook, Avvo, and provide API embedment codes so you can easily display real-time reviews on your site.

When reviews are added to your site, they not only provide reinforcement for your services, but they also deliver enhanced SEO for your entire site. Google recognizes reviews as authoritative responses on your site which can boost your SERP rankings. These reviews can also be added to your Google My Business account for ultimate SEO effects. Listed reviews can appear in structured data, on your Google Homepage, and in as star ratings on your listing.

Nolen Walker’s Righteous Reviews

When you’re trying to build your law firm reviews, the easier the process, the better. Nolen Walker’s Righteous Reviews add-on simplifies the lawyer reviews process by delivering a single platform for multiple top review sites. From one action, your client can leave reviews on multiple sites. The Righteous Reviews plug-in also offers review management that alerts you when a review of three stars or less is left for your firm. This allows you to monitor your reviews easily and respond to poor reviews quickly for the best results possible. When you call 866-356-8198 to set up your Righteous Reviews plug-in, you receive:

  • Review Monitoring and Management
  • Multiple Review Platforms That Are Linked Directly to Your Site.
  • Simple Response Tools
  • Automatic Platform Upload to Each Corresponding Review Site

Management You Can Count on for Your Lawyer ReviewsRepuation Management

Managing your attorney reviews can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. The Nolen Walker review management experts can help you take control of your law firm’s reviews on every platform so your firm is seen in a positive light. When you depend on the Nolen Walker team, you know that your firm will be seen in a positive light across the entire online landscape. Call us today at 866-356-8198 to learn how expert law firm review management can help with SEO and your online success.