Creating Superior Content for Lawyer Websites

Content is the single most important aspect of any website. As a law firm, website content is even more vital to display subject matter knowledge as well as pertinent details and information that your client needs. But content doesn’t stop there. It also works to deliver the correct information to Google and other search engines so your webpages are correctly indexed and ranked for SERPs. Your site’s content is also a crucial factor in creating a superior user experience, a key factor in Google ranking. The Nolen Walker experts can create unique, high-quality law firm website content that delivers a great experience and useful information so your site ranks better than ever. Call us today at 866-356-8198 to learn more.

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What Does Great Law Firm Content Include?

When we think of traditional content we think of paragraphs, bullet points, and headings. While it’s true that these are important elements in your content, the term includes much more. The content portion of your law firm’s website includes not only the copy, or wording and headings, but it also includes images, videos, graphics, and any other type of rich media on your site. However, having all the right elements isn’t enough to be found in search queries. The content for lawyer websites must also be optimized correctly in order to be effectively indexed by Google and other search engines.

Creating the Perfect Law Firm Website Copy

The paragraphs, headings, and bullet lists on your site are called the copy. This content should be well-researched and planned in order to be effective. It should speak to your target audience and use multiple variations of primary, secondary, and local keywords to be accurately indexed by Google and provide helpful information and details in an appealing format using a combination of styles and formats. This will create a better user experience for your audience while providing the necessary information.

Structured Data-What it is and Why You Need It

Structured data markup is an SEO tactic that uses special coding to communicate important information to Google and has the potential to be listed in a featured snippet on Google SERPs. While there is no guaranteed method of appearing in featured snippets, Google has stated that structured data helps increase your site’s chances. These specially coded snippets can include relevant information, firm services, or even company information and appear at the top of Google searches along with a link to the page. The Nolen Walker webmasters are experienced in creating content that’s rich in structured data so your law firm content is more likely to appear in featured snippets. Call the Nolen Walker experts today at 866-356-8198 to learn how structured data can take your website to new heights.Structured Data in Google Search

How Images Affect Your Site’s SEO

Images are another crucial aspect of good user experience. Images provide visual aids as well as enhancements to your subject matter. However, images can also greatly hinder your law firm website content if not added correctly. Poor quality or incorrectly formatted images can lead to poor user experience by delivering poor visual quality and slower load times, both of which are top ranking factors. Clear, high-quality team photos, project and case completion, or other office photos can be included to provide a look into your firm. Graphics can also be added to display fact, figures, and other data in a more appealing manner. Both images and graphics should be formatted and optimized correctly and include all SEO information such as image name, title, and alt text. Each of these categories provides information to Google to link your images to your subject matter.

The SEO Benefits of On-Site Video

Benefits of Video Marketing

Including Video in Your Law Firm Content has Multiple Advantages.

Video delivers a plethora of benefits for your site when added correctly. Videos can be hosted by your site or can be hosted by a third-party site such as YouTube and then embedded into your site. For SEO purposes, third-party hosting presents multiple advantages over self-hosted videos. Videos hosted on YouTube can appear in YouTube searches when formatted correctly and can be used on other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The internet is used for more video streaming than ever before, and with this type of media on your site, it’s easier to keep clients engaged and interested, leading to lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates. However, like images, videos must be properly formatted and posses the correct SEO data to be completely effective. When hosting your video in Your Tube, you are able to edit the metadata and video description easily. If your video is self-hosted, SEO data will need to be entered into the XML Sitemap.

Quality Law Firm Website Content at Your Fingertips

When it comes to your website, quality content is imperative. It not only lends to user experience but it also greatly contributes to the overall SEO and SERP ranking of your site. The Nolen Walker webmasters are experienced and skilled at creating accurate and informative web content for lawyers and law firms. Our law firm website content is fully-optimized to ensure that your law firm’s website is found easily in SERPs. When you need content that you can depend on to provide a great user experience and optimization elements, call the professionals at Nolen Walker at 866-356-8198. We deliver superior law firm website content for any practice.