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With More People on Social Media Than Ever, These Platforms Offer High Marketing Returns.

The age of social media is upon us, and the legal industry is no exception. Today, social media for lawyers is more important than ever with more than 80 percent of the population consulting facebook reviews and business pages before making a service or product decision. These platforms are a great way to spread brand awareness and expand your client base. Your social media pages also contribute to your overall SEO by providing link opportunities and more options on your Google Homepage. But how do create effective social media for lawyers?

Tip #1 Ensure Your Social Media Accounts are Properly Set Up

Social media platforms offer both personal and business account options. Setting up a personal page for a business can lead to multiple penalties including the shutdown of your account. They also offer a space to describe your law firm’s services and other details. Fill out your profile as completely as possible to show up in more searches and relate to more individuals. Make sure to add information such as:

  • Your Law Firm’s Address
  • Specific Services and Fields of Practice
  • Hours of Operation
  • Website Link
  • Client Reviews
  • An Optimized Profile Photo or Logo
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Social Media Accounts Offer Multiple Areas for Business descriptions.

Tip #2 Do Your Research!

Proper research is the key to any successful social media plan, but even more so with social media for lawyers. Ensure you’re reaching the right people by conducting adequate audience research to identify the best demographics to reach out to as well as what subjects they are looking for. By completing audience research, you can create more productive and well-received posts. To complete your audience research, ask these questions:

  • What age group am I marketing to?
  • Where are they located?
  • What do they want to know?
  • What platforms are they using?

Your posts aren’t very helpful if they aren’t seen. Therefore, keyword research is every bit as important as audience research. Keyword research identifies the most searched words and phrases to give you a better chance of turning up in searches. Including keywords in your social media posts gives you an upper hand against your competitors and contributes to more engagement and links. It’s a good idea to include each type of keyword including:

  • Primary Keywords: These are general keywords that are ranked nationally as the top-searched words, such as “Lawyer” or “attorney”.
  • Secondary Keywords: These keywords are more specific than primary options and offer a narrower audience for better search ranking. They may include terms like “Family Law Attorney” and “Criminal Law Representation”.
  • Long-Tail Keywords: These keywords are location-based and offer a specific vicinity for searches. These words are very helpful for local client acquisition and can include terms such as “Trial Lawyer in The Detroit, MI Area” and “San Diego Corporate Lawyers”.

In business, it’s always important to know where your competition stands and where you stand in comparison. Conduct competitive research to find out what your local competition is doing on their social media sites. This type of research can help you decipher the best keywords to use, which topics are accepted and which are passed over, and where their audience is coming from, all of which can help you perfect your own account. To conduct helpful competitive research for better lawyer social media posts, answer these main questions:

  • What Kind of content is my competition sharing?
  • How many likes, shares, and other types of engagement did each post receive?
  • Where do your competition’s followers originate?
  • How often does your competition post?
  • Who does your competition follow?

Tip #3 Include Rich Media in Your Social Media Content

No matter what subject matter your social media post covers, it should always include some type of rich media. Images and videos are both well-received on every social media platform as long as they are formatted correctly and lend to the overall subject. In fact, posts with rich media are three times more likely to view a post with some type of rich media included. However, rich media must be optimized correctly to be effective. Each platform has its own optimization guidelines which should be followed for maximum appearances on news feeds. Top rich media options used on social media include:

  • Photos: Adding company photos to your posts boosts engagement and linking exponentially while expanding your social reach.
  • Video: As the number one clicked medium in the digital world, adding a video to your posts increases engagement, sharing, and click-throughs.
  • Graphics: Graphics help communicate your information in a more pleasing way, delivering a visual experience instead of a lot of content.

Tip #4 Try PPC

Because of new updates by Facebook and throughout the social media world, reaching your audience organically is more difficult than ever. Businesses are often outshone by personal pages and group posts. However, the top platforms offer a solution. Like Google Ads, most social platforms offer pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. PPC advertising works well with social media for lawyers because it allows the full customization of your ad, audience, and budget, a feature found in no other advertising medium. Your ad is presented on news feeds and in informational bars and can be shown to audiences distinguished by demographic and psychographic options. These ads can also provide enhanced coverage to supplement your firm’s organic reach. To ensure your ads have the maximum effect, include these vital components:

  • An Engaging and Informative Message: Plan your ad messages to deliver clear and detailed information.
  • A Clear Call to Action: Make sure the call to action is clear to ensure your audience follows through.
  • Rich Media: Each of your ads should include video, photos, or graphics to deliver the most engaging experience possible.
  • A Link to Your Website: When presenting a PPC ad on social media, make sure to include a link back to your site to maximize traffic and conversions.

Tip #5 Perform Regular Analytics

When conducting any sort of marketing campaign, there should be a set method to measure its effectiveness and ROI. Digital lawyer marketing is no different. Luckily, platforms that offer PPC social media for lawyers and other professionals also offer analytics tools that provide easy to read metrics so you have a better idea of how your campaign is going. When measuring your PPC campaign performance, pay attention to these important metrics:

  • Reach
  • Engagement
  • Impressions
  • Page Likes/Follows
  • Click-Through Rate

Lawyer Social Media AnalyticsExpert Social Media for Lawyers

Producing social media advertising that delivers results takes time and experience. The Nolen Walker experts can help you create a social media campaign that returns real, measurable results. Our professionals work with you to identify your social media goals and create a plan that covers all your bases. When you need social media advertising for your law firm that you can rely on, call the Nolen Walker team at 866-356-8198.